Action Movie FX brings Hollywood style special effects to your home videos

Action Movie FX is a new app that lets you add special effects to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch videos. When we say special effects, we don’t mean boring old effects, we mean Hollywood spectacular explosions, missile attacks and car smashes.

Action Movie FX lets you add Hollywood FX using your iPhone's video camera! You direct the action! and free for a limited time – 2 Movie FX packs!! Select a Scene like "Missile Attack," film a target and Action Movie FX adds an incoming missile and its explosion right into your movie!

  • Sound Design By Skywalker Sound!
  • Fast, Automated Video Tracking!
  • Music, Sound FX and Lens Flares!
  • Post to Facebook or Email to friends!

Action Movie FX is free in the App Store and comes with two special effects built in. There is also the option to add two more effects bundles which you can get via in-app purchase. The Chopper Down and Tornado Action bundle and an Airstrike and Fire Fights Attack bundle; each at a cost of $0.99.

Action Movie FX supports the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and iPod touch 4th Generation only.

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Reader comments

Action Movie FX brings Hollywood style special effects to your home videos


You can't be serious Adam. There are tons of android devices with "quality" cameras! The Samsung Galaxy S II and the Droid Razr come to mind. Plus, a developer can specify which devices that their app will run on in the android market.

The S2 is very good yes, I haven't seen the razr at all yet, I did at one time have an S2 and I still Definetly believe the 4S completely destroys it in camera quality. The one thing to keep in mind here is I absolutely never said "NO" android phones could hang with it, I simply said "MOST" which I believe is a more than fair statement. Also I should mention the S2 does indeed have a better camera than some iPhones but from personal experience it ain't got sh1t on the 4S. I suppose I should've originally stated I was talking about the 4S, sorry

Adam you stupid boy. There are many many more androids in the world and only one lame iPhone. It is coming android just longer to port.
O and s2 shats all over your fanboy phone.

Dude wtf r u talkin about, some of the Androids have just as good, if not better cams. My HTC Vivid has a very good camera

Adam how rude my evo 3d has 2 5 megapixel cameras and takes very cool 3d videos.My friend has a droid razer it kicks ass on any iphone as far as resilution.So get real dude!

@Adam. Most android phones have at least a 5MP camera and a few have an 8MP camera which is equal to or better than most iPhones and opossums out there. Get your facts straight fanboy!

Lmao I really like how you call me a fanboy I've never owned an apple product til about 2 months ago when the 4S came out which after years of using almost every top of the line android phone out there from hero-droids- Evos (4g&3d)-galaxy s and s2, I can easily without taking a breath to think about it say that the 4S is far and beyond more superior in every way than any android phone I've ever used, and funny enough most of that has to do with the camera, I am genuinely sorry to upset you but the pictures and videos on this thing completely blow away every android camera I've used/seen. The shutter speed especially is much nicer when it comes to taking pictures of my 11 month old daughter wo doesn't always want to stay still for the camera. Trust me when I say the effects are far too high quality to work well with an android camera. I know I'm repeating so so many people when I say it's not all about megapixels, in this case I do have an 8mp camera also advanced optics not to mention an OS that knows how to use it. Once again sorry to offend or upset you but it doesn't take a "fanboy" to use theyre eyes and see the difference between an iPhone quality camera an android camera. I suppose I Should point out that I'm not saying android phones don't take nice photos and videos I'm just saying they don't stack up well enough for this app. . . And of course that the iPhone takes better ones :) Merry Christmas angry android user

My two year old Droid Incerdible (with an 8 MP camera)takes better pictures than my co-worker's new 4s phone. It's one thing to like apple and want to own one but to think you ahve the best phone is ludicris. But to be fair I like apples hardware and if I could run Android ICS on an iphone I would want that.
Personally I am waiting on the Galaxy Note to be available on Verizon.
Oh and I would love this FX app to be available for Android!

@AdamD, my brother happens to be a very avid Apple fan, and has beem keeping up with every handheld out yet. I, on the other hand, prefer to be a rebel. I do try out his tech once in a whilst though and it confuses me as to how you got those results. The camera on my brother's brand-new 4S compared to my 1 1/2 year old Galaxy S is like comparing a Veyron to a Civic. I'm not only typing about megapixels, but a variety of tests; the iPhone blurs horribly in motion where as the Galaxy does not, the iPhone lacks the ability to fine-tune the camera to whatever situation I'm in whilst the Galaxy has several modes built in, and a handful of other major differences. Please do listen and get your facts straight before typing.

