Child of Light Ultimate Edition for Nintendo Switch: Everything you need to know!

Child, tuck yourself in bed. And pick up your Nintendo Switch, because Child of Light: Ultimate Edition is out for the system today. The "Ultimate Edition" moniker can sound a bit daunting, but this is still the artistic, poetic adventure of a young princess named Aurora in the kingdom of Lemuria that you'll recall if you've played the game before.

Child of Light: Ultimate Edition comes with all the game's previous DLC already included, plus an extra feature on Nintendo Switch that lets you play the game in co-op mode with a single Joy-Con. Here's a breakdown of everything extra you'll get on top of the base game:

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The Golem's Plight

The Golem's Plight is an additional questline added to Child of Light: Ultimate Edition that begins in Chapter 3, and allows Aurora to befriend a Golem party member. For the quest, you'll need to gather four pieces of a Golem in the Tree of Thorns to restore it and have it join you. The first piece, the head, will give you the quest initially, at which point you can continue into the tree and track down the remaining pieces.

Light and Dark Packs

The Light and Dark DLC packs are simply skins for Aurora that change her appearance. They will already be loaded in at the start of the game and can be accessed through the Options menu. One turns Aurora and sort of greyscale color, and the other gives her darker hair and a blue dress. They have no other effect on the game beyond cosmetics.

Extra Stardust, Oculi, and a Skill

You'll automatically start the game with several extra items from the Stardusts and Oculi Packs.

Stardust is an enhancement tool you can collect throughout the game that will let you increase the stats of characters you choose. Oculi, meanwhile, are collectible gems that can be attached to character weapons and armor to also adjust stats, though they can be mixed and matched at will while Stardust is a permanent boost. The packs that come with Ultimate Edition will give you a variety of both Stardust and Oculi in your inventory from the start, so your characters can start off strong and with lots of different build options.

In addition, Aurora will begin the game with an extra Healing Skill on her skill tree that she didn't have in the first game.

Play with Igniculus!

Finally, the Nintendo Switch version of Child of Light includes something extra special. Previously, the game allowed for co-op play if you so desired by giving a second player control over Igniculus, the tiny light whisp that accompanies Aurora on her journey. On the Switch, Igniculus can be controlled by a single Joy-Con and motion controls, meaning you don't need a second controller beyond what you have to enjoy the game's co-op with a friend.

Any questions?

The rest of Child of Light: Ultimate Edition on the Switch is just as it was on other platforms. If you still have questions, let me know in the comments!

Reb Valentine