If you've recently installed iOS 11, you may have noticed that no matter how many times you toggle Bluetooth off in Control Center it's still automatically on when you reboot your phone. It's not just you. Nor is it a bug — that's actually just how the operating system works. Not a huge deal if you're privy to that particular information, but without seeking out the specific support page on Apple's website, most of us who were used to iOS 10 had no way of knowing about this feature change.

Now when you tap to power Bluetooth or Wi-Fi down in the new Control Center, it doesn't shut them off completely. Instead, it just disconnects you from most accessories or devices you may have been connected to and disables auto-join capabilities. To actually turn off Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, you have to go into the Settings app and do it there. All of this is because Apple wants to keep users' connection intact so they're able to utilize things like Air Play, Air Drop, Apple Watch and Apple Pencil, even if they wish to disconnect from other devices.

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The jury is still out on whether this change to the functionality of Control Center is a positive or negative thing. Most people seem to be feeling touchy about it, and with good reason: leaving Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on willy-nilly can jeopardize the security of your iPhone or iPad, make you an easier target for hacking and other potential attacks. Many Apple users are taking to Twitter to air their grievances:

For a list of everything you can actually do with iOS 11's Control Center, check out our article here.


Are you a fan of this new feature or do you find it bothersome? How are you feeling about the new Control Center in general? Let us know in the comments!

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