Updated for iOS 4: Bejeweled 2, Instapaper, iTeleport, Articles, Twitterrific, and Apple's Awesome iOS 4 apps

We've been covering some of the new and notable iOS 4 updates as we find them going live in the App Store, but Apple's new Awesome iOS 4 Apps section in the iTunes App Store has just made that task a little easier.

Check them out to see Apple's favorites, and hit the jump to see some more of ours...

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Bejeweled 2

I think Bejeweled 2 was one of the first games I downloaded (ok that's probably an exaggeration), but it's one of the ones that sticks in my head as an all time favorite. It's extremely addicting and links up with Bejeweled Blitz so if you have Facebook, you can show off your scores on Facebook as well. Bejeweled 2 has added fast app switching support as of now.

[iTunes Link]


An incredibly useful app just got even more useful. Instapaper has added multitasking support as of now and say they'll have more updates to come. For those of you not familiar with Instapaper, it allows you to save web pages for offline reading at your convenience. So if you're bored in class or at work and you happen to be somewhere with sucky service, Instapaper is awesome.

[iTunes Link]


iTeleport is an amazing app that allows you to access your desktop computer from anywhere. It is compatible with Mac and PC. Have a file you forgot to send before you left home? Use iTeleport to log in to your home computer and send it to yourself. Easy as that!

[iTunes Link]


Articles is definitely one of the better Wikipedia sources out there. If you're looking for a good reference app that's got an awesome layout and pleasing to the eye, you won't get any better. Especially since it's now completely compatible with iOS4 and adds not only multitasking support but optimization for the retina display for iPhone 4.

[iTunes Link]


The grand daddy of iPhone Twitter apps has once again gone back to the drawing board for version 3.0, this time drawing inspiration from the simplicity and focus forced by their iPad re-design. That's right -- it's a universal binary so you only need to buy it once. It's free but you can co ad-free and multi-account with an in-app purchase (which applies to both iPad and iPhone version).

[iTunes link]

Like always, if you see any that are your favorites, send us a tip or a comment!

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Updated for iOS 4: Bejeweled 2, Instapaper, iTeleport, Articles, Twitterrific, and Apple's Awesome iOS 4 apps


I've been waiting for Twitterific 3 on iPhone and Mac. Twitter for iPhone is my choice, but we will see In a few minutes, once I download. I will definitely support the Icon Factory who are from my current town of Greensboro, NC. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

Are there two versions of Twitterific?
I've been using the one with the twitter bird and a green background. Saw the post here that Twitterific is iOS 4.0 compatible, and knew that mine wasn't and all of my apps were updated.
Anyways, long story short, I just downloaded a 2nd Twitterific app? With a white background. Are there applications that aren't updating?? I did a fresh install on my new iPhone 4 when I got it. Hmmmmm...

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