Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition — Present Guide

With hundreds of gifts to choose from, it can be challenging to know whether a present will raise or lower each character's Affinity. If you choose wrong, you can even lower the Affinity between your party members. Fortunately, we here at iMore have everything you need to know about obtaining Collectibles and gifting presents in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition.

What are presents?

Xenoblade Chronicles Affinity Collectopaedia (Image credit: Nintendo)

Presents or Collectibles are items you will find all throughout the world of Bionis. These items will show up as glowing orbs and can be picked up by walking through them. While collectibles can be sold, their real value is in trading with the various NPCs you meet or gifting them from one member of your party to another to raise the Affinity between those two characters.


Xenoblade Chronicles Affinity Make Trade

Xenoblade Chronicles Affinity Make Trade (Image credit: Nintendo)

When you come across named NPCs, you will be given the option to trade, in addition to talking with them. Every NPC has different items they will trade with more added when you raise your Affinity. Trades are always one-to-one, and you have to have an item of greater value than the one you wish to trade for. There are hundreds of named NPCs, each with different times of day they are active and several different possible items to trade. Fortunately, you won't have to keep track of them.

  1. Press X to open the Main Menu.

Xenoblade Chronicles Affinity Main Menu (Image credit: Nintendo)
  1. Using the left joystick or D-pad, scroll down to Affinity Chart.
  2. Press A to select Affinity Chart.

Xenoblade Chronicles Affinity Chart (Image credit: Nintendo)
  1. Using the left joystick or D-pad, place the circle over the area you wish to check.
  2. Press A to select the area.

Xenoblade Chronicles Affinity Sector (Image credit: Nintendo)
  1. Using the left joystick or D-pad, scroll down to the NPC you wish to know more about.
  2. Press ZL for a character's profile.

Xenoblade Chronicles Affinity Colony 9 Npc Profile (Image credit: Nintendo)
  1. Press ZR for a character's trade list.

Xenoblade Chronicles Affinity Colony 9 Npc Trade (Image credit: Nintendo)

Every named NPC you speak to will be added to the list, and will also appear on the Affinity Chart: Settlements. While the latter is useful for seeing connections between NPCs, the list is easier to navigate. In each character's profile, you will find their general location, more specific usual spot, and hours of activity, as well as less useful personal information. The trade list will have all the items they will trade at their current Affinity level. As you raise Affinity with NPCs, they will offer more items to trade.

How to exchange presents

Exchanging gifts between your party members is a great way to raise Affinity and the best use for all of those collectibles you've gathered.

  1. Press X to open the Main Menu.

Xenoblade Chronicles Affinity Main Menu (Image credit: Nintendo)
  1. Using the left joystick or D-pad, scroll down to Affinity Chart.
  2. Press A to select Affinity Chart.

Xenoblade Chronicles Affinity Chart (Image credit: Nintendo)
  1. Press A to select Affinity Chart: Party.

Xenoblade Chronicles Affinity Party Affinity (Image credit: Nintendo)
  1. Press Y to Give Gift.
  2. Using the left joystick or D-pad, place the circle over the character you want to give a present.

Xenoblade Chronicles Affinity Gift Giver (Image credit: Nintendo)
  1. Press A to select the character who will give a present.
  2. Using the left joystick, move the circle over the character you want to receive a present.

Xenoblade Chronicles Affinity Gift Recipient (Image credit: Nintendo)
  1. Press A to select the character who will receive a present.
  2. Press A to select the gift.

Xenoblade Chronicles Affinity Gift Hearts Two

Xenoblade Chronicles Affinity Gift Hearts Two (Image credit: Nintendo)
  1. You can also press Y to select categories, or change the way your collectibles are sorted. As you get further in the game, this will become more useful as there are hundreds of different items.

Xenoblade Chronicles Affinity Sort Presents (Image credit: Nintendo)

If your character liked the gift, there will be between one and four pink hearts. Likewise, if they did not like the gift, there will be between one and four black hearts. Once a character has received a gift, the hearts will appear next to that item in the list, so even if you do accidentally give someone a gift they don't like, you can avoid doing so again.


