How to add symbols to your iOS 4 folder names

Just when you thought your folders were organized and cleverly named just right, we're here to turn the naming game up a notch by adding symbols with Glyphboard. I'm sure many of you have a folder filled with Apple apps named "Apple". I definitely do. But why be so boring and predictable when you can name it with the Apple logo instead? To learn how, follow us after the break!

First, you must visit with Safari on your iPhone. Then follow the instructions to add the website as a bookmark to your homepage. Now, exit Safari and tap the bookmark you just created. This opens a web app called Glyphboard.

Glyphboard includes 48 characters that can be copied and pasted anywhere else on your iPhone such as email, notes, calendar, and of course, folders! Glyphboard also provides a box at the top so you can paste several icons within the web app and copy them all together. This is a time-saver for those of you that may want to use more than one character at once.

Now get to it! Give your folders a unique touch with Glyphboard and share your creativity. Head on over to the TiPb forums and show off your latest folders.

[iPhone J.D. via Daring Fireball]

Leanna Lofte

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