What is your favorite feature in iOS 7?

Although it might seem as though we've talked iOS 7 to death around here, there's still plenty of folks out there that are continuously discovering new features within Apple's latest and greatest. With over 200 new features, big and small, there's plenty to discover so that's entirely understandable. Previously, we asked what folks didn't like about iOS 7 but this time around we want to know what's you favorite feature in iOS?

The new way to multi-task/switch apps with the card view and swipe gestures.BlackBerry Guy, iMore Forums Member

​Apple headlined quite a bit of what is likely to be among a lot of people's favorites. The addition of Control Center which gives you quick access to the controls and apps is pretty fantastic and the updated Notification Center that lets you know about new mail, missed calls, reminders, and more is pretty stellar but what else?

If I have to pick only one it would be gestures I think.cwbcpa, iMore Forums Member

There's the updated Multitasking that seems to be unanimously welcomed over what it was previously. iTunes Radio seems to be gaining popularity judging by the folks who say they're enjoying it in the iMore Forums but one of the more popular things that has risen to be a favorite is the expansion of gestures. iOS has had gestures for a while but they were once hidden behind the 'developer' walls and needed to be specifically enabled. 

The call out feature though for me? Call blocking. I've lost track of how many free cruises I've won over the phone and the number of bill collectors calling my phone asking for 'Shirley'. Before iOS 7, a phone conversation in my house was starting to sound like a reenactment of Airplane with me mocking the bill collectors by telling them to stop calling me Shirley.

I have to agree with the call blocking. That was a feature on Samsung devices when I was with Android.joemd60, iMore Forums Member

So that's a bit of what folks in the iMore Forums think are some of the best features but what do you folks think? What's some of your favorite features? Jump into the forums and let us know or drop us a comment below telling us what you enjoy the most.

