iOS 5.1 for iPhone and iPad walkthrough

Complete review of Apple's iOS 5 software update for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Complete review of Apple's iOS 5.1 software update for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Apple typically ships iOS x.1 updates with new iPod touches in the fall and includes several new, fairly nifty features. Last year, however, there was no new iPod touch and so iOS 5.1 comes to us in the spring with the new iPad. The first two iPads shipped with iOS 3.2, which introduced the iPad-sized interface to iOS, and iOS 4.2 which re-unified the platform and brought iOS 4 features to the iPad for the first time. iOS 5.1 is nowhere near as ambitious, nor does it need to be. The interface has been introduced, the platform re-unified, the heavy lifting is done. So it is iOS 5.1 falls decidedly on the modest side of point release updates, with only a few, small changes and enhancements (and one arguable feature reduction). Maybe that's also because iOS 5 was such a huge update, or they've saving more for a potential iOS 5.2 later this spring or summer, or iOS 6 this fall.

In any case, with iOS 5.1 the angels -- and devils -- are in the details.

Previously on iOS

iOS 5.1 is based on the huge iOS 5 update that happened in October of 2011, so if you haven't already, make sure you read our massive iOS 5 walkthrough once you're finished this. iOS 5.1 is also based on the foundation of all versions of iOS that came before, so for completists sake, here they are.

iOS 5.1

If you don't have time to read all this now, hit play on the video below and we'll tell you everything you need to know about iOS 5.1 in just under 2 minutes.

iOS 5.1 feels like it had the longest beta period of any iOS version. The first beta arrived on November 28, 2011, the second on December 12, 2011, the third on January 9, 2012, and the Gold Master (GM)... never. Unlike any previous beta that I can remember, Apple didn't release any final build for developers to test against, they simply released the final build for everyone on March 7, 2012, as part of the new iPad event. That neatly put an end to any hope that the especially long beta period would lead to a plethora of new features. Indeed, there are only a few.

Lock screen fast camera access (iPhone and iPod touch only)


With iOS 5, double-clicking the Home button caused a camera icon to pop up on the lock screen to the right of the Slide to Unlock control. Tapping the camera icon sent you straight to the Camera app (even if your iPhone was passcode locked). It was a fast way to take a picture, but apparently it wasn't fast enough. With iOS 5.1 the camera icon is always on the Lock screen, always to the right of the Slide to Unlock control. Instead of tapping it, however, all you have to do is swipe up to "lift away" the Lock screen and reveal the Camera app.

While in the Camera app, you can take pictures and tap through to the Camera roll and see any of the photos you've taken, but if your iPhone is passcode locked that's all you can see. (If it's not passcode locked, you can click the Home button and use your iPhone as if you'd unlocked it normally).

When you're done, or if you choose not to take any photos, you can swipe down from the status bar to "pull down" the Lock screen back into place. (It's the same gesture as you'd used to access Notification Center.)


Apple's contextually aware voice controlled assistant, Siri, remains in beta some five months after it was first released. And that's a good thing. Voice control requires a ton of user data and Apple's not doubt collecting and analyzing as much as they can to make the service better. Since Siri still fails on occasion -- though it at least tells you when it fails, unlike dictation which simply returns to cursor, laughing at you -- I'm happy they're taking their time. They need to get it right more than they need to get it right now.

Japanese support (iPhone 4S only)

With iOS 5.1, Apple has added a single, solitary new language to Siri. It's not English (Scottish), so Siri still won't understand "jammy dodger" or "chip butty", and it's not any other English localization or Romantic language like Italian. It's Japanese, the first Asian language to be supported.

Dictation (iPad 3rd generation only)

The new iPad (3rd generation) didn't get full-on Siri support, perhaps because of the challenges involved in porting the user interface over. However, the new iPad did get the very useful Dictation feature, which handles speech to text input anywhere keyboard entry is possible, including built-in apps and App Store apps.

To activate Dictation, just tap the microphone icon on the keyboard.

