White iPhone 4 shelf price shows up at Best Buy

Well folks the mythical and elusive white iPhone 4 is popping up yet again and this time as a shelf price at Best Buy. According to Engadget they received pictures from a Houston area Best Buy which shows a shelf price tag of $599.99 for an AT&T 16GB white iPhone 4 off-contract (same price as the black version).

The white iPhone 4 has been popping up in news a lot lately and it seems as if evidence of its arrival into users hands (hopefully soon) is getting stronger and stronger. It feels a little late into the game but there are still new users and users who will be willing to make the switch from black to white to get access to this seemingly mythical device. Will you be one of them or are you just waiting for the iPhone 5?

[ Engadget ]

  • Just wait for the iPhone 5. How sucky are u gonna feel once the new phone comes out in 4 months and your stuck with old school already just cuz of the color.
  • I'm just glad I never cared for the white version. Plus if I did I would of got black anyways by now and I'd also wait but I know people will buy it because not everyone needs/wants the latest and greatest thing out.
  • I think the white iPhone 4 is a great idea. Many who don't upgrade to the iPhone5 right away, or for users who want to wait a year or so to let them work out the kinks can be happy with a more unique and less common version of the iPhone. iphone.blogupdates.net
  • Once you go black, you never go back :))
  • thats gotta hurt, potentially days/weeks after millions order their black verizon iphones white ones might come out.
  • Its all $$$ £££ for apple. Release an iphone, people will buy it. I can imagine some people will have bought a black, then get a white, then get an iphone 5. Apple sell 3 iphones to one person in just a year. Maybe they will stagger colour releases in the future, makes sense for apple!
    As for me, I always wanted black so I'm happy and waiting for iphone 5 :-)
  • There are going to be an awful lot of people (Verizon iPhone 4 customers and white AT&T iPhone buyers) who are really pissed in June when iPhone 5 comes out.
  • I went to the website. You can save $30 on an iPad this week.
  • @hungwell - No, they will not care. They are just happy to have an iPhone. Many do not track this stuff daily and are not plugged in.
    My wife has been using her 3GS since it came out and could care less about the new one. She is just happy to have a white iPhone.
  • anybody else has tried to scan the qr code? i get a temporary website down page.
  • Guys....this isn't the White iPhone. Its the "Whit iPhone"
  • When you go BLACK, you never come BACK..... Oooppps sorry guys, I forgot I'm........ BLACK :)
  • Pretty sure that any Best Buy employee could fabricate one of these signs.
  • Thanks for mentioning my name on the show, guys! It was funny to hear you say it so many times.