White iPhone 4 gets pictured

You still can't get a white iPhone 4 -- manufacturing delays, don't you know -- but that doesn't mean you can't look at it. Here's everything from the box to the band to the back plate.

A couple more pics after the break. So who's still waiting to get one?

[Impress Watch via MicGadget via 9to5Mac]

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Rene Ritchie

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  • Not I, already spray painted mine white so I could be the first one with it white. 
  • My wife is holding out for one.
  • Not waiting but def thinking of just talking back my black and getting the white. I wanted the white from the being just don't like to have to wait for things, plus I really like the way it looks, plus my blAck Ip4 looks to much like my 3GS, wanted something.
  • What's the release date for the white iPhone?
  • yep! waiting....
  • Just noticed from the pictures. The iPhone is Japanese..
    Japanese have them already?
  • They are supposed to release "Second Half of July", so perhaps sometime between the 15th and the 31st? But I'm annoyed at Apple for making it seem like you could get either color, right up until release, and now not even being specific on when it will be released. OK, so they are having manufacturing delays, but I'm sure they already know internally when it will be released.
  • I'm gonna laugh when it comes out 31 days after the release date of the black one. All the people who bought a black one thinking they will just simply return it for the white will be upset and raise hell and scream bloody murder.
  • My husband and I are both waiting. Goocher is that the CEO of my company and his wife both sent me, as resident Apple IT, to AT&T to get theirs. Neither one of them even really care about learning its features, they just want to be able to say that have one. It's like the whole freaking world will get their iP4s before we do. Boo.
  • Gimme gimme gimmeeeeee!
  • I'm definitely waiting. White iphone + black bumper case + invisible shield on back... perfect combo. It won't show all the smudges we've been seeing on the black model, and I personally think the white looks good bordering the display. It reminds me of how framed artwork is often set in a white border. Crisp and clean looking.
  • Waiting. Like my black 3GS but really want a white iP4.
  • I can't believe any guy would want one of these They are SO girly. I'm sure they'll look great on mani/pedi night with the ladies.
  • Theres 0 chance apple releases them before the 30 day mark.
  • Hungwell, that's it, your manhood sign I'd determined by what color of iPhone you have. Silly me for not knowing that! /sarcasm
  • @Hung"Well"
    You're clearly insecure. Good luck with that.
  • @Hungwell hahahaha I agree. The white is way to girly and screams "LOOK AT ME I'M A CUTE LITTLE IPHONE" lol
  • Absolutely waiting for white. My white 3GS is serving me fine until these are released into the wild.
  • I'm getting the white Evo!
  • I wonder if they've tweaked the antenna performance in the white iPhones now that the performance problems have been revealed by the high-volume, black model beta test.
  • I'm sorry, but I too, think the white model is feminine looking. It just screams "teenage girl" to me.
  • Awww its wet!
  • The evo isn't even white, it's HALF white! buaaaaaajajaja
  • I have to agree....the white iphone is very girly. Not for me
  • Been waiting since it was announced. I bought an iPad to hold me over till the white is released. Diggin it. -g
  • Finally! I can get a phone that matches my purse.
  • Keeping my black 32gb had a white 3GS don't like the look of white iPhone 4
  • Not so sure about the white ip4. I've got a white 32GB 3Gs right now. I love the how the 3Gs case was white in back but the front was all black. Looking at the ip4 all white front (including home button), something just doesn't look right. I think I'll make the switch to black for this model.
  • I think it's kinda girly too. I'm happy with my black one and the fingerprints are only noticeable in light. Anyway, the black one came out on a Thursday and what do you know? The start of the 2nd half of July (15th) is on a Thursday!
  • Waiting on white.
  • @Hungwell
    I agree. My wife had a black 3G and I had the white 3GS and loved it and nothing looking feminine with just the white back. But when I seen the white iPhone 4, we BOTH agreed I would look gay with the white so we made the switch. I got the black and she's waiting for the white.
  • When is the black iPhone4 going 2 be on sale there all sold out everywhere!!!!
  • The white one looks like a Toy,
  • The black most definitely looks better in my opinion and I have the white 3GS. It's too white needs the black to contrast it. Let's just hope that the next batch whatever date they come has fixed the antenae problems.