Home screen

The iPhone home screen received one of the most notorious updates in recent history, and also lost some workaround functionality that many power users considered extremely convenient.

Geo-fencing indicator

iOS previously added a small, northeast pointing arrow to the status bar to inform users when location-based services were running, either actively in an app like Maps, or in the background like turn-by-turn navigation or Find my Friends. iOS 5.1 adds a new variation to this icon -- an outline form that indicates a geo-fence has been established. For example, if you've used Reminders to set up an alert for when you leave or arrive at a specific location.

4G indicator (AT&T iPhone 4S only)

Apple has changed the AT&T indicator in the top left corner to read 4G instead of 3G.

While 4G is often thought to identify the next-generation LTE networks that can reach 72+ mbps, marketing has overcome morals and T-Mobile, AT&T, and others have begun to classify anything HSPA+ 14.4 or above as 4G. Since some versions of HSPA+ can reach as high as 42 mbps, a case could be made that these networks offer "4G-like" speeds. However, they're still using 3G technology to do it, which makes the marketing a fairly consumer-hostile thing to do. It may be easier for carriers to print 4G on boxes or change status bar graphics than to build actual LTE networks, but it confuses customers and ultimately undermines trust.

Shame on you.

AT&T fake 4G on iPhone

Note: Other carriers with similar or even better HSPA+ networks than AT&T still have indicators reading 3G.

Settings Shortcuts

iOS 5 surfaced URL schemes for Settings. By adding those URLs to the Home screen as icons, users could quickly tap into brightness controls, Wi-Fi toggles, Bluetooth toggles, etc. It was awkward and an obvious work-around, but convenient. It was also apparently a security risk and something Apple seems not to have meant to surface for the general public. iOS 5.1 no longer surfaces URL schemes for Settings.



There's only one major change to the Photos app in iOS 5.1, but it's an important one for iCloud users.

Photo Stream individual photo deletion

Originally Photo Stream was an all or nothing proposition. If it was on, any photo you took, no matter how private, or a friend took, even as a prank, would be stuck in your Photo Stream for 30 days or 1000 photos, whichever came first. You could turn it off, or delete the entire Photo Stream, but you couldn't delete individual photos.

Now you can. Just select the photo, tap the Action button, tap delete, and confirm.



While iOS 4.1 brought HDR photos, and there were rumors that a panorama mode was hidden in iOS 5, no such feature has appeared in iOS 5.1. In addition to the aforementioned fast Camera access from the Lock screen, iOS 5.1 adds a small update for the iPhone camera and something more substantial for the iPad.

Face detection (iPhone only)

While face detection itself remains the same, able to discern up to 10 individual faces, the Camera app will now highlight all of those faces, not just the most prominent. It might be more accurate, but it can also be more cluttered.

New Camera app (iPad 2 and iPad (3rd generation) only)

iPad 2 and the new iPad get an entirely new Camera user interface with iOS 5.1, one that better suits the bigger screen. All the controls remain the same, if rendered differently now. In broad strokes, it makes the bar across the screen transparent, moves the Grid option to the bar, and swaps the Camera shutter button to the side, floating it over the live view.

For the new iPad (3rd generation), many of the iPhone 4S Camera app features have also been added, including facial recognition, 1080p video recording, image stabilization, and Apple A5X chipset based digital signal processing.


There's no way for a software update to fix the anemic speakers included with the iPad, but there is a way for them to address part of the problem. With iOS 5.1, Apple does just that.

TV and movie audio (iPad only)

According to Apple, iOS 5 makes the audio for both TV shows and movies both louder and clearer.

Native 1080p playback (iPad 3rd generation only)

Thanks to the incredibly dense 2048x1536 Retina display on the new iPad, the Videos app has been update to include support for playing 1080p TV shows an movies in full resolution. (iPhone 4S and iPad 2 have been able to load 1080p content, but downsampled it to fit their smaller screen resolutions for playback.)

