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There are many opportunities throughout Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition to raise the Affinity between your characters. Doing so has an impact on gameplay, and is necessary to unlock Heart-to-Hearts. While Heart-to-Hearts aren't necessary to beat the game, they provide a ton of character development and even help further raise your Affinity. Fortunately, we here at iMore have everything you need to know about Heart-to-Hearts.

What is a Heart-to-Heart?

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Heart-to-Hearts are special cut scenes which focus on pairs of characters and you directly choose dialogue that will impact the Affinity between those characters. Each of these scenes can be found by a symbol of two hands clasped and interacted with at any point in the game; however, if you haven't met the prerequisites in the story or Affinity, you won't be able to complete the scene. While I will not go in depth on any of these scenes, bear in mind there are some spoilers just in knowing who is involved in certain scenes and reading the dialogue options. If you would like to go into the game, completely spoiler free, use this guide carefully!

How do you view Heart-to-Hearts?

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Once you find the symbol for a Heart-to-Heart (two hands clasped,) you can examine it by pressing A. Depending on where you're at in the storyline, you might be told the requirements for viewing the Heart-to-Heart. If you haven't progressed far enough, you won't even get that much. This happens for a couple reasons: first, you may not have even met the characters in the Heart-to-Heart yet, and second, there are some spoilers just in knowing who is in a Heart-to-Heart scene. If you have progressed far enough, however, the requirements will be displayed. This will include both characters involved and the Affinity requirement.

Once you can complete a Heart-to-Heart, you will be given a cut scene between two characters. There will be two points in the dialogue where you choose one of the character's response. There is a right answer and a wrong answer to each of these. The right answer will give you four Affinity points, while the wrong answer will cost you four Affinity points.

Every Heart-to-Heart

With more than 60 different Heart-to-Hearts in the game, it's easy to overlook a few. Even if you happen to find them all, many cannot be completed when you first come across them. Fortunately, the game keeps track of all the Heart-to-Hearts you find, and even before you find them, they will show up on the maps. If you want to see the Heart-to-Hearts you've already come across, follow these easy steps:

  1. Press X to open the Main Menu.

    Xenoblade Chronicles Affinity Heart To Hearts MenuSource: Nintendo

  2. Using the left joystick or the D-pad, scroll down to Collectables.

  3. Press A to select Collectables.

    Xenoblade Chronicles Affinity Heart To Hearts MenuSource: Nintendo

  4. Using the left joystick or the D-pad, scroll to Heart-to-Hearts.

  5. Press A to select Heart-to-Hearts.

    Xenoblade Chronicles Affinity Heart To Hearts MenuSource: Nintendo

This will open up a list of every Heart-to-Heart you've found, including the ones you've completed. However, we've also compiled a list of every Heart-to-Heart in the game, sorted by Area, along with the characters involved, Affinity requirements, storyline requirements, and the dialogue choices that will get you a boost to your Affinity scores.

Colony 9 Area

The Colony 9 Area includes all of Colony 9 and Tephra Cave, and it has ten Heart-to-Hearts. This is the first area in the game, but many of the Heart-to-Hearts cannot be viewed until much later in the game.

Heart-to-Heart Location Characters Affinity Pre-requisite Dialogue 1 Dialogue 2
Sunrise in the Park Outlook Park Shulk & Fiora Yellow None You and Dunban... Kind of.
Overlooking the Colony Agora Shore Reyn & Sharla Purple Reconstruction begun Do you wanna go back there? Don't be so hard on yourself!
Enduring Friendship Tephra Cave Entrance Shulk & Reyn Green None When we had that big fight? Of course.
A Heropon's Perspective Mechon Wreckage Site Sharla & Riki Purple Prison Island This is unusual for you, Riki, No, Riki. That's not true.
Ancient Wreckage Cylinder Hangar Melia & Reyn Purple High Entia Tomb I am saying exactly that. If there were any survivors?
Watching Over Them Residential District Dunban & Reyn Pink Galahad Fortress I'm being quite serious. I see you share my view.
Fiora's Cooking Dunban's House Reyn & Fiora Green Mechon Attack Of course I want some! So... uh... when can we eat?
Glowing in the Night Spring of Grief (night) Riki & Dunban Purple None Riki tell Dundun Riki surrenders!
A Scene Revisited Kneecap Hill Reyn & Fiora Pink Mechon Raid The first time I came here. No one thinks that Fiora
The Legend of the Spider Bone Corridor Shulk & Reyn Purple Mechonis Core You're scared of spiders! I played a prank on you!

