Zoom fixes 'malware-like' macOS install method in new software update

Zoom Meeting Macbook Lifestyle
Zoom Meeting Macbook Lifestyle (Image credit: Zoom)

What you need to know

  • Zoom has updated its macOS installation process.
  • The app now goes through the proper installation process.
  • Before, the app bypassed OS restrictions in a 'malware-like' process.

Earlier today, Zoom's CEO Eric S. Yuan apologized for all of the security and privacy issues discovered in its app and said that the company would be suspending all new features for the next ninety days as it takes that time to address all of the problems.

It appears that one of those issues has already been fixed. Earlier this week, software engineer Felix Seele had discovered that Zoom's macOS installer was working around the system's normal installation process using "the same tricks that are being used by macOS malware."

Zoom was providing users with a misleading prompt that would automate the entire installation process, bypassing the need for users to provide final consent when installing the app. According to a new report by The Verge, it appears that Zoom has redone the installation process to ensure it meets the security standards of macOS.

"They completely removed the preinstall stuff, so you now need to click through the installer as it ought to be."

Seele is impressed with how the company rebuilt the installation processing, saying that they actually went further than he expected.

"I must say that I am impressed ... I expected them to maybe change the dialog, but since the 'zero-click' aspect was so important to them, I thought they would stick with the preinstall-trick."

This is the first major fix to the app since the company's formal apology and commitment came out, so we will likely see more updates over the next few months as Zoom works through improving the privacy and security of its software.

Joe Wituschek

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