What is your favorite feature in iOS 7?

Although it might seem as though we've talked iOS 7 to death around here, there's still plenty of folks out there that are continuously discovering new features within Apple's latest and greatest. With over 200 new features, big and small, there's plenty to discover so that's entirely understandable. Previously, we asked what folks didn't like about iOS 7 but this time around we want to know what's you favorite feature in iOS?

The new way to multi-task/switch apps with the card view and swipe gestures.BlackBerry Guy, iMore Forums Member

​Apple headlined quite a bit of what is likely to be among a lot of people's favorites. The addition of Control Center which gives you quick access to the controls and apps is pretty fantastic and the updated Notification Center that lets you know about new mail, missed calls, reminders, and more is pretty stellar but what else?

If I have to pick only one it would be gestures I think.cwbcpa, iMore Forums Member

There's the updated Multitasking that seems to be unanimously welcomed over what it was previously. iTunes Radio seems to be gaining popularity judging by the folks who say they're enjoying it in the iMore Forums but one of the more popular things that has risen to be a favorite is the expansion of gestures. iOS has had gestures for a while but they were once hidden behind the 'developer' walls and needed to be specifically enabled. 

The call out feature though for me? Call blocking. I've lost track of how many free cruises I've won over the phone and the number of bill collectors calling my phone asking for 'Shirley'. Before iOS 7, a phone conversation in my house was starting to sound like a reenactment of Airplane with me mocking the bill collectors by telling them to stop calling me Shirley.

I have to agree with the call blocking. That was a feature on Samsung devices when I was with Android.joemd60, iMore Forums Member

So that's a bit of what folks in the iMore Forums think are some of the best features but what do you folks think? What's some of your favorite features? Jump into the forums and let us know or drop us a comment below telling us what you enjoy the most.

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