1080p iTunes video: Is the difference in image quality worth the difference in file size?

iTunes Store

Yes, Ping is still there in the iTunes Store app. There are a couple of new features there as well, mainly to support Apple's new content offerings and to expand on Apple's iCloud integration.

1080p content

To compliment the new iPad and the new Apple TV's ability to play back 1080p content at full resolution, the iTunes store now sells 1080p content. It's not specific to iOS 5.1, but the feature was added at the same time so we're noting it here.

(Note: U.S. only right now.)

Movies in the Cloud

iTunes now offers the ability to re-download previously purchased iTunes movies. Previously, you could re-download music and TV shows, so now the circle is pretty much complete. As with 1080p content, this isn't exclusive to iOS 5 but the time coincided nicely.

Just tap the Purchased tab on the bottom of the screen and then choose which type of media you want to re-download. You can either view All your previous purchases or just the ones Not On This iPhone/iPod/iPad. You'll be given an alphabetical list of songs, topped by options for All Songs and Recent Purchases. All Songs can be further filtered by Most Recent, Song Name, and Artist Name. Tap the iCloud Download icon to start re-downloading.

(Note: U.S only right now.)

App Store


While not exclusive to iOS 5.1, Apple did make an important change to the App Store and it's worth noting here.

50MB download limit

Apple increases app download limit to 50 MB over cellular network

At the same time Apple released iOS 5.1, they increased the iTunes cellular data download limit to 50MB. This is up from 20MB, which itself was an increase from the original 10MB limit. This may or may not be enough to enable modest (i.e., non-game) universal apps with iPad retina graphics to be download over-the-air (OTA).

When an app passes the cellular data download limit, users can no longer buy or re-install it when on the go, away from Wi-Fi, which is inconvenient.

60MB would have been better, but 50MB is a marked improvement none-the-less.



While Settings typically gets a lot of additions to support new iOS features, iOS 5.1 didn't get a lot of new features to support. So, new Settings are thin this time around.

Wallpapers (iPad only)

The iPhone and iPod touch get left out in the cold, but the iPad scores four new, water themed wallpapers. The new ones, in order from top left, show an ocean horizon, waves gently rolling up on a beach, due on the grass, and rippled in a pool.

General: Siri (iPhone 4S only)

iOS 5.1 on the iPhone 4S adds Japanese as an option for Siri.

General: Network (iPhone only)

Removed in iOS 5, the Enable 3G toggle makes a triumphant return in iOS 5.1.

(Note: Not everyone is seeing it. I have it on Rogers so it may vary based on the carrier settings.)



Perhaps in an effort to help mainstream users figure out just what to do when confronted with a blank browser, Safari has added the text "Go to this address" to the URL address bar.


In iOS 5.1, the Clock app remains iPhone and iPod touch only (sorry, iPad users), but continues the trend of small, incremental improvements.

Timer (iPhone and iPod touch only)

iOS 5 renamed the iPod app to the Music app, but left the Clock timer with a function called "Sleep iPod". Since it's been able to automatically end more types of audio than just the built-in music player for a while now, that label was inaccurate on many levels. Apple's now fixed things by renaming it to "Stop Playing".


Apple's new iCloud gets integrated with their old recommendation engine in the iOS 5.1 Music app, and the iPad finally becomes a first class podcast citizen.

Podcast controls (iPad only)

With iOS 5.1, the iPad gets the same podcast controls the iPhone and iPod touch have been enjoying for years. Just tap the button to vary playback speed between 1/2, 1x, and 2x, or to jump back at 30 second intervals to re-listen to anything you may have missed.

Genius Mixes and playlists for iTunes Match

If you subscribe to Apple's iTunes Match music locker service, you can now use Genius Mixes and Genius playlists with your iTunes Match music.


