Dataman Usage ScreenshotsSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • DataMan has been updated with support for IOS 14's Home screen widgets.
  • Those widgets put your data usage right on your Home screen.
  • You'll never go over your data cap again.

Going over your cellular data cap can leave you at the mercy of your carrier, especially if you're in the United States. Keeping tabs on your usage is vital so it makes tons of sense to have that information right on your iPhone's Home screen. DataMan just got an update that makes that possible.

By taking advantage of iOS 14's new Home screen widgets, DataMan now puts your usage and the amount of time left before it resets, right where you'll see it most. No more panicking because you don't know where you are with your cap!

This update is more than just the widgets, though.

Plus, redesigned Siri interface, on-device intelligent forecasts, watchOS 7 support, and more.

Having DataMan forecast how much data you will use based on your previous numbers could come in super handy when you're planning a trip, for example.

Existing DataMan users can download the update now, free of charge. Everyone else can get the new version direct from the App Store for $0.99.

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