App Store now rejecting Flappy Bird copy-cats

App Store now rejecting Flappy copy-cats

Flappy Bird became number one on the App Store before the developer pulled it, but that just left a huge sucking vacuum for a ton of copy-cat apps to try and make some money in its stead. Thankfully, Apple — and apparently Google as well — is now rejecting apps with Flappy in their title. TechCrunch:

According to Vancouver-based game designer Ken Carpenter of Mind Juice Media, Apple rejected an app of his called “Flappy Dragon” from the App Store. Apple told him “we found your app name attempts to leverage a popular app,” says Carpenter. [...] Says Carpenter, “Yeah, I was rejected from Google Play, too.”

Some of the apps are apparently rebranding. For example, Flappy Bee has become Jumpy Bee, and likely there'll be some App Store search optimization played to ring out all the Flappy juice remaining. But, hopefully, that too will pass and our top ten lists will eventually, blissfully, end up Flappy Free. (Unless and until the original makes a comeback, of course.)

While I'm happy for the house cleaning, I'm interested to know how you feel. Will you miss the copy cats, or good riddance to bad rubbish?

Rene Ritchie

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steimel says:

It's to be expected. Anytime something successful happens in any part of life there will be copycats. Flappy Bird was a like a Phoenix, it was born from the ashes of previous games yet died a sudden fiery death. That's a bit dramatic but that's the analogy I immediately saw.

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chr1sg says:

I'm glad, that Apple pulls these copy-cats. There's too much rubbish in the App Store already.

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wpgeek820 says:

Windows Phone still has clones and I'm happy about it. Flappy Bird never came to WP and so the clones are welcome.

Becjr says:

"Good riddance to bad rubbish."

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asuperstarr says:

That's good! If people were complaining no need to continue with the same issue.

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miss99 says:

i just made a copy called Hacker Diary

any one wants to challange the top 100 record?