Will my existing Nintendo Switch accessories work with Nintendo Switch Lite?

Nintendo Switch Lite Turquoise
Nintendo Switch Lite Turquoise (Image credit: Nintendo)

Will my existing Nintendo Switch accessories work with Nintendo Switch Lite?

Best answer: Your hardware accessories — such as the Nintendo Pro controller and any additional Joy-Con controllers — will still work with the Nintendo Switch Lite. However, if you're thinking of using the same cases and screen protector for your Nintendo Lite, consider this: don't. The Switch Lite is narrower than the original Switch, and neither your screen protector or case will fit.Pre-order the Switch Lite: Nintendo Switch Lite ($200 at Amazon)For the player: Nintendo Pro Controller ($70 at Amazon)

Some won't work...

Because the Switch Lite is a complete redesign, none of the existing Nintendo Switch compatible cases or travel cases will fit correctly. The Switch Lite is 0.5 inches shorter and over 1 inch narrower than the original Switch. Any carry case designed for the original will simply be too big for Switch Lite and using one may lead to damage. We instead suggest that you look towards buying a case that is specific for the Nintendo Lite, which can be ordered on Amazon.

The Switch Lite also sees a reduction in screen size — 5.5 inches, down from 6.2. So, any screen protectors currently on the market won't fit the new handheld either, as well as any hard cases you use to protect your current switch. I use a soft rubber shell on my Switch to keep it safe from the occasional drop, but this won't be able to be transferred to the new Switch Lite. I'm afraid you will have to buy all the latest cosmetic accessories for your new toy. But hey, that's a small price to pay for a Switch that has a longer battery life and comes in a variety of different colors. Aesthetic is everything!

The Nintendo Switch dock that connects your Switch to your TV will also not work with your Nintendo Switch Lite. This is because the Switch Lite does not have TV mode, nor tabletop mode, and so can only be played in handheld mode.

And some will!

Nintendo made it clear that hardware accessories will still work with the Nintendo Switch. In the launch trailer, Nintendo explains that you will need to use a separate set of Joy-Cons if you want to play certain games that require motion control, like Mario Party 8 and fitness games, such as Ring Fit Adventure. This does mean that if you have an original Nintendo Switch, you can take the Joy-Cons from it and take them with you to use on the Switch Lite if you want to. It may be a hassle, but more Joy-Cons than necessary are better than no Joy-Cons at all.

The Pro Controller — probably the best way to play games like Smash Bros. Ultimate — will also work with the Switch Lite. This is an essential addition as a lot of the more serious gamers like to use a full controller, even when mobile. It also means you can use the motion controls on the Pro controller as well.

This also means that any third-party controllers you may want to use will also work, which is especially helpful when the Pro Controller can be pretty pricey.

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