  • @Danny
    Aw someone might think you're gay because of the color of your phone? I can't imagine anything worse... sounds like you made the right choice. You might try this case out for good measure:http://www.slipperybrick.com/2010/06/phoneballs-iphone-case/
  • I'm waiting for the white one, Canadian's were already forced to wait so what's a little more time? If i'm going to pay money for the device i may as well get the one i want, people thinking they can use the phone and then go whine for another colour later may have a nice surprise!
  • Anyone else think it looks too much like the original Ipod? Almost retro haha.
  • I'm getting a white one in 2011 (lol). I don't think the white front makes the device "girly" and I really don't care what others think but I'm not sure if I would like the white front either. We just got used to the black front - just looking odd for a short period probably. Maybe, metal looking like iMac and color choices of black or white for the back? Of with a little hope the black front & white back like 3GS I have right now, in 2011!
  • And Ryan's style will suite me perfectly!!
  • Still waiting here...sadly...although maybe most of the negative press will have worn off by then
  • That is not the real white iPhone 4!!!! You can tell because the apple symbol on the back is not glossy at all!
  • By the time the white one comes out, all the issues will be fixed and everyone will be happy om iPhoneland, lol
  • The white iphone is too girly? Wow I didn't know white was for girls, i guess i have to throw away all my white shirts...oh and my white socks...man, I mean i don't want to look girly with the color white..boy oh boy this is going to be tough
  • How about silver??
  • IM WAITING!! it's killing me!!
  • It makes my eyes hurt just thinking about trying to view the screen in sunlight with a white faceplate around it.
  • I'm waiting!!! Love the White iPhone 4!!
    White iPhone 4 + Black Bumper + invisibleShield (maximum) + iOS4 Jailbroken = Total Win w/me in Heaven!
    I have 2 out of the 4. I just need the White iPhone 4 and Jailbroken iOS4...Let's Get it!
  • I'm waiting and I can't wait!
  • @Ryan
    Thanks! Lol that cracked me up. With that case, I might still consider the white afterall!
  • And I definitely don't think it's going to look bad or anything. I'm sure the white glass is going to look sweet!....a little too sweet maybe.
  • Here is Australia we're still waiting for the launch of ~any~ iPhone 4 sigh
    However at least one of our carriers is indicating they'll have the white version when the big day finally arrives - http://www.optus.com.au
  • I want white soo bad but the jailbreak needs to hurry as well. I got ios4 jb on my 3GS and it flies, but alot of must have apps don't work yet.
  • Considered waiting for a white one, then thought that it's highly probable that for a given brightness setting the screen is going to look dimmer surrounded by a white faceplate, especially when you are outside and that white face is reflecting more light back at your eyes than a black one. Having to crank the brightness a bit more means slightly less battery life....maybe inconsequential, but one less thing to be concerned about.
  • Well I'm waiting for a white one... I really don't see how an all white phone will make me look gay because if that's the case I guess my Macbook makes me look gay... u people are dumb
    SN: that's just my opinion!
  • Love it, so looking forward to getting my White iP4
  • Waiting on the white also. Especially since I'm waiting to see if 4.0.1 can really be a antenna fix. Better yet maybe the white one won't experience this problem at all!
    Some could be sleeping on this phone until they See A white one in person and have second thoughts. Just like I did with the ipad.
    Pictures only show so much.
  • Doesn't look that bad to be honest... but I'll probably get a black one anyway.
  • @Fake Dorito! YOU Crack me up! HAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAAHA!
  • I like the white iPhone4! But I wonder why the white one has the 3 little lines at the top and the black one doesn't!?!?!?!
  • nice pics,i like the black iphone!
  • I dot get how people associate the white iPhone to being girly. Most of apple's products are white. So I guess millions of guys were girly because they had a white iPod (since black didn't come out until the u2 version, not that is pretty girly).
    And as far as the picture display, again, think back on the colored-screen white iPod. There was no issues with viewing the screen.
    I think white is keeping it original (well I guess beige would be original, but you get my point), and think it looks good
  • i wood make xxx to the white one
  • any fag who says the black one is better is f***** idiot