Where can you get the Link's Awakening amiibo and what does it do?

Link Amiibo
Link Amiibo (Image credit: Sara Gitkos / iMore)

Link's Awakening Wind Fish

Link's Awakening Wind Fish (Image credit: Nintendo)

Where can you get the Link's Awakening amiibo and what does it do?

Best answer: The Link's Awakening amiibo is available at GameStop and Best Buy. Amazon has a page created for the amiibo, but is only available through third-party sellers. The Link's Awakening amiibo lets you add Shadow Link to your Dungeon Maker custom dungeons, which is a new addition to the Switch remake.Adorable amiibo: Link's Awakening amiibo ($16 at Best Buy)The main course: Link's Awakening($60 at Amazon)

The missing Link...amiibo

Releasing alongside the re-imagined Link's Awakening is a special Link's Awakening amiibo. This cute little figure captures our favorite hero in green in his brand-new look. He's got the classic design, armed with a sword and the Hylian Shield, and he is ready to release the Windfish. If this is something you want to add to your collection, you may have to do a bit of digging beforehand.

At the moment, this amiibo is only available for pre-order, but only at a few locations. Amazon has a page created for the figurine, but the figure is only available through third-party sellers. You can also order it on Best Buy or GameStop and have it shipped right to your door.

If you don't want to wait or pay an arm and a leg, you can easily order for pick-up at Best Buy, Target, or Walmart. If you're lucky, your local Walmart may have already put the Link's Awakening amiibo on the shelf! While you're at it, you can grab the Ivysaur, Squirtle, and Snake figurines to power up your Super Smash Brothers game.

Why should I get the Link's Awakening amiibo?

Like most amiibo released with a game, the Link's Awakening figure will give you some in-game perks. The newest version of Link's Awakening on the Switch has a new feature: the Chamber Dungeon. This new objective will allow players to build their own dungeon experience using pre-made chambers collected during the main quest. While the rooms themselves are familiar, these chambers can be arranged in many different ways to complete objectives and challenge your friends.

Any Legend of Zelda amiibo will play a unique role in this dungeon-making sequence. They'll give you new rooms or additional surprises you can add to your dungeon. With the Link's Awakening amiibo, players will be able to unlock one of Link's greatest foes: Shadow Link. Not much else is known about this little guy, but we'll update as soon as we have more information.

You can get the Link's Awakening amiibo on its street date of September 20th, 2019, unless, of course, you find a Walmart that has it out early.

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