Xenoblade Chronicles Affinity Dislike Presents

Xenoblade Chronicles Affinity Dislike Presents (Image credit: Nintendo)

There eight types of collectibles: Vegetables, Fruit, Flowers, Animals, Bugs, Nature, Parts, and Strange. Although some characters have a preference or dislike of certain types (Shulk, for example dislikes vegetable,) each individual item has a different score for each of your playable characters. There will even be some in classes a character dislikes that still yield points. While collectibles are abundent, some are much easier to find than others, and some are necessary for quests. If you use up all of your existing stock of a rare collectible, it could take a significant amount of time finding them again.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Sweet WasabiColony 9-468-10214-4
Cool PotatoColony 924102-1014-4
Red LettuceColony 9-81222148-10
Chewy RadishColony 9-2216-44104
Hot TaroBionis' Leg-10-2106282
Juicy BroccoliBionis' Leg-12614228-2
Spicy CabbageBionis' Leg-42410-248-16
Hard LotusBionis' Leg-64-621614-6
Blue TurnipSatorl Marsh42122-2104
Cute ParsnipSatorl Marsh-6420-1628-2
Poisonous GourdSatorl Marsh2-2102242
Humming CabbageSatorl Marsh-82042212-10
SarsaparillaBionis' Interior-6-2221682
Black Liver BeanBionis' Interior281284-2-2
Schorl MushroomMakna Forest218102-48-12
Kelp MushroomMakna Forest-4610-10416-6
Honey RhubarbMakna Forest-124122214-4
Pink AsparagusEryth Sea-86-621414-4
Tropical RadishEryth Sea-6414-4222
Dolphin CarrotEryth Sea6482-62-4
Gold BurdockEryth Sea-1861261010-6
Sour RadishValak Mountain-4210228-2
Ice CabbageValak Mountain-4616-6-216-2
Girl CourgetteValak Mountain-41814-628-12
Amethyst VanillaValak Mountain-6-8822108
Fire PepperSword Valley-612-22186-8
Meaty CarrotSword Valley-121812-288-10
Bitter BroccoliSword Valley64102-42-2
Sour TurnipFallen Arm244228-2
Golden BeetrootFallen Arm-6414-6-6162
Juicy SteakplantMechonis Field-8410282-2
Acerola PeaMechonis Field2-282-482
Energy AubergineMechonis Field10281010-218-12
Sweet PepperMechonis Field-10414-10106-4
Meaty PotatoCentral Factory-62410228-16
Blue RootCentral Factory-8412-10214-4
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Dance AppleColony 9-2-2-2210102
Black KiwiColony 92-10-4212212
Clear AlmondTephra Cave6-12-2-46614
Bright FigTephra Cave210-2-218102
Dark GrapeTephra Cave4-144-1412614
Sour GooseberryBionis' Leg2-4-18-224164
Red DurianBionis' Leg-2-26-410126
Walnut GrapeBionis' Leg8-12-2-410212
Humming PlumBionis' Leg2-6-222126
Dark MangoMakna Forest8-6-228-46
Pure CherryMakna Forest2-2-2-21286
Bitter KiwiMakna Forest8-6-6-4101012
Juicy GrapeMakna Forest22-2-21084
Spicy NutFrontier Village8-6-12-41866
Crimson CitrusFrontier Village2-144-10101012
Cool LemonAlcamoth-6-6-2-612148
Heart PeachAlcamoth-222412104
Ether PlumValak Mountain2-410-206810
Fire AppleValak Mountain4-2-12-22282
Ruby MangosteenValak Mountain2-144-1012812
Sour GrapeValak Mountain10-10-2-410212
Bitter MelonSword Valley10-6-8-41084
Citron GooseberrySword Valley2-6-2-41286
Juicy MelonSword Valley48-8-210142
Amethyst MelonSword Valley4-162-2121020
White PlumFallen Arm2-4-22866
Ice Kiwi FruitFallen Arm2-6-8-42208
Spicy PapayaFallen Arm-42-221082
Large MangoFallen Arm6-6-2212-46
Juicy BlueberryAgniratha88-2-4482