While not built in to iOS 5.1, Apple's iPhoto was released alongside iOS 5.1. Taken together with GarageBand and iMovie, it completes Apple's move to bring their desktop iLife suite from desktop to mobile. With powerful, touch-based image editing options, while not perfect (it lacks any form of useful syncing options for photos or non-destructive edits), it further shows the content-creation potential of the iOS platform.

iphoto brushes

Pricing and Availability

iOS 5.1 is was released as a free update to all supported devices on Wednesday, March 7, 2012. Although not all features are supported on all devices -- or all generations of all devices -- iOS 5.1 can be installed on the following:

  • iPhone 4S (2011)
  • iPhone 4 (2010 and 2011)
  • iPhone 3GS (2009, 2010, and 2011)
  • iPod touch 4 (2010 and 2011)
  • iPod touch 3 (2009)
  • iPad 2 (2011)
  • iPad (2010)

Should you update?

Yes, absolutely and immediately with the usual caveats. If you're on older hardware like iPhone 3GS and you're reading this just as iOS 5.1 becomes available, you might want to wait a couple of weeks and make sure there aren't any reports of excessive sluggishness or other issues. Second, if you're jailbroken and don't want to lose your jailbreak entirely, or have to rely on a tethered Jailbreak, you might want to wait until a nicely packaged iOS 5.1 jailbreak is released for your device (the new iPad, iPad 2, and iPhone 4S might take a while).

Otherwise this is a very small update that doesn't change very much but does improve several things from iOS 5 and is definitely worth downloading and installing post haste.

How to update

You can update to iOS 5.1 either via iTunes or directly on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad over-the-air (OTA). Generally speaking, OTA updates are better because a) since they only include the changes (delta/bit differential), they're smaller and faster to download, and b) the update happens in-place, without having to backup and then restore your device.

Help and discussion

For more on iOS, check out the iMore forums. Whether you just want to discuss features, need help with bugs or other issues, or enjoy helping out other users, it's great to get involved with the community.


iOS 5.1 was one of the longest betas, one of the fastest releases, and one smallest, feature-wise, we've seen to date. What, if anything, that suggests about the iOS roadmap is really hard to say. If iOS 6 keeps to last year's pattern, we won't even see a beta until Apple's World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) in June or July. That leaves plenty of time for an iOS 5.2 if Apple chooses to develop and release one.

If not, iOS 5 itself was such a major update, the new iPad such a phenomenal piece of hardware, and new apps like iPhoto for iOS doing so much of the heavy lifting these days, Apple might just be able to get away with it.

Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • Maybe iOS6 will be to iOS5 what Mountain Lion is to Lion.
  • When I delete a pic from Photo Stream, it says it will only delete it from Photo Stream on that device. Does anyone know why it won't delete from all devices?
  • This only works with photos taken after the update.
  • Thank you! I just tried photos taken yesterday and it worked. It was making me crazy thinking I missed a setting or something.
  • What changed on the home page...?
  • There was an App called IconProject and various websites that allowed you to create icons for your homescreen that would take you right to specific settings. I used it for Brightness, WiFi & Bluetooth.
    Apple for some reason hides these toggles under layers of menus... since they didn't intend for links to be used for setting shortcuts, instead of adding shortcuts or toggles somewhere (like every jailbreak'ed (or jailbroken) iPhone), they took it away.
    I'm sure it was a security issue or something... but it sure seems like an unfair parent.... "Because I said so"
    Having these toggles handy is not only convenient, but can help extend battery life. Why Apple puts a volume control in the multitasking bar is beyond me. At least make that Brightness.
  • Yeah I can't see any changes!!
  • If they were going to remove the toggle commands from the home screen, they should have put toggles in the notification center, like SBSettings does. Not that difficult to put into the OS. Would have been a nice touch. Maybe we'll see it in 5.2, but I doubt it. Hoping for a bunch of customization options in iOS6.
  • My kingdom for a Dvorak on-screen keyboard. Even better would be the option to create your own keyboards like the Mac (but done better, a nice UI in which you can drag the keys around to change their location, and move keys around between the alphabetic, numeric and special character layouts, to make whatever layouts you desire).
  • It's not Siri that can't understand a scots accent. What you heard as “ship batty” is actually chip butty.
  • We might have experienced an improvement in battery life over 5.0.1. Spent all day Friday snapping photos, tweeting them, checking email, and browsing with Safari and still had 50% battery life left. The previous day, running 5.0.1, we had only about 15% battery life left after a similar workload.
  • I don't have the 3G off toggle switch.,. WTHeck?
  • I don't either, but I suspect it is because I'm on AT&T and this is AT&T's doing. Long term EDGE is going away to make release spectrum for LTE. HSPA will probably be refarmed on the old EDGE bands.
    Spectrum is one of the most valuable commodities in the modern world.
  • Does it change to 4g on the ip4s only? I have the 4 but still says 3G
  • i have tried 2 time but my phone got restarted :( ..
  • Yes
  • Yes because the 4S is the only iPhone with the HSPA+ antenna in it. It's AT&T's sketchy marketing of 4G. I don't think anything should be considered 4G unless it's LTE.
  • AT&T is getting worse at their business practices. I don't even know why people still flock them them. I can understand when the iPhone was exclusive with AT&T but now that it's on Verizon and Sprint, I don't understand what they have that Verizon doesn't other than crap service. AT&T is also pushing their so-called "4G" network like it's the best thing since sliced bread. LTE is true 4G. HSPA+ should be called 3G+ at best. Just because the iPhone 4S on AT&T says 4G at the top, you'll still get throttled and get dropped calls. Don't let them brainwash you with cheap marketing!
  • See my comment below about 4G and the carriers. You are incorrect on many of your accusations about 4G, AT&T, and LTE.
    I hate defending AT&T, but don't blame them for this mess. Verizon, and especially Sprint, were more to blame than AT&T.
  • Yup, don't have the 3G toggle either. It doesn't make a difference to me but, I am curious why it's missing (iPhone 4S BTW).
  • Face detection that is on the new ipad to, i have sin it on a film from the internet, from apples show stan after the anounsment of the ipad.
    Sorry my inglise.
  • ups it was not from at recording, but from a live streaming from engadget, after apple's show. there wase using the new ipad.
  • Nice walkthru, but I couldn't see anything about the hotspot for iPad.
    For now, it's only included for the new iPad, not the older iPads... Which sucks camel balls, since I really want this feature on my iPad 2!
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  • Given the complexity and ever-learning nature of Siri, I wouldn't be surprised if it never comes out of 'Beta' status.
  • There's also another very important change to Safari. It no longer automatically brings up your bookmarks if you're starting from a blank page. :)
  • 5.0.1 doesn't show me bookmarks on launch, when the browser's blank, either.
  • Mine popped up bookmarks on 5.0.1 when launched and doesn't anymore on 5.1? I like it a lot better it use to annoy me!
