Whatsapp Group Message on iPhone XSource: Luke Filipowicz/iMore

What you need to know

  • WhatsApp has confirmed that its multi-device support is coming and that it's going to "add support for more kinds of devices over time."
  • WhatsApp is also working on making conversations feel as "close to in-person as possible."

WhatsApp has confirmed that it's working on bringing multi-device support to users but hasn't been able to say when the feature will be available. It did go so far as to say that the move to remove the reliance on phones will "add support for more kinds of devices over time."

In an interview with TechRadar, WhatsApp pointed out that removing the requirement for a phone to be available and connected to the internet meant that WhatsApp could be able to support different devices in the future.

Multi-device means that users will have the same functionality that is available on the current public versions of WhatsApp Web, Desktop and Portal, just without the need to have your phone connected. Our multi-device capability immediately makes the experience better for people who use Desktop/Web and Portal. And it also will make it possible to add support for more kinds of devices over time.

Currently, WhatsApp on the desktop and web requires an iPhone to have WhatsApp installed and be connected to the internet. That will all change when proper multi-device support rolls out. Unfortunately, nobody at WhatsApp is willing to say when that will happen.

As for other things WhatsApp might be working on, the social network told TechRadar that it's working to make conversations feel as much like talking to someone in person as possible. Unfortunately, there was no more information made available — but it's clear WhatsApp isn't resting on its laurels just yet.

Be sure to read the full interview to learn more about what WhatsApp has in store.