Apple announces iOS 4.2 for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

Apple has put out a press release saying iOS 4.2 (technically iOS 4.2.1 I imagine) is available today for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It's not showing up in iTunes for me yet (I'm getting an error saying nothing is available) but it should hit sometime in the very, very near future. (They say "today", not "right now"...)

“iOS 4.2 makes the iPad a completely new product, just in time for the holiday season,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “Once again, the iPad with iOS 4.2 will define the target that other tablets will aspire to, but very few, if any, will ever be able to hit.”

If any of you see it go live, let us know in the comments!

In the meantime, check out:

And get up to speed, and if you have any questions or need any help, head on over to our:

[Apple PR]

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Apple makes Find my iPhone free

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devastat says:

And 'Find my iPhone' and now 'Find my iPad' feature for free as well! Wow :)

Greg Foster says:

It's not showing for me either... :(

Mr.Chow says:

Find my iPhone just for iPhone 4 for free... they are kidding me!

leo from miami says:

not showing for me here in Miami FL it should appear for east time around 1:00 PM

Sagiv says:

It's not showing because I believe they said 10 a.m. have another 30 min.

A Harris says:

Find My iPhone free only for iPhone/iPod Touch 4, no 3GS. Booo!

rj5570 says:

10 a.m. Pacific time, it shakalaka boom! drop! :)

FLskydiver says:

No 3GS Find My iPhone? That's lame. I don't have one, but still.

Chang Tan says:

What?! iOS 4.2 only supports iPhone 4? What about iPhone 3G?

FutureDHughes says:

1pm Eastern time is the release schedule.

Amine says:

raaah now i'll have to click that update button all day long :(

Keith Conti Borda says:

Guys, IOS 4.2 is out.. but i just connected my iPad to itunes, and it didnt ask me to update... Did it do it to you guys too ??

rahpael says:

any idea how long until a 02.10.04 unlock?

rj5570 says:

@rahpael come, look into my crystal ball, let go of all wants and desires and see the truth that shall be reveled as a veil being lifted :: probably sometime later this week or early next.

Al says:

I believe the find my iPhone service will be available free for the iPad today as well to the person who mentioned it. The app is called "find my iPhone" even on the iPad and engadget is reporting that it is coming to the iPad today.

jeff says:

"Find my iphone" is not free through the app store. Apple posted directed directions on how to activate it on your iphone, ipad, itouch. You have to go to setting, mail, mobile me, sign in with your apple id, verify an email, and then it open a section under mobile me with a slider to turn on/off.

CristianTM says:

Nice! The only frature from MobileMe that i am really interested in. Thanks apple!!! Lets wait for jb release!

CristianTM says:

Feature, not frature stupid portuguese auto-correct

buci1er says:

HAH! They released it on my birthday. Now if only we can have an untethered jailbreak and cydia by the time i get home from work tonight i'll be an unbelievably happy man

Abdullah says:

I have been trying to update but it is not showing yet!

Jaydigga says:

What the H.E. Double hockey sticks going on with my iTunes. It will not open up

iTroldahl says:

Here is the link to the apple site for those of you confused about what devices are supported... Please read folks!

parabel says:

It'll be released by 10 AM Pacific Time. That is 19h in GMT+1 for us Central Europeans...

Ryan Moser says:

it's about time!!!! now give me a white one!!!

49ers Fan! says:

@ Dirty Beaner  from Miami...
Only cool people in Cali close to Apple get it first no go back to Mexico u dirty Wetback 

Drevee says:

I dont understand why people have old iPhones (3G, 3GS). I always sell mine for a premium, I'm talking $325 - $370 on eBay, when I originally got it for around $200, then I get the new one (making $100 - $150 in the process. Only thing is the contract renewal, you need one anyways who cares, you making money from selling your old iphone and can always just pay the cancellation fee whenever you decide to change carriers. I'm telling you its the gift that keeps on giving, what an investment!! YOu cant do that with an android.. lol

skaramanga says:

Anyone know if Airprint works on network attached printers, or just special HP wireless printers?

Abdullah says:

Still no sign of the new update in London eventhough Apple's website says it is available!!

Sagar Pruthi says:

Still not available for me here in India.

Glenn#IM says:

Apple site showing iPod Touch 2gen with the new wallpaper image in 4.2. Are they now supporting wallpaper? Guess we will see. No airprint, but airplay.

Savoyard says:

According to the Apple UK website it is available now - but not so when I connect my iPad to iTunes and check for an update.

@qaza17 says:

@Drevee if Everyone thought like that you (we) wouldn't be getting that kind of $ for you handmedowns. SHHHH!! don't ruin it for us ;)

leo from miami says:

is 12:18pm here in miami fl and no update usualle it appears at 01:00PM ET

PremRaj says:

I'm from Singapore. I still can't update my iPad and iPhone. WTF apple please be fast!

PremRaj says:

Yes!!! I can update my IPAD AND IPHONE !!!!!! I was waiting for this long time!!! Singapore!!!

PremRaj says:

Hey Leo, I am updating my device how abt u?

UnifiedTechs says:

1:07 in Florida, still showing no update for iPad.
If you are getting the update list device.

PremRaj says:

Omg!! Please don't update 4.2 it is a virus all my data in my iPhone and iPad apps and all gone!!! Please spread this !!!

barny says:

Just change the time zone to USA on your MAC or PC and you will get the download.

Sagar Pruthi says:

Its finally released here in india.. :D can't wait for it to get done downloading...


I downloaded it here in NJ so its available thanks for a great podcast.

Limegrntaln says:

Servers seem hammered. I have 25M download speed on cable and its taking 2 hours.

leeann says:

My iPhone 3G is flying now with iOS 4.2! Just like it used to.

Andrew says:

The iOS 4.2 is simply great... specially features like AirPrint has made the device simply more powerful... the only problem i am facing with my iOS 4.2 is that the safari browser is bit slow compared to the previous version? Any suggestions?
The "black friday wish" app is missing from your list... this is a fantastic app that every user should have on his iphone... link below
iphone developer london

Andrew says:

The iOS 4.2 is simply great… specially features like AirPrint has made the device simply more powerful… the only problem i am facing with my iOS 4.2 is that the safari browser is bit slow compared to the previous version? Any suggestions?
iphone developer london

Pennie Grotts says:

Dude, I've downloaded Pitbull's Give Me Everything from here:

Pete Ortego says:

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