  • Dear Rene, Since I downloaded IOS5.1 on my iphone the quicktime player that was in Safari on the Yahoo homepage, does not work. Errorcode:415. Any idea how to fix this? Tried to restore iphone back to an earlier IOS version but it jst downloaded 5.1 again. Tried the ALT&Shift combo during restore but only the 5.1 showed up.Apple support was rude,said I agreed to download by accepting it now its my problem if it doesn't work.
  • Do not upgrade if you have the original iPad. It makes it crash constantly. You can't go back once you upgrade. I am appalled that Apple advises you to upgrade and makes your iPad useless. There is a blog with almost 500 people reporting this and apple does nothing. Sounds like a good class action to me.
  • The update has worked 100% perfect for me on my iPad 1. It even fixed the problems I had with safari crashing all the time on ios5.0.1.
  • Mine is so much better. Apps don't crash as much, I've had safari crash once on me since the update. It was multiple times a day previously. My iPad seems much more snappy and seems like it was before iOS 5. I'm vey happy with the update!
  • It would be nice if I could stream movies and get iTunes Extras on my iPad.
  • jb on 5.01 > than this. Maybe next time.
  • Rene, you've gotta do something about that camera/audio issue.... It's so out of phase that it's making your videos even more unwatchable.
  • The most important function of ios 5.1 is that they've recalibrated the touchscreen to no longer hit the backspace key when typing an "m". I'm curious if anyone else had that issue and if they, too, have had it resolved solve updating. That issue only started with me when I updated to 5.0.
  • That's the first feature that makes me want to upgrade immediately! I thought hitting backspace instead of M was just my ongoing error! I'll upgrade today and let you know.
  • FYI the lock screen camera is also in the 4th gen iPod touch.
  • Corrected, thanks!
  • No 3g toggle, I guess it would be 4G now.
  • Apple please release "speech" on the next update.
    Read website content audibly for us and ebooks etc. like the Mac
  • It has this already, I believe you can enable it in accessibility. Just hold down on the text like you want to copypasta and an icon called Speak should appear.
  • Did they screw up the snooze button? The past 2 mornings since I updated, my alarm goes off and I hit the sleep button on my iphone to snooze like I always do and it's cut the alarm off. At least I think that's what's happening, it's hard to tell when I'm half asleep. I sure don't want to have to actually look at my phone and hit snooze on the screen.
  • I have had this exact same problem - from what I can tell, the "snooze" button becomes really really small after the first time you hit snooze. Have you figured out what to do about it?
  • can anyone tell me why sometimes the videos on this site work on my iPhone, other times I click the video and it looks like its loading up but it just goes black and nothing happens?
  • Will we be able to take our ATT micro sim out of our iPad 2s and use it in the new iPad to get LTE? That would be awesome since we have kept the unlimited plan from the iPad 1 days!
  • Does the Face Detection feature work on the 4S only or also on the 4? I can't seem to find an answer, I'm thinking it's a 4S exclusive feature only.
    Side note my AT&T contract is up for renewal at the moment and I currently have the 4. Would it be a wise idea to upgrade to the 4S or wait until this summer/fall when Apple releases the newer model?
  • So Siri got Japanese support but when is Canadian support coming? This whole 'I can't look for places in Canada' bit is getting old! Siri is pretty useless up here.
  • What bout the Battery Issues Faced by Iphone 4S users. This release was to supposedly fix the battrey drain issues. It havent. Its still the worse for my 4S. It hardly lasts for 8 hrs with medium usage
  • Camera performance has improved dramatically at least in 4s. Specially flash mode. now the flash photos are usable and the range is improved.
  • Be clear ... it was NOT AT&T that messed up this whole 4G thing. It was Sprint, then Verizon, then T-Mobile, THEN AT&T.
    Sprint was the first to start marketing "4G" with their Wimax. Wimax is a 4G technology, but their implementation wasn't. They rolled out 802.16e, not 802.16m. Only 802.16m was true 4G according to the ITU. Verizon then followed suit rolling out their LTE. The problem is that for LTE to be 4G it needed to be LTE-Advanced ... not what Verizon was rolling out.
    T-Mobile was getting a bit pissed because their HSPA+ networks were faster than the Verizon and definitely the crappy Sprint Wimax networks. People didn't understand that though, so, without making ANY changes, they just relabeled their network "4G". AT&T then followed T-Mobile's lead.
    The ITU, trying to save face in all of this, has since changed their specifications for 4G to include Sprint's version of Wimax, Verizon's LTE, and HSPA+ networks to be 4G.
    It's a mess, but don't be a hater on AT&T for the mess.
  • Whatever Bud At&T still sucks. Still lots of dropped calls. More than I've seen on Sprint or Verizon. And that guy who comented before was right AT&T is trying to shove this not really 4G thing down our throats.
