Will Animal Crossing: New Horizons have new villagers?

Animal Crossing New Horizons New Villagers
Animal Crossing New Horizons New Villagers (Image credit: iMore)

Animal Crossing New Horizons Several Villagers standing together in Harvey's House

Animal Crossing New Horizons Several Villagers standing together in Harvey's House (Image credit: iMore)

Will Animal Crossing: New Horizons have new villagers?

Best answer: Yes! There are a total of 393 recruitable animal villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but eight characters are exclusive to this title. Following the free update on Nov. 5, an additional 16 new villagers will be added to the game, eight of which are brand new and New Horizon exclusive.

New in town

Villager hunting has become a favorite passtime among Animal Crossing: New Horizon players, and it's easy to see why. With over 393 different villagers, you can customize your village with whichever personalities or animals you want. While there are plenty of familiar faces, there are a handful of original NPCs that are exclusive to New Horizons.

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AudieWolf villager with a love for dresses and a peppy personality.August 31
CydA cranky, male villager.June 9
DomA cheerful-looking male villager with a jock personality.March 18
MeganShe's a sweet, purple bear with a normal personality.March 13
RaymondFan-favorite, gray cat with a smug personality and style!October 1
JudyA snooty villager in pretty pastels with sparkling eyes.March 10
SherbA blue, male goat with a lazy personality and a snappy sweater.January 18
ReneighA new horse villager with an Uchi personality.June 4

Currently, the only way to find these villagers is through trial and error as you go on Mystery Tours and invite NPCs back to your island. There is a chance you might also start your game with one of these exclusive animals, too. However, if you don't want to put the time in searching island after island for Raymond, help is on the way. Oh, and also, more villagers!

More villagers to come soon!

If Raymond and the other villagers are old news to you, there's some exciting news around the corner. With the next update, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is getting 16 new villagers! While some of these villagers are from previous games, there are 8 that are brand new. We've compiled a list of every new character arriving in the Nov. 5 update.

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SashaA new, blue rabbit villager. New Horizon exclusiveMay 19
IoneA sky-blue squirrel villager. New Horizon exclusiveSeptember 11
TianshengAn orange monkey villager. New Horizon exclusiveAugust 18
ShinoA mysterious, deer villager. New Horizon exclusiveOctober 31
MarloA butler-esque hamster villager. New Horizon exclusiveJune 26
PetriA book-worm mouse villager. New Horizon exclusiveOctober 23
CephalobotA robo-octo villager. New Horizon exclusiveApril 1
QuinnA brand new eagle villager. New Horizon exclusiveJanuary 20
RoswellThis brown alligator has a lazy personality.May 2
AzaleaAnother returning character, Azalea is a blue rhino with a snooty personality.December 18th
FrettThis bright yellow dog villager has a cranky personality.October 30th
RioThis red ostrich sports a peppy personality and a yellow star on her cheek.September 10
AceA blue bird with a jock personality.August 11
ZoeA turquoise anteater with a normal personality.Febuary 10
ChabwickA returning villager, this blue penguin is a lazy villager.December 24
FaithThis orage koala villager is another returning character with a normal personality.March 21

With so many new characters coming in this final free update, players can easily fill their island with a new cast of NPCs. However, if you remember how painstaking it could be to find a particular villager, you may be less inclined to jump into the search again. Don't worry; there's a way to get all of these villagers with a little luck.

A brand new series of amiibo cards

If you haven't gotten into New Horizons on Switch by now, or you've stepped away, Nov. 5 is a great time to jump back in. Not only are we getting a whole new set of characters, amazing updates, and DLC, but also a new amiibo cards! The series 5 amiibo cards is coming that same day, so you can possibly snag a card packet with your favorite.

With the right card, you can just invite one of these characters directly. This new package contains NPCs and villagers who don't have amiibos, and includes all of the new villagers coming with the update.

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