Apple to host iPod and iOS 4 event in a couple weeks?

iPod touch G4 leak

Apple generally holds an iPod event where they announce the new iPod family every September. However, the rumors are pointing towards a mid-August event this year instead.

The MacMagazine today received information from a reliable source within Apple about a new event to the press that the company was planning to soon. Although the schedule cite the source as somewhere around 14 and 16, we bet our chips on a Monday or Tuesday - that is, 16 or August 17.

We've already seen evidence of a new iPod touch with a front facing camera for FaceTime and a new rear camera with flash. In addition to these expectations, the source claims that Apple will deliver information about iOS 4 for the iPad as well as release iLife '11.

Apple has never discussed iLife during their fall iPod event, so why would they this year? Perhaps they will introduce a new music application to the suite that integrates with the iPod and iOS 4.

What do you think? Will we actually see an event in just a matter of weeks and what will be discussed? Sound off in the comments below!


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Rahat Maini says:

I hope they do. But I don't see why they would because they have zero competitionin iPod

Geo Coldz says:

I hope so. So 4.1 comes and I don't get gamecenter on my 2gen iPod!

Rahat Maini says:

I mean no competitor out there

Mitchell says:

New iPod touch with FaceTime

s0cKe says:

An Ipod Touch with facetime... wow who cares about this? Who uses FaceTime anyway?
"Well, we have nothing new for the new ipod touch, so we put a VGA Camera in for FaceTime, this changes everything and I think your gonna love it!" ^^

Matt(sZ) says:

I actually use FaceTime 7 days a week for few hours every night because I'm away from my girlfriend, the FaceTime commercials can never capture the actual emotion I feel everytime the call is connected. I hope FaceTime finds it's way into more iDevices, and none iDevices as well, and it's already in the works via Skype.

Chris Vitek says:

They might discuss iLife at the iPod event if there will be an iOS version of iLife released.

justincirello says:

I wish I could use FaceTime more...
None of my friends have it.

Josh says:

They will also announce the iPhone 4 coming to Verizon on Black Friday. I was told it was coming (CDMA enabled) by a Verizon employee. No kidding.

Earless Puppy says:

there will be no iPhone for Verizon until 4g comes... Apple has stressed the fact of doing voice and data for a while now, Apple doesn't back peddle in features...

mikeed8986 says:

they may actually release the ipod touch earlier this year than passed years to introduce facetime on it to give them more time to meet their 100,000 (or however many they said) facetime devices shipped prediction by year's end.

AT&T Sucks says:

There have already been several million iPhone 4's sold. I think that qualifies as 100,000+ facetime devices shipped by year end.

jtz5 says:

Anyone know if 4.1 AVRCP fix will help with the volume of my Sony Ericsson HBH-IS800 Bluetooth headphones? Before 4.0, volume was 100% on high and too loud to wear and could not be adjusted. Now, with 4.0, I can adjust the volume with my iPhone, but at 100%, it's not loud enough. Thanks for any replies.

iamdorkster says:

during this conference i hope they allow us to have the 4.1 software.

Shrike says:

I'm skeptical. I could see someone thinking it may happen because of Apple guidance was so high for Q3. That's the only reason I see them doing it so early. But overall skeptical.
The only other reason I can think of them doing it early is either iPhone 4 on another carrier in the USA or a new iPad in late October time frame.

John "Cas" Elm says:

What is this? "The MacMagazine today received information from a reliable source within Apple about a new event to the press that the company was planning to soon." I can't even understand this?

LCW says:

I'd like to see a complete iOS refresh... Not this incremental BS from 3.1.3 to 4.0
Apple needs better a notification system and needs better app integration with apps like FB & Twitter.
Oh and a MAJOR maps app overhaul!!! It's pathetic compared to Android's latest google maps and even Blackberry's version of Google maps!!

icebike says:

@LCW: You are going to get incremental changes.
Nobody can afford ground up development any more, It pretty much killed Palm (except maybe Google, and even they are delivering incremental changes).
What you probably want is a choice of UI, which Apple can do, but probably won't.
What is needed, and why this is being rushed forward is major security fixes and bug fixes (proximity sensors).
So expect the "Oh and one more thing".....

Crayolaboi says:

So I've had my 4 for a week now and never had a proximity issue till today. Might be off topic but Icebike made me think of it.

Bringiton says:

I can't wait 2 get it I hope it comes out in like late september

Bringiton says:

They should also make wifi iPods and 3G ones just like they did for the ipad

shane says:

i really hope that they make one because i REALLY need to update my ipod touch