Will iPad Air 2 or iPad Pro cases fit the new 9.7-inch iPad?

Though Apple's new entry-level 9.7-inch iPad may look very similar to its predecessor (the iPad Air 2) and high-end cousin (the 9.7-inch iPad Pro), it's hiding a little extra bulk behind that 9.7-inch frame. Height and width-wise, all three iPads are identical, but in a somewhat puzzling move, Apple's new entry-level iPad is a full 1.4 mm thicker.

This unfortunately means that if you owned cases for either the iPad Air 2 or 9.7-inch iPad Pro, none of them will fit this new iPad. Interestingly enough, you're more likely to be able to fit the new iPad in an original iPad Air case — their dimensions are identical, though you'll likely run into problems with the rear camera cutout.

Get the full lowdown on size specs below.

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CategoryiPad (2017)9.7-inch iPad ProiPad Air 2
Thickness0.29 inches(7.5 mm)0.24 inches(6.1 mm)0.24 inches(6.1 mm)
Height9.4 inches(240 mm)9.4 inches(240 mm)9.4 inches(240 mm)
Width6.6 inches(169.5 mm)6.6 inches(169.5 mm)6.6 inches(169.5 mm)

Okay, but what cases can I buy?

Many manufacturers are still putting together new case models for the latest iPad, but if you're desperate, never fear: There are a couple options that will fit the 2017 9.7-inch iPad.

  • iPad Smart Cover - Buy from Apple: The sole available case for the new iPad on Apple's website, the Smart Cover protects your iPad's screen when you're not using it (and acts as a foldable kickstand when you are).
  • Speck Balance Folio - Coming Soon: Speck is in the midst of updating its popular multicolored foldable case and stand for the 9.7-inch iPad, and is allowing potential buyers to sign up for an email list so that they can get first dibs when the cases are available.
  • Logitech's Rugged Combo - Coming Soon: Designed for the classroom, Logitech's Rugged Combo keyboard case offers a secure shell for the 9.7-inch iPad and a detachable keyboard. (For those who love old Mac laptops, it also has a distinctly PowerBook-era look.)


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