RETRY: Top 10 tips, hints, and cheats you need to know!

In RETRY, you take the role of a not so reliable plane. The objective? Navigate your way through many obstacles in order to reach checkpoints. The catch? You'll need to cash in a coin at each checkpoint, so if you don't have any, you'll need to start the level completely over if you crash. Luckily, we can let you in on our top tips, hints, and cheats to help you navigate through difficult obstacles and keep your coin bank up, with no real world cash required!

1. Use short taps more frequently than holds

In most levels, you'll need to fly straight or slightly curved lines. It's very easy to lose control if you hold down for too long, and you'll quickly find yourself in a loop that you may or may not be able to recover from. For most levels, play it safe and use short taps so you can quickly control your elevation at a second's notice.

2. Tap with your left thumb, not the right

If you tap with your right thumb, it's likely that part of your view will be obstructed. Since obstacles always come up from the right side, it's best to leave that area clear. Tapping with your left thumb instead of your right ensures that you can always see what's coming without your thumb or hand getting in the way.

3. Use water to your advantage

You can safely land in any body of water without it counting as a crash. This is a great strategy for times when you need to reposition yourself or find that you're losing control of your plane. Instead, dive into the water so you can get your bearings before continuing on your way.

4. Watch ads for free checkpoint unlocks

If you land on a checkpoint, you'll have to either cash in a coin or watch an ad to unlock it. I'd almost always recommend watching ads if you can so then your coin bank grows. Just remember that you can only watch so many ads in a specific period of time. So if you're on a particularly hard level, if may be a good idea to go back to previous levels and rack up some coins instead, without using checkpoints.

5. Use loops to avoid obstacles

While loops typically cause more trouble than they're worth, they can sometimes be used to bail you out of a tight situation. For instance, if you're facing a low obstacle and then a high one is right in front of you, doing a loop can sometimes give you enough space to get your height up to where it needs to be. A loop can also be a life saver if you need to make a nosedive and realized that just a second too late.

6. Remember to collect coins when you unlock achievements

The trophies tab in RETRY is used to show a summary of all the achievements you've unlocked. But more importantly, make sure you visit this tab often to be sure you don't have any coins to collect. You earn one whenever you unlock an achievement, so be sure you collect what you've got coming to you!

7. Only cash in coins for checkpoints if you have to

I typically never spend coins or watch ads to unlock the first checkpoint in a level. In most instances, it's an extremely easy one to get to and doesn't provide much benefit. Instead, skip checkpoints you have no problem getting to. Once you get past a particularly hard level, land your plane at the next checkpoint, but no sooner if you can help it.

8. If you get stuck, repeat levels to earn 3 stars

If you end up stuck on a particularly hard level, it's a good idea to loop back around to levels you haven't three starred yet. Not only will this typically put more coins in your bank, it'll also hone your skills even further so the odds of you passing the level become greater. If you've already three starred all the levels you've completed, it still doesn't hurt to repeat past levels. Practice makes perfect, right?

9. Watch your map for challenges and sponsored levels

Sometimes after you complete a level, you'll unlock two paths. One of them will go to the next regular level while the other will branch off to either a challenge level or an ad sponsored level. Challenge levels limit you to how many tries you get to complete them in a period of time. If you don't, you'll have to fork over coins for more retries. Ad based levels aren't limited to tries but are more difficult to collect as they typically involve a treasure chest if you complete the level perfectly.

10. Only use coins for more challenge tries if you have some to spare

After you exhaust all of your tries on a particular challenge level, you'll have the option to buy more retries for a coin. You get 10 per each coin. I typically advise against doing this unless you're extremely close to beating the challenge and have the coins to spare. Instead, wait a while and come back later to complete the level, without having to cash in coins.

Your RETRY tips, hints, and cheats?

If you've become addicted to RETRY, be sure and let me know in the comments what level you're on along with any tips, hints, and cheats you think others may find useful. And if they're really great, we'll even add them to our guide!

Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.