Best answer: The new PowerBeats Pro earphones come in four different colors: ivory white, black, navy blue, and moss green.

You can pick out your PowerBeats Pro in four different, eye-catching colors

Whether you're on the market for standard black earphones, a sleek and stylish ivory white option, or a colorful and vibrant navy blue or moss green, the PowerBeats Pro offer up four different color choices for your earphones.

Alternatively, Apple's AirPods only come in one color, and that's a classic, sleek white option. You could always pick up a skin for your AirPods if you wanted to change the color of them, but with the PowerBeats Pro, you can pick from one of four awesome colors and call it a day.

While both AirPods and PowerBeats Pro are great earphones to have in your back pocket, the PowerBeats Pro are a great match for working out or an active lifestyle with their water-resistant and hooked design and have four striking color options to pick from.

No matter what you end up going with, there are plenty of different colors available for the new PowerBeats Pro headphones. PowerBeats Pro go on sale this May. We don't have an official launch date at this time.

Color coordinate

PowerBeats Pro

Listen to your tunes with these beautifully colored earphones

They're water resistant, can offer up nine hours of music and podcasts on a single charge, and come in four different, striking colors, including black, white, ivory, and navy. What's not to love?

Alternative pick


Earphones that deliver crystal-clear sound (in only one color)

If you're on the market for a sleek, reliable, and wonderfully wireless earphone, then you have to check out Apple's AirPods. They charge in their case and give you up to five hours of listening time in one charge — but they only come in one color, and that's white.

Full charge

TNSO Lightning charging cable

Keep your PowerBeats Pro ready to rock

The PowerBeats Pro earphones use a Lightning cable to charge, and the TNSO Lightning charging cable 5-pack gives you five different lengths of cable to charge your battery with.

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