Working on a laptop for many hours per day isn't the healthiest for your back and neck. The Yohann MacBook Pro and MacBook Stand, designed to fit any of Apple's post-2008 unibody aluminum laptops, is an elegant solution to your "laptop hunch" problem.

Yohann MacBook Pro and MacBook Stand

Price: $159 or $179

Bottom line: The beautiful Yohann MacBook Pro and MacBook Stand holds your MacBook up in an ergonomically correct position. If you spend a lot of time on your laptop, this stand will keep you from hunching over your screen.

The Good

  • Encourages ergonomically correct posture
  • Creates a healthier workstation
  • Gorgeous
  • Sturdy

The Bad

  • Expensive
  • Doesn't stand up on its own without a laptop in it

I feel healthier already

What I like

I don't always have the best posture, and my back lets me know when I've been naughty. Working on a laptop for hours per day encourages a sort of hunched over position that I know is not the best for your long-term posture and health. The Yohann MacBook Pro and MacBook Stand holds the laptop up in an open position at an angle that encourages a straight back and neck. Complete your workstation with a stand-alone keyboard and a mouse, and you're all set. Your screen is eye level, while your keyboard and mouse are at a natural, lower position.

The stand itself is lovely. Sustainably created from a single piece of wood, it comes in two different colors, oak or walnut (I chose the walnut wood). It's polished smooth and has a matte finish. I'd imagine it would go beautifully with just about any decor, from rustic to modern.

The laptop is cantilevered in this minimalist stand. Because the bottom of the computer is almost completely suspended in the air, it stays cool. When you're not using your laptop, you can leave it in the stand and close it most of the way. While it won't close completely, it is far enough to put your MacBook in sleep mode. The stand feels very stable, and I have never once felt my MacBook Pro was in danger of slipping. I tested it at both my sitting desk and my standing/treadmill desk, and the setup works equally great for both.


 What I don't like

At $159 for oak or $179 for walnut, this isn't a cheap accessory. Additionally, to reap the ergonomic benefits, you do need an external keyboard and mouse.

It's a small complaint, but when you do remove your MacBook from the stand, it doesn't stay upright. So, each time you put your laptop back onto the stand, you have to pick it up.

A healthy, classy choice

Bottom line

4.5 out of 5

Yohann's MacBook Pro and MacBook Stand is a beautifully crafted wood structure that holds your laptop at a perfect angle for an ergonomically healthy work station, along with a separate keyboard and mouse. It is compatible with any post-2008 model MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro.

The light oak stand is $159, while the darker walnut is $179.

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How do you create a healthy workstation for your laptop? Let us know in the comments.

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