Colony 6 Area

The Colony 6 Area includes Bionis' Leg, Colony 6, and the Ether Mine, and it has 14 Heart-to-Hearts.

Heart-to-Heart Location Characters Affinity Pre-requisite Dialogue 1 Dialogue 2
What's on Reyn's Mind Refugee Camp Sharla & Reyn Green None You, by a whisker. You have... dignified qualities.
Heir to the Monado Refugee Camp Dunban & Reyn Green None If it wasn't for Shulk. Hope kept her going.
Geography Lesson Believer's Paradise Dunban & Shulk Purple None Of course I'm interested. Oh! I know!
Revisiting the Past Rho Oasis Sharla & Dunban Pink None Did something bad happen? Was it important to her?
What Visions May Bring Raguel Bridge Sharla & Shulk Green Ether Mine I wish I had it. You can save someone's life!
Strength of Heart Main Entrance Shulk & Dunban Pink Nature level 3 It's because you're Dunban. Strength of the heart.
One Year On Pod Depot Reyn & Dunban Purple None Well, I was glad you came back. I know how you feel.
Renewed Determination Freight Elevator Reyn & Shulk Pink Mechonis Core Could've been veeery different. You're not wrong.
Dunban's Right Arm Hope Farm Dunban & Sharla Purple Galahad Fortress It hardly even bothers me now. I have no regrets.
Recovery and Reflection Hope Farm Fiora & Dunban Purple Agniratha It makes me sad. It must have been really tough.
The Colony Reborn Reconstruction HQ Shulk & Sharla Pink All level 5 A safe have for everyone, huh? Because it's everyone's dream.
Quiet Time Park Fiora & Riki Purple Special level 3 Nature's wonderful, isn't it? I like the way you speak.
A Broken Watch Mining Base Sharla & Shulk Purple None It's a beautiful watch. I can fix it!
A Wistful Glow Central Terminal Reyn & Sharla Pink None Sounds like fun! Gadolt would just be a friend.

Central Bionis Area

The Central Bionis Area includes Satorl Marsh, Makna Forest, and Frontier Village, and it has twelve Heart-to-Hearts.

Heart-to-Heart Region Characters Affinity Pre-requisite Dialogue 1 Dialogue 2
The Shimmering Marsh Zaldania Waterfall (night) Dunban & Shulk Green None Really? Interesting. Will it ever run out?
High Entia History Sororal Statues Dunban & Melia Purple High Entia Tomb That seems fitting. A half-Homs like you?
Atop the Crown Tree Crown Tree Riki & Sharla Pink None I'm not surprised. Oh dear! Why not?
Riki's Crazy Crystal Plan Eks Watering Hole Reyn & Riki Purple None What you gonna do with it? You've gotta refine it!
No Boys Allowed Sparkling Pool Melia & Sharla Green None You may be correct. Are you sure?!
Fallen Brethren Agni Tablet Melia & Shulk Green None What's wrong? They sound like great people.
At the Pollen Works Pollen Works Riki & Shulk Green Leone Telethia battle Because it's not made of metal? That's very resourceful of you.
A Mysterious Sanctuary Prophecy Hut Melia & Riki Green None They're delivered from on high? You mean... you?
A Day Like Any Other Nopon Tower Fiora & Melia Purple None OK. I'll tell you. No, nothing in particular.
Life's Hard for a Heropon Riki's House Dunban & Riki Pink Galahad Fortress I'll shed a tear for you. Not at all.
Reawakened Memories Mysterious Sanctuary Fiora & Sharla Purple None You mean... Shulk? Reyn said that?
True Natures Apex Lake Dunban & Melia Green High Entia Tomb I'll be honest... Not really. As all wise leaders do.

Upper Bionis Area

The Upper Bionis Area includes Eryth Sea, Alcamoth, High Entia Tomb, and Valak Mountain, and it has fifteen Heart-to-Hearts.

