White iPhone 4 disappears from Apple Online Store

After some strange hiccups last night that saw distorted images, among other things, the white iPhone 4 has been removed entirely from the Apple Online Store. (Curiously, the white iPhone 4 is still shown on Apple's iPhone product gallery)

Seems a fitting way to cap off a week of drama that saw hints of the white iPhone 4 in the updated Apple Store app, Apple announce they were delaying it until spring 2011, and BGR rumoring that it might just be cancelled completely.

As to why the delays keep happening, we've heard everything from proximity sensor issues, light leaks, problems bonding the color to the glass, to the inability to match the home button to the faceplate.

My best guess at this point? It's the fifth Cylon and it just knew we were on to it.

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Rene Ritchie

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  • Wow, this is kinda unbelievable. Apple, you fail fail fail. Glad I got my black iPhone 4 and gave my wife my 3GS.
  • No suprise here. I mean c'mon...
  • So pissed that I held out. Well, now I'm just going to hold out for iPhone5...
  • And now we get to listen to more people whine about how apple "failed" to release a white iPhone. Even though there's probably a good reason that they didn't. But they are suppose to be perfect.
    Give it a break. It sucks and I know alot of people were looking forward to getting it and I understand the let down but some people say oh apples turning to crap apple sucks blah blah. Just because they didn't release a certain COLOR of a phone does not mean they suck.
  • Actually they're not in the store anymore because I bought out their entire stock of white iPhone 4s. I will be selling them at a 500% markup at www.mythicaliphones.com
  • Frakin' white iPhones! Meh! ;)
  • Come on people. Get real. Apple did not fail, as they don't have to even have a white iPhone. It's your falut you waited, knowing full well that they had issues with the production of the white plates.
    Some are saying they will wait till iPhone 5. Why? You still have time. Its October. The next iPhone won't come out till June or mid July.
  • I love my 4 but it's been quite a debacle from design to launch. And the same holds true for the white iPhone. I hope some people the people responsible for this mess have already been replaced.
  • @Chris actually, Apple DID fail. No they don't even have to have a while iPhone, but they did promise one. Then when it wasn't ready, they promised it would be ready by the end of the month, and then the end of the year, and then in the Spring. Apple's fail wasn't in not actually making it, but in the way they strung people along and just pushing back the release date of it. Also, not everyone comes on tipb and other tech sites and reads about why the white iPhone was delayed.
    I agree that it's foolish to wait for a phone in a specific colour, since it's the exact same phone, but I still think Apple failed in the sense that they kept teasing and stringing people along that wanted one.
  • FAiL
  • Agree with BG01. In any company and/or profession, don't promise what you can't deliver. It only diminishes goodwill to say that you'll do something, and then don't.
    Thus far, Apple has been quite disappointing to me as a consumer this year. I STILL have horrible reception problems with my iPhone 4, irrespective of which bumper I use. Indeed, the reception problems are worse than they were with the iPhone 3GS.
    Also, I initially waited for the white iPhone, believing that Apple's reputation provided a reasonable basis to respect their claims about the phone's arrival. Now, I know that I was duped. IMHO, "duped" is not the take-away sentiment that a company should want their consumers to have.
  • I've already decided to skip iPhone 4. iPhone 5 better not have these probs...
  • First of all people! Come on! Ur complaining about a color??? Its like a car company said will be a model of a car in one color then they dont make it that color because whatever reason they couldnt... So get it in black then... Also before complaint do a research making a white phone it's more complicated... Because when u make the color white u degrade the quality of the product... And the black iphone still selling hot as hell so... They dont need to release a white iphone... Put a cover if u want it white a move on!!!
  • Goodbye white iFail 4. You have been a problem from the beginning just like the black one. Lets see the next iPhone!!!! That should be a beauty!
  • Here is a review for amplitube iRig for iphone. The multi track recorder was just added 10/28/10. Nice looking white iPhone. Most likely photoshop, but never know. http://www.musicradar.com/news/guitars/can-you-record-a-full-song-with-a...
  • There's kits out there to convert ur black to white. From cheap stickers to straight up glass replacements.
  • To all those on here saying apple did not fail and it's just a color move on buy the other I just have one question. Would you be saying that if this was MS/android that did this?
  • poor white iphone ... maybe next year.
  • Why can't they get it 2 friends of mine have them converted to white and look real good.