Sweet LimeAgniratha2-24-81226
Spicy BananaAgniratha4-6-22466
Dry LemonPrison Island-2-4-2-46146
Death LycheePrison Island224-141082
Hell RaspberryPrison Island-4-6-12-43066
Deadly KiwiPrison Island4-2-24446
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Strong DandelionColony 92-126410-812
Moon FlowerColony 9862-2-4-210
Dawn HydrangeaColony 9-4-24-2644
Insanity MintTephra Cave24-8-22412
Night TulipTephra Cave2-104610-810
Cute OrchidColony 64-212-82410
Sirius AnemoneColony 618-4824-1014
Spirit ClematisColony 6-8-86122-216
Sunflower RogueSatorl Marsh-24226-210
Merry CoronationSatorl Marsh-4-24-2844
Ether RoseSatorl Marsh-866122-22
Orb DaisySatorl Marsh16-2844-1812
Forget-You-NotSatorl Marsh102102-10218
Enigma LotusMakna Forest2-210-82410
Humming NettleMakna Forest42642-66
Princess DaffodilMakna Forest8-126-22-210
Black IrisMakna Forest-6-21462-28
Sea BerryEryth Sea-1046122-26
Despair CloverEryth Sea-228124-612
Doomsday PoppyEryth Sea2-186210-216
Night LilyEryth Sea-2264-4-818
Razor TeaselEryth Sea2-22-22104
Mystic DahliaAlcamoth-4-24-24-218
Fortune MallowValak Mountain2-210-82410
Black PeonyValak Mountain2-2842-24
Fatal BelladonnaValak Mountain2-218-24-88
Jujube SilverSword Valley-4-106-214-210
Black BlossomSword Valley16-2462-1810
Abyss HeatherSword Valley-8-86122-214
Delerium FoxgloveSword Valley422024-68
Azure HollyhockMechonis Field22-24-2-4-1210
Utopia CrocusMechonis Field-2212-6646
Lewisia SilverAgniratha4102-44-24
Freesia CystAgniratha4-6822612
Bellflower CrystalAgniratha862-2-2-28
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Shin NewtTephra Cave41862-10-104
Cave RatTephra Cave2414-102-68
Shin GeckoTephra Cave826-22-46
Happy RabbitTephra Cave-61018-106-66
Pyro LizardColony 68812-102-128
Amblygon TurtleColony 62124-26-126
DobercorgiColony 610106-4-2-1622
Light BatEther Mine4148-4-6-86
Black FrogEther Mine21662-10-108
Yellow CatEther Mine2202-2-8-46
Chimera RabbitSatorl Marsh-610-2-22220
Venom PlatypusSatorl Marsh-41062-2-1018
Humming CatSatorl Marsh-8121242-62
Blood WormBionis' Interior41026-16-2-42
Azure MouseBionis' Interior14126-4-6-126
Happy DuckBionis' Interior218-2-2222
Ash FoxMakna Forest284-46-62
Soft Sea CucumberMakna Forest2106-162244
Fossil MonkeyMakna Forest41218-10-6-610
Venomous LizardMakna Forest2-212-2-2-414
Sea FrogEryth Sea2206-2-4-66
Mane CatEryth Sea-841410-2-24
Wet RatValak Mountain-410282-66
Ice MonkeyValak Mountain446-2226
Crystal FrogValak Mountain-4148-412-2-4
Mud SquirrelValak Mountain16146-6-12-168
Oil OysterFallen Arm466-6-4-46
Dark FishFallen Arm212622-42
Ether PenguinFallen Arm-212812-6-22
Rainbow SlugFallen Arm24128-24-188
Prism CentipedeCentral Factory-444-46-420
Cable MouseCentral Factory16148-104-26
Oil FoxCentral Factory21018-2-2-126
Dancing SquirrelPrison Island2102-4262
Lightning WeaselPrison Island61218-10-6-66
Angry MonkeyPrison Island-14106104-42
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Prairie DragonflyColony 9-84-620-416-4
Giant HornetColony 9216-88-68-8
White BeetleColony 924610-810-10
Sorrow BeetleColony 942-414-4144
Brown ButterflyTephra Cave8626-1216-8
Gold CaterpillarTephra Cave-4428-4102
Rumble StoneflyTephra Cave16-6-21022-2
White LadybirdBionis' Leg2468-210-12
Hill FireflyBionis' Leg22210-68-8
Moth CrawlerBionis' Leg-66-22-630-10