Heart-to-Heart Region Characters Affinity Pre-requisite Dialogue 1 Dialogue 2
Flowers of Eryth Sea Hovering Reef 2 Riki & Sharla Green None I like flowers too. She'd be so happy!
Riki Have Question Syrath Lighthouse Fiora & Riki Pink None What is it, Riki? You do? Wow!
A Gift for a Loved One Ether Plant Dunban & Sharla Green Galahad Fortress I—I'd love to, thank you... But the thought is still nice.
Fish Fly! Fish Fly! Sleeping Dragon Isle Reyn & Riki Green None But Riki just see one! Riki want five for himself!
Brother and Sister Fountain of Hope Dunban & Fiora Green None I could get used to it too. You worry too much.
Ancient Astrology Melfica Road Melia & Sharla Purple None Of course I do! Yes, I do.
The Forefathers Great Hall Fiora & Riki Green None Forefathers were important? Make weapons! Fight Dinobeast!
Melia's Imperial Villa Imperial Villa Fiora & Melia Green None Thanks! So it's not just me then...
A Breathtaking Sight Sky Terrace Melia & Reyn Pink None I quite agree. I got that impression.
So Close, Yet So Far Audience Chamber Melia & Shulk Purple None It's not a bad thing. Nothing would change.
Hopes and Plans Hall of Trials Melia & Shulk Pink Mechonis Core Do you think it's possible? You'll... look for them with me?
Echoes of Ancient Times Valley of Emperors Melia & Reyn Green None Let's go and take a look. Mind sharing it with us?
In Ose Tower Harict Chapel Dunban & Riki Green None Ghosts are here. Dundun know what ghost is?
A Snowy Hot Spring Jakt Geyser Riki & Shulk Purple None Not too hot, not too cold! Shulk jump in water too!
First Sight of Snow La Luz Church Fiora & Reyn Purple None I'm with you. It's strange. that sounds like a great idea!


The remaining twelve Heart-to-Hearts can be found in Fallen Arm, Bionis' Interior, and Prison Island.

Heart-to-Heart Region Characters Affinity Pre-requisite Dialogue 1 Dialogue 2
A Night-Time Chat Ether Light on Fallen Arm Fiora & Sharla Green None Thanks... I think. I don't think he's changed.
A Family of Two Junks Fiora & Dunban Pink None You caught me. There's more to it than that.
Overcoming the Pain Digit 1 Fiora & Melia Pink None And you regret that? That's probably for the best.
Eternal Scars Black Wreckage Dunban & Melia Pink None We were comrades-in-arms. I know the truth.
Just Like Old Times Silver Wreckage Fiora & Shulk Purple None Nevermind. It's fine. OK. Here I go.
Camping Spot Inlet Beach Melia & Riki Purple None Most intriguing. But how will you catch it?
Those Waiting for You Distant Fingertip Riki & Shulk Pink None What wrong, Shulk? OK. Here's the thing...
Fiora's Body Spinal Nerve Tower Fiora & Sharla Pink None Sorry. Is it that obvious? You're right. I should go.
Kind Words Terminal Nerve Tower Melia & Riki Pink None You've seen right through me. That is simply not true.
Before the Final Battle Gondorl Cathedral Fiora & Shulk Pink None You're worried about me. Oh, Shulk! Thank you!
Untold Feelings Gravina Bridge Melia & Sharla Pink None Do you still like him? That is just like you, Melia.
Journey's End Empty Throne Reyn & Riki Pink None Riki do want to go home. Cheer up, Reyn!

Quiet Moments

Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition Bionis ShoulderSource: Nintendo

The epilogue Xenoblade Chronicles: Future Connected also has a mechanic similar to Heart-to-Hearts called Quiet Moments. There are thirteen Quiet Moments on the Bionis' Shoulder. Although Quiet Moments have time of day requirements and other prerequisites, they do not have dialogue options, nor Affinity requirements.


Do you have any questions about where to find Heart-to-Hearts or how to complete them? Drop us a comment below, and be sure to check out our other Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition guides, so you can unlock the secrets of the Monado!