Why the iPhone 5c will sell well (it's not about you)

Some in the tech press and analysts have been quite vocal about their ambivalence (occasionally dipping into outright loathing) about the iPhone 5c. I'm excited about it. I'm not excited about owning one - I already have an iPhone 5 - but I'm glad to see Apple do it. Because I think Apple's going to sell a lot of them.

If you're a spec-monkey, the iPhone 5c gives you cause for your ambivalence. It's largely unchanged from the iPhone 5, except for higher-quality FaceTime camera on the front and a slightly larger battery.

But here's the thing, it's not for you.

Mainstream consumers don't care

Apple sells the vast majority of its iPhones to regular people. Muggles. Folks who don't scour the Internet looking for the latest news and information about their devices. People who don't read iMore. Or any other Apple-centric web site, for that matter.

Folks who couldn't care less that the iPhone 5c doesn't have a lot of new bells and whistles.

They go to the store when their contract is up, or when their phone breaks, and they shop for a new phone. Many of them will stick with iPhones, because that's what they're used to. Some of them will try iPhones for the first time, after trying something else and coming away dissatisfied.

What they know is that it's new, and it comes in colors, and it makes phone calls and runs apps.

Comparison shopping

Sure, some of those people will compare the iPhone 5c to the iPhone 5s. And some of them may find the iPhone 5c lacking. They'll think the extra features merit the extra price.

But many people are also going to want value. Many people aren't going to want to (or simply can't) spend the extra $100 to get an iPhone 5s.

For them, there's the iPhone 5c. And for the really cash strapped, there's still the 4s.

And like it or lump it, the colored cases of the iPhone 5c are bound to be popular with folks who are looking to personalize their iPhone and add some uniqueness to their handset.

The iPhone 5c offers some solid and obvious reasons to consider over the iPhone 4s. The bigger screen is the most obvious; the LTE support is another benefit that will resonate with mainstream consumers - it has faster data. The camera's a lot better. A lot faster under the hood too.

A lot of people with strong opinions about the iPhone 5c have already made up their mind about it, and I'm not trying to change their opinion. I'm just trying to offer some perspective here. In the end, the iPhone 5c is going to be popular because it's an iPhone, and Apple still makes stuff that people want.

Even if the iPhone 5c isn't the phone you want, will you at least accept that it'll be really popular with mainstream consumers? If not, why not? Sound off in the comments below - I want to hear what you think.