Apple posts iOS 5 video

Apple has posted their promo video for iOS 5 on It covers all the new features announced during today's keynote at WWDC.

So check it out and tell us what you think! Once Apple shares on YouTube, we'll update and embed the video here.

UPDATE: The video is now on YouTube. Check it out after the break!


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Reader comments

Apple posts iOS 5 video


Why the wait for IOS 5 in the fall? I think it only makes sense it will be making its debut on the Iphone 5

Programming is like, actual work. All those private APIs have to be cleaned up to make public. New APIs have to be written. New features have to be coded. QA cycles are now months and months, not weeks anymore. It takes time.
Like I've said before, iOS cycle times will be stretching out to 18 months or so, for both Android and iOS, because all the low hanging fruit to put into an OS have already been picked.

I'm done with Android.
Once my contract is up, im switching to iOS on AT&T, or if it comes to Sprint, whichever comes first.

@ Joey Pender You are done with Android? I'm not sure what you see here in iOS 5 that makes you say that? Notifications? Most of these new announcements are for features that Android already has. It does look very sweet though. I'm considering a switch back but I doubt I'll do it. I don't think I can give up the 4.3" screen on the Evo.

I'll start off saying that I can careless about did what first. Its about does it the best, and frankly I like what I see. I'm a OS X user, and the iCloud sync technologies demonstrated are almost impossible to pass up. I'm happy with the Apple ecosystem with my MBP and Mac Mini, and with what they offered up today, I'm convinced about adding the iPad and iPhone to complete the collection.
HP/Palm's WebOS sync technologies are just as impressive, but having the same thing in a native ecosystem is even better.
I'll be walking away from Android as my "daily driver", but I wont be selling the Evo (or my Revue - Apple TV will likely never beat that, not after GTV Honeycomb gets on it). I need it to develop on since the Emulator is next to worthless.

Well of course :P Actually, it'll probably be available on other devices a few days earlier and ship on iPhone 5 with features only available on iPhone 5.

Well i'm done with jailbreaking once iOS5 is released! It will have almost everything i want then.
And i do believe that the iPhone 5will be released in the fall to coincide with iOS 5...... 5 will be the magic number me thinks :-)

Oooh, split keyboard on the iPad! They also seem to be showing some of those system-wide multi-touch gestures for multitasking and getting back to the homescreen.

I'm just about done with jail breaking. iOS 5 seems to address all needs except for unsanctioned tethering.

I still need the ability to have a longer vibration length, customized sounds for text message, new email, my3g, unofficial tethering, etc when jailbroken.

Looks like they took the best of Web OS and Android for there notification system and slapped them together. Good Idea actually.

I'm rather nonplussed by notifications. My behavior is very much with blinders on. I only see what's in front of me and tend to forget things that are not.
So if notifications are all dumped into a list, it'll just mean that I don't look at them and delete them all. On top of that, it's rather redundant information. I don't think they'll be useful to me.

But before they just dissapeared when you dismissed the notification. Now you can train your self to swipe down from the top within any app and see what you have been notified about.

Really the only thing I think apple is still missing is its own iPhone messaging system. Once that is in place, I think they will start to dominate even more. Cmon Steve Jobs, I know you can make a better messenger than BBM.

Why the hell twitter??? It's only popular in USA while facebook is massively used worldwide. It has a lot more users and all we have now is an app with sh*tload of bugs...

Great announcements in iOS5 - does anyone know if you able to do custom text message tones yet?

Looks good now and a definite improvement (finally, real notifications handling and to-do's - though will probably stick with Toodledo). Not so sold on Twitter integration. Meh. The proof will be in the pudding. No doubt, once people play with the new features in the Fall, program limitations will continue to upset power users. A few desired features still missing but that's what iOS6 (and iOS7, and 8, ...) is for! Anyway, am under contract until December so a Fall roll-out is not an issue, just in time for the iPhone 5.

We've already been through this with MMS, SMS forwarding, copy-n-paste, multitasking, tethering, Bluetooth profiles, camera flash, etc. All things Apple implemented later in iOS than other mobile OSs. Ideas are imminently copied by everyone. The anti-Apple fanboys always accuse Apple of copying after every iOS event.
Implementations and trade dress of said ideas are actually protected through patents and copyrights. A car is an automobile with sheet metal shaped in some way, with engines, transmissions, wheels, etc. You can build upon the idea of a car anyway you want, you just can't make one look like a BMW both inside and out without lawyers come calling.

Shrike I am an Appleboy for life. I am so happy to be part of the Apple family and I love Steve Jobs (I have posters of him up in my room) but that is neither here nor there. Moreover, it just seems in this release they did copy Android. Notifications, that drop down from the top. My friend has an HTC and he gets his Notifications that way.