Chris Parsons

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  • My favorite feature in iOS 7 is the control center. Because with one swipe up from the bottom of the screen I can get easy access to most of the things I would need quick access to. But it's one flaw.. I can't choose what apps or settings I can put in the control center, I don't use the clock nor the calculator that much so i'd rather move those and replace them with other utilities. But I also like the new features that come with the control center like the built in flash light so I don't have to have an extra app installed for that and also airdrop and airplay those are pretty usable and great ideas from apple. Sent from the iMore App
  • I'm with you 100% about Control Center. Nothing beats having to access all the quick toggles for wifi, Bluetooth, etc., when you need something on or off. I'm kind of a freak when it comes to these kinds of things and I can't imagine going back to a previous iOS version without the Control Center. Sent from the iMore App
  • That's the only feature I miss from my two weeks with iOS 7. Otherwise it's not a very feature heavy update. It's more a coat of very childish paint. IMO of course. I know people who like it. But there's no consistency of design. When is a word a button, and when is it just text? I don't miss the horror that is iOS 7 safari, and I certainly don't miss the instability of this obviously still beta software. 7.1 looks promising, though I still wish for a way to change default apps. Sent from the iMore App
  • I'm meh on CC, mostly because I can't tweak it with enabling/disabling tethering from CC. Thats the one feature I use ALOT. Others I mostly leave alone.. control music.. about it.
  • Control Center. Spot on applelex. +1 Sent from the iMore App
  • Absolutely. Massive timesaver. And I instantly removed that f-ing flashlight app after installing iOS 7. One of my other faves is the 15-second skip button on the lock screen when the Podcasts app is running. Great for skipping over commercial breaks.
  • My sentiments exactly!!!
  • Being able to pull down the notification center on the lockscreen is a big plus in my book.
  • the UI no longer looks like it's powered by coal. in other words, Ive's overall revision is my favorite [feature]. "powered by coal" courtesy of Nick Heer @ pixel envy
  • 100 % with you. Clean, crisp, lively. When I fire up my 3Gs for testing proposes, I cringe so much my eyes practically weep.
  • Control center!!! Sent from the iMore App
  • To be honest my favorite feature is being able to block people from calling and texting me. Find myself needing it a lot lol Sent from the iMore App
  • By far my favorite feature is control center. However, the rearrangement of the controls when going into landscape is somewhat confusing. Sent from the iMore App
  • iTunes Radio, Control Center, Multitasking (Easier to close apps) and more!
  • It's a toss-up between being able to easily toggle wifi on and off, and being able to hide Newsstand.
  • Can't say I like the new features when there are so many flaws with iOS 7... For example I was just using my iPhone and the speaker magically stopped working, vibrate switch turned off and volume at 100% and nothing. Restated it and went to my iPad to go on vine and when I started doing that it froze and restarted itself... All in the same 5 minutes of each other! Never had any problems like this with any previous version of iOS! Come on apple get your shit together and make a stable os that you once had perfected! Anyone else having this challenges with iOS 7? Sent from the iMore App
  • No. My 5s has been pretty much flawless. But I've seen that problem before. I think it's the charging port. I had to fix it on my wife's 4s. I first cleaned all the lint out and then used something flat like a credit card and kind of moved and pushed in the charging port a bit. After that, everything worked.
  • Interesting. I'm rockin the 5S and iPad 4... Sent from the iMore App
  • Sorry. The only problem I've really experienced since upgrading to iOS 7 is twice my phone spontaneously rebooted. Other than that, everything is "great" for me. Sent from the iMore App
  • Mine has done that too. I may take it in because it has been a few times.
  • None of the issues you speak off. I'm finding restoring from an older iOS backup can cause those instabilities.. had issues with my mom coming from an iPhone 4S to an 5S.. She had not updated a lot. Only had 1 backup to restore from.. Found was easier to do a fresh install. For me, on my iPad Mini 1st gen., iPad Air and 5s it's been fairly painless. Mini is a little slow until I disabled animations/etc. I have noticed really old Apps that support iOS 4 or older don't work well.
  • Nope
  • There's a lot to pick from but mine are a toss up between control center and having the ability to put as many apps in a folder.
  • The swipe back gesture in Safari is such a joy. Makes surfing effortless. Sent from the iMore App
  • If I really had to pick just ONE feature of iOS 7 that I really like... That's like asking what's my favorite food group [pizza]. I'm gonna go with:
    Control Center.
    ( Now, if only I could custom taylor the circle buttons to my liking [like Teeetbot 3 mods its menu options]. ) Sent from the iMore App
  • My favorite features is the cards, control center, and the new design. Sent from the iMore App
  • Control center ... Can play music without unlocking the phone. Gestures are nice.
  • I really enjoy how the lock screen adapts to your wallpaper, especially when you have an alert and translucency is applied. This combined with the color-matched control center and notification center arrows can really transform the look of your phone each time change your wallpaper. Sent from the iMore App
  • Siri the male Sent from the iMore App
  • The control center that was copied from BlackBerry 10 OS Sent from the iMore App
  • It wasn’t copied from BB... Rather it’s an homage to it!
  • Control Center, I use it all the time. Sent from the iMore App
  • The new alert sounds. lol. Sent from the iMore App
  • Funny? smh
  • Multi-tasking cards.. love just swiping away apps. Past that, swipe in-apps, then iTunes Radio, then CC..
  • The unforseen adventures with Apple maps. You never know where you might end up.
  • Call blocking is the best feature by far. It was long overdue. Sent from the iMore App
  • Control Center
  • My favourite feature of iOS 7 has to be the way Safari pages are displayed. This is a great change where I can quickly access saved pages by scrolling up and down and tapping on pages I want to read or update for example iMore website for the latest news. It is also more stylish that is easy on the eye. Not those iOS 6's awful scrolling from left to right and so on plus the background is too plain. And the design there felt so wrong. This new design in safari scrolling on iOS 7 made my day so much easier Sent from the iMore App
  • Call & Message Blocking is the most powerful new feature in ios7 for me. ios Safari has come on leaps & bounds...
  • Control centre was a feature so badly needed for years so that's very welcome (I just knew Apple would hold back on making it customisable TYPICAL), call blocking another great feature.
  • I'd have to go with Control Center (even though it is hard coded to what apps/items are there). Being able to toggle wifi/BT/Airplane mode is nice. The improved gesture support is also something I use everyday. The updated "Today" screen in the notification center is not really something I use, but the concept of dismissing notifications on one device and having it cleared on the others is something long overdue; just need some iPad apps to get updated (looking at you Tweetbot and Omnifocus).
  • I'd say the Safari updates are my favorite new feature. I really like the new tab view. When I start getting a lot of wrong calls, I'm sure that call blocking will become my favorite feature. Sent from the iMore App
  • Control Center and swipe back gesture in apps.
  • While I would love to say Air Drop because it is very cool the truth is I've hardly used it. So, next on the list and winner of my vote is control center. I use that more times a day than many apps. Honorable mention go to the new multi-tasking and updates to Safari.
  • Control center without a doubt. Its easier than android, it doesn't junk up your notification center. Speaking of notification center, that would be another top feature, if they still had the tap to tweet. Nbd though. iOS 7 has really grown on me, and after trying Android for a day or so, I REALLY like iOS 7.
  • My favorite feature is the new design. Although it isn't a "feature", it creates coherence across most of the apps and allows to put a lot more on the same screen. Of course control center is great but my favorite underrated feature is the double-tap multitasking page. Not only can I close more than one app in a swipe but as soon as I double tap, my previous app comes front and center, making it easy to switch between two apps without even having to look (your current app gets pushed to the left). It's something I barely notice anymore but makes a huge impact when trying to run multiple apps. Sent from the iMore App
  • Control Center, but wish I still had more control over apps selection.
  • Love its looking. That's all. Sent from the iMore App
  • Control center. Sent from the iMore App