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What you need to know

  • WhatsApp has updated its iOS app today.
  • The update brings contact suggestions to the share sheet.
  • Users can now quickly share content from another app to a friend on WhatsApp.

When Apple released iOS 13, it finally got rid of the enormous section of the share sheet that was completely occupied by AirDrop and replaced it with contact suggestions. The new section lets you quickly share something with someone you communicate frequently in the app that you tend to connect with them.

"When you share a photo or document, your iPhone suggests who you might want to share it with and which app you may want to use, so you can quickly share with just a tap."

Now, it appears that you'll now be able to share things a lot quicker with your friends on WhatsApp. In an update to its iOS app today, the company announced that it would now be supporting contact suggestions in the share sheet on iOS 13.

"On iOS 13, your WhatsApp contacts will now appear as suggestions in the share sheet when you share content from another app."

Now, if you find something you'd like to share with one of your friends in WhatsApp, you'll see them as an option when you tap the share icon and bring up the share sheet.

When Apple first launched its sharing suggestions feature with iOS 13, it was mostly limited to the built-in apps on iOS like Messages and Mail. However, developers have been adding support over time so that users can quickly share with not only those who they want to contact but in the app they normally use to stay in touch.

In order to get the new feature, you'll need to update the WhatsApp iOS app on the App Store.

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