The original comment was trollish behavior, Dorito. If you want to have a proper discourse on it, then have it. Leave the trollish behavior at Engadget.
Yes, the notifications use the same UI metaphor as in Android and webOS. Good ideas are copied. For notifications, since Apple is late in implementing them compared to webOS or Android, which basically have implemented them the same, save for one starts at the top and the other starts at the bottom, they don't have any good choices left for originality.
Apple moves with a set of priorities that are different from the tech nerds. It's been obvious from the start, since so many of the nerdy features have been left off at the start, only to be implemented later. This isn't much different from copy-n-paste and multitasking and such.

Shrike first of all Engadget loves Apple. They aren't fair and balanced like Fox News. They never say one thing bad about Apple. That is why I love Engadget because I can't stand anyone bashing a great product like Apple or Mr. Jobs. As far as multi-tasking goes. Apple doesn't truly multi-task. It saves. Thanks.

Let's face it, that notifications pull-down menu looks like it was lifted from Android (more specifically it looks like it was lifted from a HTC phone with a recent versions of Sense).
There is nothing inherently wrong with taking good ideas from your competitor and applying them to your product, but given the noise Apple generally makes about other companies stealing their ideas it does make them look a tad hypocritical.

You know what apple hasn't coppied from Android? Being a laggy POS. If apple can implement these feautres without turning into that I think all iOS users will be happy, eh? I got a Xoom given to me from work and the software feels so amaturish. BTW, we know your a troll, I just don't think people care.

That’s right Julievindersnap, I can’t stand my friends Moto Droid phone it is just so laggy. HTC seems to be a lot better, plus Android 2.3 just came out. I just looked it up and it appear the Xoom is also made by Motorola no wonder why you hate that tablet. I hate trolls, I wish they wouldn’t ever visit All trolls stay over at Android Center. Thanks. Another thing it appears Apple copied from Android is the Twitter integration it is now integrated into iOS and its major applications.
Big D

No you aren't the only one. I too hate that look on the iPad. Maybe they will change it on the next update?

I was reading the meta blog stuff and was unimpressed. The video made me some what excited. I wasn't impressed with the notifications. Using the bar up to was something I've always said they should do. I'm Not too happy about how that list looks, I think they could of made it look a little bit more clear what / where the notification is / coming from.
I like how they're really connecting all their iOS devices and are pushing forward without computers. I feel like apple is finding innovative ways to make people pay for things lol because yes you can use your iPad without a computer but let's say you want some music you already have on a disk , you still have to sync to your computer ..

This iOS5 announcements clearly shows that iOS is playing catch up to Android. I was looking at a bunhc of features thinking ..YUP Android got that for ages already.. or yea Android got that

One thing that wasn't mentioned that everyone thought would be is voice integration. Since they acquired Siri we didn't see anything in iOS 5 about using your voice for anything.

its amazing how they took everything thats new to them from android.....smh i expected a lot for from Apple...they were leaders not followers

Leaders become leaders by rolling up all the good things that competitors have done into one, and take it to the next level.
This is what apple has done here.

So Samsung was not wrong for copying the IOS style they were just being leaders? Everyone here was quick to jump on Samsung about copying IOS but now that Apple is doing it it is ok? Sounds bias to me!

Apple people will say it is not, Samsung people will say it is. That does not change the fact that they are suing Samsung for exacly what they just did.

Apple patented their inventions, that is why they can sue. Did the companies that Apple "copied" for IOS 5, patent their inventions? If so they are open to sue Apple!

@SpeedRacer how do you know this? Have you used the new iOS yet? I mean I can remember everyone getting excited about the iPhone4. Then when it came out the iPhone4 couldn't even make phone calls. The key thing about a phone is to make phone calls. Steve Jobs told you to put a case around your phone. So I wouldn't say "This is what apple has done here." until you have seen the new iOS. Thanks.

Come on Tipb! Your falling down on the job. There are gazillion features to write about, and so far not very much, except for custom vibe alerts, LED flash access, and jailbreak. Those are like talking about krakens suction cup while it's 8 arms are flying around. There are like 200 features to investigate.

  1. Multitasking gestures. They are now user facing feature in iOS 5.
  2. Assistive Touch settings. You can use touchpad, trackpad accessories with customized touches.
  3. AirPlay mirroring. Wirelessly mirror your iOS device on an AppleTV+LCD.
  4. Personal, built-in dictionaries
  5. iTunes Tone Store?! Er, ok.
  6. iPad spit keyboard
  7. New iPad music app
  8. VoiceOver item chooser, option to speak text selection
  9. Camera, photo features.
  10. WiFi iTunes syc
  11. News Stand
  12. Emoji emoticons are officially support everywhere?
  13. Typing shortcuts
  14. MS Exchange task syncing
  15. iMessages
  16. Core Image is now a public API

It's crazy you guys are not covering this stuff 24/7.

That photo at the top of the article? Is that an Apple supplied photo? Does not look like an iPhone 4... Could that be a sneak peak at iPhone 5? Larger screen, "soft" home buttion?