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White iPhone 4 landing this Wednesday, April 27?

It's looking more and more like this Wednesday, April 27 is the day the [white iPhone 4](/tag/white-iphone-4/] finally arrives, at least in UK and the US. We've already seen Vodafone jump the gun on selling, and now 9to5Mac has some shots of Best Buy US in stock dates.

If that's the case, hopefully Apple will confirm with a press release on Monday. (That they've waited this long is the only thing that gives me pause -- manufacturing and distribution could still be a challenge.)

If it is Wednesday, are you relieved you can finally get one, or that you'll finally stop hearing about it?


Rene Ritchie

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  • At this point it's just a stop-gap for all the crazy hold outs until the iPhone 5 is released. Some people are just so dead set on a color of a device it's just rediculous.
  • Agree. This story is getting old. Must be a slow news day.
  • Glad that everyone will stop having these stories.
    It'll also be funny to see the people who say that they have had white iPhones since the beginning. You can tell a true white iPhone by plugging it into iTunes and seeing the color of the phone displayed there.
  • Glad to hear this come to an end. White iPhone is like pixi dust to these fairies.
  • Hater!
  • I will be glad to not hear these stories anymore personally, I think they should have gave it up all together and just waited until the next generation of iPhone to release it.
  • Can anyone legitimately explain to me the big deal about this?! I just dont get it. White/black, it functions the same...
  • white is pretty.
  • White Is pretty
  • White is Pretty Frickin' Bad Ass.
  • Glad this annoying rumos will end, it's just a color, they talk about it like it's a brand new model.
  • Does anyone even still care about a white iPhone 4? It's like that magical, mythical beast that people claim to see but no one can corroborate their story. It's a friggin unicorn!
  • I'd like a white one, but I doubt I can get enough for my launch-day black one to pay for the early upgrade price
  • yawn. the best part about the release is that it will finally end all of the speculation. personally, i'd prefer it design-wise if it looked like the white 3G, which was white on the back only. i'm not crazy about the white on the front. i guess that officially makes it a double yawn ;-)
  • Man,
  • Man, I can't believe people care about this.
  • It's making more and more sense to push the iPhone 4S out till September, releasing it with the iPods.
  • YAY!!! Trying not to get my hopes up is nearly impossible, but this is exciting news...and not because I will stop hearing about it.
    This will be my first iPhone. Why don't I wait for the iPhone 5? Because I've already been saying for 2 years that once Verizon gets the iPhone, I'm there. Now that they have it, I have to wait for my current contract to end, which puts me at the time frame for the white iPhone 4.
    I certainly hope Apple makes an announcement soon so I can stop anticipating potentially false hopes. What a mean thing to do, Apple!
  • P.S. To the majority of you who are leaving "what's the big deal?" sort of comments, my guess is you already HAVE an iPhone.
    If you have an iPhone, and aren't looking at upgrading soon, why read these articles anyways? No wonder you're not interested. Leave the comments to those looking to buy one.
  • I know you're excited to purchase your new iPhone soon. However, you should really wait for the iPhone 5. I'm sure Apple will release both at the same time. Plus the iPhone 4 is 10 months behind release, wait two more and get the iPhone 5. You've waited 2 years ... What's two months?
  • I had mine converted to white about 5 months ago, so I can't wait to stop hearing about it. I just hope the 5 comes in white.
  • Im still waiting on the iBrain... i'm getting really tired of my own brain... i wonder if it will come in black or white o_O
  • I would get it if I didn't already have the black one! Too little too late apple!
  • Even though I think it's great work from Apple to get people excited about a different color of an already existing product, I think the staff at are the most excited. (Don't you guys all have the white iPad 2? Sick of the white yet?)
  • Will be a strong seller. No question about it. Amazing how people here trash it. The masses will eat it up. Wake up!
  • Just like the Verizon iPhone I can't wait to see the white iPhone so everyone can shut it after they get it. Even if I had a white one I'm going to cover it with a case that is going to cover the color of the phone so it wouldn't mean jack to me. I agree white is pretty but not "I'm showing up way late to the party" pretty.
  • I'm buying it. I don't see any loss on my end if I choose to sell my old model to cover the cost of the new one, nor is it a loss if I choose to sell this one to cover the cost of the i5.
  • at east step of sales, you will lose some money, unless you manage to sell it at high price
    and if you manage to do so, call me, i have a job for you.
  • I'm actually kinda bummed because I litterally got my ViP4 2.5 weeks ago haha. Oh well, I was going to do a white conversion but I think I'll go with a different route all together now haha
  • I refuse to dignify this posting with a reply and, by way of the increased comment count, encourage the editors to keep running these white iPhone rumors ad infinitum.
    Aw, damn it.
  • Oh man. I held out for 1 month for the white one back in the summer. 9 months later & I'd still be waiting. I gave in cause my 3G was junk under the 4.0 iOS update. Thanks Apple