Apple's AirPods — currently, the only other headphones with the H1 chip — only come in one color; white. Thank goodness Beats has launched its Powerbeats Pro line. You have your choice of four different colors, and they all come with the powerful H1 chip. Powerbeats Pro are up for preorder starting May 3 and the black version will be in stores May 10. The other colors are expected later this summer.

Navy Blue

Navy Blue: Powerbeats Pro Earphones

The Powerbeats Pro Earphones come in four different colors, but the sleek navy blue option are both eye-catching and simplistic. The B on the earphones has a rose gold accent.

$250 at Apple
Ivory White

Ivory White: Powerbeats Pro Earphones

The ivory white Powerbeats Pro Earphones are incredibly stylish and simplistic. They're not quite white, but more of a cream-colored ivory, while the B on the earphones are a bold, contrasting black.

$250 at Apple
Moss Green

Moss Green: Powerbeats Pro Earphones

If you're on the market for an alternative color to a standard black or white, the moss green Powerbeats Pro Earphones are a great option. The B on the earphones are a beautiful rose gold accent color.

$250 at Apple

Black: Powerbeats Pro Earphones

Simple, sleek, and incredibly stylish, the black Powerbeats Pro Earphones are the standard when it comes to earphone colors for a reason. These earphones are a solid black, including the Beats B on the side.

$250 at Apple

My favorite color

Out of all the colors available for the Powerbeats Pro I personally love the white ivory version. The simplicity of the earphones are so stylish and eye-catching but are also less common than a standard black shade. Plus, as someone who loves the crisp whiteness of the AirPods, the ivory white is a fantastic option for me, too.

While both AirPods and Powerbeats Pro are great earphones to have in your back pocket, the Powerbeats Pro are a great match for working out or an active lifestyle with their water-resistant and hooked design and have four striking color options to pick from.

No matter what you end up going with, there are plenty of different colors available for the new Powerbeats Pro headphones, which are available to preorder as of May 3. The black versions will be in stores May 10, but the remaining colors won't launch until sometime this summer.

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