Will Nintendo Switch carrying cases work with the Switch Lite?

Butterfox Switch Lite Case
Butterfox Switch Lite Case (Image credit: Butterfox)

Butterfox Compact Switch Lite Case

Butterfox Compact Switch Lite Case (Image credit: Amazon)

Will Nintendo Switch carrying cases work with the Switch Lite?

Best answer: That depends on the size of the case. Some cases will, but others won't protect your Switch Lite as well as one designed for the smaller system. With a size difference, it may be better to get a case that is the proper size.Small and light: Butterfox Compact Carrying Case ($15 at Amazon)For all your games and accessories: PDP Nintendo Switch Elite Commuter Case ($30 at Amazon)

What do I need to know before purchasing a carrying case?

The most important element when choosing a carrying case is ensuring that the thing inside it is safe and protected. Nintendo Switch carrying cases are designed with the shape and size of the Nintendo Switch in mind. But because the Switch Lite is slightly smaller, some of their designs will be too big for the system, causing it to come loose, bang around in the case, and potentially get damaged.

If you're looking for a new carrying case for your Switch Lite, you should only purchase cases that say they are compatible with the smaller system. Be wary though; on sites such as Amazon, some sellers may list a case as being acceptable for Switch Lite when it's really not. Your best bet is to go to a retailer such as GameStop and look at a few in-person to make sure they are a good fit, or if you must buy online, check the reviews and look for anyone who has had an experience using the case on a Switch Lite.

What kinds of Switch cases will work with the Switch Lite?

Switch cases that have a mechanism inside to secure the device that's tight or adjustable are ideal. So, a case with a Switch-size strap that isn't adjustable will probably not suffice, as the smaller Switch Lite won't fit. However, cases with elastic straps, tight netting, or adjustable velcro straps are more likely to be able to hold onto the smaller device. As long as it's adjustable to a smaller size, it should work.

Be wary of cases that don't have any way to secure the Switch inside if they were designed for the bigger Nintendo Switch. The Switch Lite will likely rattle around inside and could be damaged as a result. If you need to measure to make sure you're accurate, the Nintendo Switch Lite is 3.6 inches tall, 8.2 inches across, and 0.55 inches deep. On the other hand, because the Switch Lite is smaller, any case designed with its size in mind will be too tiny for the larger Nintendo Switch to fit in.

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