Amazing Spider-Man 2 web-slings its way into the App Store

Gameloft's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hit the App Store today, offering plenty of web-slinging and smart-alecky heroism. The storyline expands on what’s in the movie, and has tons of unlockables, like the Symbiote Spider-Man costume, and butt heads with villains like Venom and Kraven the Hunter. There’s original voice acting throughout and an open world replete with rich 3D graphics.

Even if you have no intention of seeing the movie, if you’re a comic fan at all, this is probably worth a gander. The game is going for $4.99, and it includes in-app purchases for accelerated progression. That's likely a dealbreaker for a lot of people. Any takers?

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Amazing Spider-Man 2 web-slings its way into the App Store


How is "accelerated progression" a deal-breaker for someone? I could give a rats-ass if someone is spending money to quickly progress through a game. It doesn't effect me. I'll enjoy playing the game at my leisure and go at a regular pace. Anyways, just thought I should mention this because statements such as those leave me a little dumb-founded, especially for a single player game such as this.

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Check out some of the comments on Android Central and you'll see that it's a dealbreaker for some folks, though tech blog readers tend to be a vocal minority. I think a lot of it is an attachment to older models, and it can get annoying having constant prompts for purchases.

In any case, I'm pretty ambivalent towards in-app purchases too, and the mass market seems to support the model.

because they make the regular "free" progression into a grind session taking multiple hours to obtain anything even basic items.

Btw from what I can tell on the TA Forums there really isn't any "pay to progress faster" iap. Seems as though the iap are for costumes for the Spider-Man character and really don't add any benefit to being able to "progress faster". At least that's the sense I'm getting online.

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Got the Android game here, and the Spider Points are used for boosts, like instant health restore and revealing hidden objects. There's also one that gives you entry to Mysterio's Arena, which I gather is a special challenge area with unique rewards. At least there's no premium currency, so you can buy everything but the costumes through in-game progress.