What happened to RSS subscriptions on Safari on iPhone?

Safari on iPhone 7
Safari on iPhone 7 (Image credit: iMore)

It used to be that you could subscribe to RSS feeds directly within Safari, both on Mac and on iOS, in the form of "saved links" or "subscriptions." Safari for Mac eliminated this capability a few years ago, and now Safari on iPhone and iPad has followed suit with iOS, removing RSS subscriptions from mobile Safari.

While some are probably sad to see RSS subscriptions go, it's likely that Apple is looking to bring parity between all versions of Safari. Given that the browsers on macOS and iOS sync so much, from bookmarks and reading lists to the actual tabs that you have open, it's not surprising that Apple would remove this feature from iOS when it had already done so on the Mac in Safari 11.

Of course, there are still plenty of RSS reader apps available for iPhone and iPad that can help you get your fill of the news. Here are a few of the top ones:

Update August 2018: RSS is still out of Safari in iOS 12.

Joseph Keller

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