@Adam considering how old the galaxy s2 is and the new iPhone 4s of course it should be better, because apple copies everything and makes it better

@Adam considering how old the galaxy s2 is and the new iPhone 4s of course it should be better, because apple copies everything and makes it better. Just waiting for widgets in ios6 after notification in ios5 and multi task in ios4

Droid does!!! What apple cant do! Haha. I have owned like 10 ipod touches and an iphone for about 2years. I can say i love my galaxy s ii that i have now and i always would have to jailbreak my iphone and ipods to have full controll and customization, also risking that i could brick my iphone. With android i can customize "EVERYTHING" without doing any hacks and tge camera is awsome so i have nothing to worry about. GO ANDROID!!! And i hope developers can bring more cool apps to the market cause i will admit that apple is awsome for all there apps! I want action movie fx!!!

Heres the thing, if they are so stuck up about how exclusively prestigous the applications their precious little iphone can have, then they are the ones losing potential profit, today the android market is huge! if they dont want to make it available to other markets like windows or android then its their loss, its only a matter of time before someone in asia develops a better version of the same app with more features and all completely for free, its that sort of selfish thinking that is just digging apple their own cybergrave :)

Man u are a moron there so many s2 user and the galaxy note , razor and u have to stick with apple user only get a life ur app would work perfectly well with any of these products !!!you are choosing to ignore a mass market with potential huge profit for a smart guy you really need to wake up , you have a great product Sell sell sell

moi j ai un optimus black et j en suis ravi le seul probleme c est que les seule appli que je souhaite installé n existe pas pour mon android est ce que quelq un pourais me dire si je peut trouver une appli similere a action movie fx svp tres bonne appli mais pas sur android qui peut me rep svp et pas un bandeur i phone svp je les deteste il croi tous qu avec un i phone tu est au dessu mais non les android arrive en force

... anyway, good or bad the Galaxy II can be, is there any update about Action Movie FX for Android, please?

@Adam.. This App almost made me wanna get an iPhone.. But.. No.. Lol
Can you just please make it for the Android! As a fan of your work I think its only fair.. My friend has an older iPhone and that thing was lagging.. It took 2mins for it to process the whole scenario.. I think my Infuse {Samsung} would take out some if the doubts that you might have... Lol..

Bring it to Windows Phone, it will look much better, and with .net you will also the chance to get it for PCs or Web access.

... Everyone's against Adam. About 50 to 1 people. Am I right? Same thing with Android Vs. iPhone 4s. The camera quality is much better on my HTC Inspire than my friends 4s. It's true that the iPhone will beat Android in camera quality when the 5 comes out. My company (Alcatel-Lucent) is working on the 5 and so far our prototype has really good quality though it is a bit thick. But now, in the present, Android beats iPhone by a lot.

dlaczego nie ma programu movis fx do samsung s2 a jest na tym samym poziomie co iphones 4s

Obviously every droid phone is way better than any ipod or Iphone. My 3mp front camera takes better pictures than the iphone. I phones are made for little kids who are spoiled.
Just kidding. :)

I've been browsing online more than three hours these days, yet I by no means found any interesting article like yours. It's lovely value enough for me. In my opinion, if all site owners and bloggers made good content material as you probably did, the internet will likely be much more helpful than ever before.

Oh dear all this arguing, which is better android or iphone??? Does it really matter? its the app we all want? My mate has it on his iphone and i would like it on my android, but i wouldnt slag him off cos hes got iphone and i got android ! The question is when and is the app going to be on android market? all we want is for someone to tell us.

Hello There. I found your blog the usage of msn. This is an extremely well written article. I'll be sure to bookmark it and come back to read extra of your useful information. Thank you for the post. I'll definitely comeback.

Wtf u all talkin about... i want this app for android now. iphone has 5megapixels and my hts senstation xl has 8megapixels so would you mind to stfu and give me this for android

would everyone stop going on about mega pixels , even if a phone has 20 mega pixels it don't mean a thing if you phone has a crap lens, as with all cameras even something with 2 mega pixels can take very good pictures with a good lens.
Android just give us the app !

I got rid of my iPhone for a Samsung Galaxy the camera is excellent the video is high quality I would respectfully dissagree w/the conments about the Apple product being superior. In fact I am happier in general no longer using apple products. Please do develope the app for the Android market as well!

iPhone is a pice of crap!!!!!!! Apple is a Communist Company. They FORCE you to use only their stuff. just like DELL