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The new set of Series 5 Animal Crossing amiibo cards is finally releasing, bringing with it 48 new cards total. This series includes Raymond, a fan-favorite character who until now didn't have an amiibo card. Additionally, a number of new villagers are also included along with updated cards for familiar characters to match what they look like in New Horizons. In the U.S., cards are sold in six packs, however, in some other regions they're sold in three packs. Here are all 48, their names, and their numbers.

Bring them home

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Series 5 Animal Crossing amiibo cards - (6 Pack)

Grab the latest amiibo cards!

New characters like Raymond, Orville, Wilbur, C.J., Flick, and Daisy Mae are finally getting their own amiibo cards. Grab them so you can invite them to your island for special activities.

All Series 5 Animal Crossing amiibo cards

Near the end of the October 2021 Animal Crossing Direct, we got to see some of the pictures for the new Series 5 Animal Crossing amiibo cards. However, not all of the cards were shown. I've since gathered up the remaining cards and created a picture for them specifically. This means, however, that the images aren't fully in order. Swipe through the gallery above to see all 48 Series 5 Animal Crossing amiibo cards.

Name Species Number
Tom Nook Raccoon/Tanuki #401
Timmy & Tommy Raccoon/Tanuki #402
Isabelle Dog #403
Orville Dodo #404
Wilbur Dodo #405
Blathers Owl #406
Celeste Owl #407
Mable Hedgehog #408
Sable Hedgehog #409
Label Hedgehog #410
K.K. Slider Dog #411
C.J. Beaver #412
Flick Chameleon #413
Daisy Mae Boar #414
Kicks Skunk #415
Sahara Camel #416
Harvey Dog #417
Gulliver Pelican #418
Wisp Ghost #419
Lottie Otter #420
Niko Monkey #421
Wardell Walrus #422
Tom Nook Raccoon/Tanuki #423
Isabelle Dog #424
Sherb Goat #425
Megan Bear #426
Dom Sheep #427
Audie Wolf #428
Cyd Elephant #429
Judy Cub #430
Raymond Cat #431
Reneigh Horse #432
Sasha Rabbit #433
Ione Squirrel #434
Tiansheng Monkey #435
Shino Goat #436
Marlo Hamster #437
Petri Mouse #438
Cephalobot Octopus #439
Quinn Eagle #440
Chabwick Penguin #441
Zoe Anteater #442
Ace Bird #443
Rio Bird #444
Frett Dog #445
Azalea Rhino #446
Rosewell Alligator #447
Faith Koala #448

What can you do with amiibo cards?

In the base Animal Crossing: New Horizons game, players can scan amiibo cards to invite villagers to live on their islands once the campground has been unlocked. Additionally, Animal Crossing amiibo figures and cards can be scanned at Harvey's island for photoshoots. When on your own island, you can also scan amiibo cards at Brewster's The Roost cafe to invite a villager of your choosing for a drink.

If players purchase the Happy Home Paradise DLC, they'll be able to scan amiibo cards and figures to bring specific villagers to the game as a client. Then you'll be able to create a dream home for that specific villager. Up to two villagers can even share a vacation home together. So, if you've been shipping anybody or think they'd just be good friends, you can create their ideal getaway.

Come to my island

With 48 new Animal Crossing amiibo cards on the horizon and new ways to use them there's plenty of reason to start collecting. Good luck getting them all whether you're excited for a specific card or are out to collect all 48.

Living in a critter paradise

Animal Crossing New Horizons Multiplayer Local

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Create the perfect getaway

Manicure the look and feel of your very own deserted island while paying off a loan from Tom Nook. There are plenty of cute decorations to collect and the game even celebrates real-world holidays.

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