Queen LocustBionis' Leg2-462212-4
Fire TarantulaBionis' Leg2-6146-4810
Black BeetleEther Mine26212-88-8
Rubber MantisEther Mine-84-216-624-4
Mystery FireflyEther Mine16228-1022
Scarlet LadybirdMakna Forest2462210-12
Shield BugMakna Forest226-28-122-4
Hades BeetleMakna Forest24212-212-10
Benign CricketMakna Forest-410-66214-4
Rainbow BugFrontier Village2-628810-14
Empress BeetleFrontier VIllage410-412-1086
Green EarwigHigh Entia Tomb84-68-410-6
Blue LadybirdHigh Entia Tomb22-26-8810
Wheel LurkerGalahad Fortress210-68-1416-2
Ultramarine AntGalahad Fortress810-68-1210-4
Scarlet CrawlerMechonis Field-4464-888
Shiny ScarabMechonis Field2-2182-610-4
Water BoatmanMechonis Field181228-144-2
Dew BeetleCentral Factory84-612-64-4
Glider CockroachCentral Factory-46-22222-6
Electric CricketAgniratha2-868-6104
Scissor BugAgniratha21028-1010-12
Señorita ScarabPrison Island84-610-64-2
Emperor BeetlePrison Island-82614-108-2
Minute MantisOther-102-212-822-6
Love BeetleOther2-122102104
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Kneecap RockTephra Cave2621216-4-2
Confusion IvyTephra Cave64-6108-2-6
Clarity MossTephra Cave21064-2-2-4
Mat IceBionis' Leg-48-614122-6
Bluesky BarkBionis' Leg44-2-104-28
Pione StoneBionis' Leg2-2-6128-22
Charcoal LegEther Mine242686-6
Ether PebbleEther Mine2661062-12
Rumble CoalEther Mine242612-6-4
Mist TreeSatorl Marsh2-428142-10
Lemon StoneSatorl Marsh-44-61412-2-6
Feather LeafSatorl Marsh-24-6106410
Water LogSatorl Marsh2-28164-6-6
Wool RockSatorl Marsh-622146-68
White TailEryth Sea-410268-22
Marine MarbleEryth Sea1028124-2-2
Oil BranchEryth Sea24210-4-22
Dilemma RockEryth Sea21224614-12
Gypsum BranchValak Mountain104-61622-4
Black AshValak Mountain2621414-10-14
Emerald SnowValak Mountain44-610146-14
Rabbit StoneValak Mountain102446-8-6
Broom IcicleValak Mountain8-26102-2-8
Poisonous CoralFallen Arm42-416824
Poison IvyFallen Arm2-2248102
Amber LeafFallen Arm-6-26612-2-4
Ivy NestMechonis Field-42-410668
Mossy PanelMechonis Field24-610104-16
Bronze WoodMechonis Field8-261022-6
White StyreneCentral Factory-410210622
Black StyreneCentral Factory24-210106-8
Blood OilCentral Factory41264-2-2-6
Missing TreeAgniratha10846214-6
Fortune FeatherAgniratha-10421210-26
Absurd BranchPrison Island44-121464-6
Insanity MossPrison Island-4102104-2-4
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Blue ChainColony 9302-66-4-124
Rabbit DiodeColony 98212-62-46
Rusty BoltBionis' Leg106-624-28
Winding GearBionis' Leg244-864-122
Black ChipEther Mine148-12122-810
Ready CoilEther Mine10222-262
Blue Gear ShardSatorl Marsh62-618-6-24
Rumble PartSatorl Marsh86-4624-6
White TubeHigh Entia Tomb8-4-68824
Green DiodeHigh Entia Tomb102-106-6412
Spiral LampHigh Entia Tomb62-612222
Gold CondenserSword Valley-62-8186-26
Purple LampSword Valley10-6-66-6-218
Crimson GearSword Valley10-1022826
Locust SpringGalahad Fortress102-126-2122
Art Core CoilGalahad Fortress182-48-8212
Tail AntennaGalahad Fortress10286-2-106
Warning LampFallen Arm48-1046-26
Digital FilamentFallen Arm24-6-662-1412
Retro DiodeMechonis Field8222-6-214
Modern Blue GearMechonis Field16-10-48424
Snow TransistorMechonis Field108-6624-4
Angel Engine XCentral Factory10-2-481224
Leaf CoilCentral Factory102-126282
Warrior ScrewCentral Factory126-622-26
