Wirelurker host taken down as China arrests three suspects

Chinese authorities have taken down a site that hosts the Wirelurker malware and three suspects were arrested. The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Public Security announced on Sina Weibo that the suspects were charged with conspiring to use malware for illegal profits. According to Security Week:

The suspects, identified by their surnames as Wang, Lee and Chen, were taken into custody on Thursday based on information provided to law enforcement authorities by the China-based security company Qihoo 360 Technology.

Wirelurker made — in most cases recklessly over-sensationalized — headlines recently following a report published by Palo Alto Networks. As far as can be determined, it only ever threatened people who went to a specific pirated app store in China and ignored security warnings on their device to install pirated apps.

Source: Sino Weibo; via Security Week, ZDNet

Chuong H Nguyen