White iPhone 4 hits Bell Canada's ordering system

Lest you thought Canadians would be left out of this Wednesday, April 27 white iPhone 4 launch, TiPb Forum member [Oleary54](http://forums.imore.com/apple-news-rumors/211720-bell-white-iphone-4-a.html snuck us this picture showing the near-legendary device sitting all comfy like in Bell Canada's ordering system.

So Canadians, who is breaking open the looney bank this Wednesday?

[Thanks oleary54]


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  • My brother and I will both be picking one up, eh!
  • It took a while but apple wanted to do it right.
    Want black iPhone 5 only!
  • What? No green? Damn them!
  • sweet! And it is free. Haha
  • Fail
  • No thats 0 on hand. Silly!
  • You are right. Thanks for the clarification.
  • this also appears in rogers and fido registry at the apple store. i saw it when i did my upgrade a few weeks ago!
    the apple guy told me not to wait on that...
  • White iPhone 5 FTW
  • I'm hoping they changed more than the color.
  • I'll stick with the black iphone it matches my beemer.
  • A Friend works for vodafone Germany, they started taking orders for it last week, when it showed up in their inventory system. Yesterday they still haven't gotten the actual phones delivered and started giving people that wouldn't wait anymore a bill refund of EUR 50........