Fancy BoltAgniratha1022-2-248
Blue Light AmpAgniratha16-12-66426
Fairy Tale DiodeAgniratha10212-6-2-24
Grape SpringAgniratha24-6-462-1410
White CoverPrison Island12682-2-42
Modern ResistorPrison Island10-18-666412
Green CamPrison Island122-126-2102
Strong ScrewPrison Island1628-2-6-66
Golden CogOther4-226-2-414
Angel Engine YOther26-6182-22
Thunder CompassOther182-468-126
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Plate SnowColony 9-61041644-2
Rainbow ZirconiaColony 94-644668
Leaf MysteryTephra Cave46-24-41010
Steel SilkTephra Cave44484218
Gold Dust IllusionBionis' Leg-2-6441646
Devious GravityBionis' Leg412-2104-44
White SongbirdBionis' Leg41044610-8
Death BangleBionis' Leg-1066181246
Verdant EternityColony 6610-844124
White Night RodColony 6616-24642
Love CraneEther Mine-2416-21042
Fire AbronEther Mine-621012464
Pauper's CupSatorl Marsh24644-2-86
Happy CarnivalSatorl Marsh126662122
Dawn DiceSatorl Marsh4418-8642
Tap Tap TapBionis' Interior2410-2-2410
High Entia JewelBionis' Interior4-124612212
Lemonade SkyMakna Forest26416-262
Forest of GossipMakna Forest44-44416-2
Gravel DiskMakna Forest81428148-2
Rumble BoxFrontier Village4-244-2416
Black PanelFrontier Village1824104-126
High VioletEryth Sea44-24668
Steel HauyneEryth Sea18-4642-412
Ha Ha HaAlcamoth41016-2442
Thunder AtmosAlcamoth2106612102
Tasty SausageHigh Entia Tomb-2210-6104-2
Macro PassionHigh Entia Tomb4610-24102
Frost GlassValak Mountain662621410
Large HandcuffsValak Mountain410-24410-2
Red FrontierSword Valley61262686
Darkness BottleSword Valley24410-2-210
Bud of EternitySword Valley6-6-2410106
Hunger CrashGalahad Fortress222-4222-4
Splish SplashGalahad Fortress4104-2642
Star CuteFallen Arm4412-22102
Summer StarFallen Arm2-44-24104
Tweet TweetMechonis Field-2416-21044
Flame FrameMechonis Field66-24214-4
Smoke CylinderCentral Factory6-146410414
Sacred PantherCentral Factory686122212
Parts NobleCentral Factory62441062
Eryth BlueAgniratha10644-8410
Dramatic NightAgniratha1844104-124
Blue GlowPrison Island26416-242
Blue BloodPrison Island18610-24-64
Coin of FortuneOther-22446412
Love SourceOther100100100100100100100

Trade specific collectibles

While most collectibles can be found or traded for, a handful of items can only be gained by trading:

  • Minute Mantis can only be obtained by trading with Sonia in Colony 9.
  • Love Beetle can only be obtained by trading with Lupa in Frontier Village.
  • Golden Cog can only be obrained by trading with Oleksiy in Colony 9 or Colony 6.
  • Angel Engine Y can only be obtained by trading with Rakzet in the Junks of the Hidden Machina Village.
  • Thunder Compass can only be obtained by trading with Jarack in Eryth Sea.
  • Coin of Fortune can only be obtained by trading with Ma'crish in Colony 6.
  • Love Source can only be obtained by trading with Jer'ell in Colony 6.

Of these, Love Source is the best gift you can give to any character. It earns 100 points across the board.


Do you have any questions about Collectibles and gifting in Bionis? Drop us a comment below and be sure to check out our other guides on Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition so you can unlock the secrets of the Monado!

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