Win Sonos speakers, Hue lights, and more in Connectedly's site launch contest!

Gain an entry per day the entire month of May — up to 31 chances to win!

This week marked the relaunch of Smartwatch Fans as Connectedly, the one place on the web to get everything you need for everything connected. (In case you missed the Welcome Post, be sure to give it a read!) Now it's time for some fun. And with Mobile Nations, that means... an amazing contest!

What's Connectedly giving away? The grand prize is a Sonos Playbar and two Sonos Play:1 speakers — instant connected home theater! Runner up prizes include Philips Hue and the super-fun Sphero robot. There's nothing better in this world than controlling your sound and light from your iPhone or iPad. And, of course, robots! So you'll want to enter and enter often!

Luckily, entering is EASY! Race over to the Connectedly contest page and leave a comment to enter (remember, if you're already a member of any Mobile Nations site you can simply login with your existing username and password, otherwise we support Twitter, Facebook, and a bunch of other options!)

You can enter the contest every day through the month of May by visiting Connectedly daily and participating in the Connectedly forums and commenting on the articles, for up to a total of 31 entries.

Hit up the link below for full contest details and to enter. Good luck!!

  • Enter the Connectedly launch contest NOW!
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