Best answer: Tile Premium is a service that offers exclusive features, premium customer care, a protection plan, and much more for your Tile products. Devices like the Tile Pro and Tile Mate can not only be attached to your gear to track your possessions, but they are also the only Tile products with replaceable batteries. Another bonus of Tile Premium is getting discounted battery replacements for these devices, as well.

  • Premium service: Tile Premium ($3/mo or $30/year at The Tile App)
  • Durable tracking: Tile Pro ($35 at The Tile App)
  • Simple tracking: Tile Mate ($25 at The Tile App)

What do Tile products do?

Tile products are little square devices you can fit almost anywhere. If you're known for losing your expensive tech (or objects you're sentimental about), then Tile is the answer you've been looking for.

Granting you peace of mind

All you have to do is attach your Tile to your gear, download the free app, and register your Tile to the app. If you lose something, you can use the app to set off an alarm on the Tile that'll help you locate it as long as it's within the range of your device (check your Tile model to see what that is). If that's not enough, you can use the Tile community to help you out. The community uses a forum where you can post the last place your object was seen so that nearby people can search the area for you.

Each Tile product has a battery that will last around a year. If your battery dies before then, the company will replace it for free through their worry-free warranty. You'll have to get full replacements for most of the Tiles when the battery dies, but the batteries on the Tile Pro and the Tile Mate are replaceable. That means you can reuse those devices if you replace the battery without having to replace the entire product.

What's included with Tile Premium?

Smart Alerts

Smart Alerts is one of the coolest features of Tile Premium. If you leave your house without one of your tagged items, the app will send you a notification to let you know it's been left behind. You'll never have to worry about forgetting things like your keys or your wallet anymore.

Free Battery Replacement

The Tile Mate and the Tile Pro batteries can both be replaced when they run out of power. Each battery lasts around a full year, but the free battery replacement option will send you new batteries each year.

Location History

The standard app will show you the last place your item was seen. However, the location history with Tile Premium allows you to see all of the locations your item was seen in the last 30 days. If, for some reason, you didn't realize your item was missing right away, you can track exactly where it went and where it's been.

Unlimited Sharing

Sharing gives people you choose the ability to download the Tile app and register your devices so they can also keep an eye on your possessions. The standard Tile package only allows you to share the app with one of your friends. Tile Premium will enable you to choose as many friends or family members as you want to use the app.

Extended Warranty

Tile Premium extends the usual 1-year warranty to a 3-year warranty. The warranty extension applies to Tile products with replaceable batteries, (the Pro and the Mate) as well as Tile products with 3-year batteries (the Slim and the Sticker).

Premium Customer Care

The final thing this subscription comes with is the exclusive option to text a customer service representative seven days a week from the Care team if you ever experience an issue with your products.

What does something like this cost?

You can start a Tile Premium subscription with a free one month trial to test out all the features before you commit to a payment. If you love what you get, you can either pay $3/month or a flat rate of $30/year.

What if I change my mind?

If you cancel your yearly subscription, you'll have access to premium for the rest of the year and won't be charged for the following year. If you cancel your monthly subscription, you'll have access to premium for the rest of that month and won't be charged the following month. There are no refunds for either of these options.

Canceling your subscription depends on how you signed up for Tile Premium. If you signed up through the app, you must cancel the service through your mobile device. If you signed up through Tile's website you'll need to log into your Tile account online and submit a request through customer support.

Our pick

Tile Premium

Always have peace of mind

Tile Premium is a subscription for your Tile products that offers amazing customer support, unlimited sharing, and bonus features you won't find with the standard app. All of this comes at an amazingly low price.

The Top-Pick Tile

Tile Pro

Protect your devices

The Pro is the most durable tracker for your precious gear and has the loudest alarm. It has a year-long battery that is replaceable when it runs out of juice. If your battery dies before the 1-year mark, a warranty will replace it for free. The Tile itself has a 30-day guarantee for any product defects.

Runner-up Tile

Tile Mate

Best standard option

Attach Tile Mate to your keys, purse, and more to have peace of mind with its tracking abilities. The Tile Mate has a year-long replaceable battery that comes with a 1-year warranty. You'll also get a 30-day guarantee for any product defects that will replace the entire device if you experience any issues.

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