  • I get a "whatever bud"? Like I say, I hate defending AT&T, but on this one - know what you are talking about before your rant about something that you don't understand.
  • Ya sure whatever retard. I'm pretty sure out of the two of us I know alot more about this stuff.
  • I'm pretty sure that you are pretty sure that you know more. Most 3rd graders think they know more than their parents.
    Since you've resorted to name calling and baseless rants, the comparison seems fitting.
  • Man I bet u were up all night working on that's one lol are your parents siblings?… just because ur an AT&T Fanboy u think u know everything about mobile devices and networks. Got news for you pal Nerds don't run the Planet.
  • Well, since I replied to your post (March 12, 2012 at 2:31 pm) at March 12, 2012 at 3:35 pm, you would lose that bet.
    Does it suck that facts keep getting in your way?
  • One thing of note that was missed in your review was the battery drain "fix". I felt it was dubious at first as the previous two "fixes" did little; if anything. And many reported, including myself, that previous fixes made things worse. I can report that this new fix has done as expected.
    After doing a restore to new phone and install of iOS 5.1, I am seeing the usage times of 7+ hours with standby time of 21+ hours. Thank you Apple for finally allowing me to use my phone without everything turned off.
  • hotspot missing :(
  • Where is this facial recognition feature of what you speak? I'm on 5.1 and I don't see that in the camera app.
  • Has anyone noticed the new camera flash message indicator when receiving a new iMessage or an incoming call? Is there a way to disable it?
  • Regarding the
    Your information here is inaccurate or at best incomplete -- just read it only deletes photos on all devises taken after the upgrade is this info T or F ?
    I have iPad 2 and iPhone 3GS
    Thank you
  • Thank you for the clear, concise review top-to-bottom. It answered my questions and was refreshingly unwonkish. Keep up the good work for the 'mainstream' user.
  • I will be subscribing to this feed. Important points were made here. Thanks for sharing.
  • Since I downloaded IOS 5.1 on my 3Gs iPhone the QuickTime player in Safari does not work. Anyone else having this problem or know how to fix it?
  • Do any of you use Overdrive Media Console to listen to library audiobooks? If so, any idea if this interface is fixed with iOS 5.1? It doesn't work at all in 5.0. Thanks!
  • Hello Sumeet thanks for share , do you have this Template in normal HTML\CSS not HTML5 and CSS3.0
  • I have a question more than a comment. So I really like the idea of storing my photos online so I did what you suggested and signed up for Amazon S3. When I first started I thought this would be perfect, however upon using the product I realized that I have no idea what I am getting charged for and for how much. I am sure it's not a whole lot but I keep running into errors when uploading. I had a few uploads in process and then my internet encountered a problem and closed. Then when I realized I could do a folder under a bucket I was transfering photos and then there was an error but didn't tell me why or what to do next. On top of all the errors I have no idea if I was charged for uploads in progress or ones that were finished plus the whole process was taking forever. I have spend an hour trying to upload and in the end gave up because of so many errors and the time it was taking for only a few photos. I ask if there is another more user friendly online company to store photos. I am not picky just want more of a user friendly and quicker process. I do want something that is secure and I can trust like Amazon. I don't want to spend days or months uploading my photos online. I just am looking for something that will hold all my photos in one place. I have quite a few photos but I am not a professional so I don't have tons of them. I agree that Amazon would have been great except I don't like it. Any ideas or help would be great! Thanks so much for a great blog!!
  • This is also possible with Updatestar Online Backup. Updatestar online Backup supports external drives. On the Website they write: "UpdateStar Online Backup supports fixed external drives, if you selected files from an external drive to be a part of your backup. If you unplug the external drive, UpdateStar Online Backup detects the files as gone."
  • Why it's do difficult to accses the application. Whats with the verification code where ur supposed to copy it somewhere in the application. While u can't even accses ur application neither ur blog through the blogger app !!!
  • Hi KellyI was suprised at what you wrote in your review because so far I have only read good things about capsiplex,I wanted to ask if you carried on taking it and are you still suffering?I was hoping to purchase capsiplex very soon but now I'm abit uncertain.Look forward to hearing from youThanks
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  • I dont know what happen, but once i update IOS 5.1 in my ipad 2, i cant download any games in app store. can someone tell me what happen?
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  • Yup, numero uno Dave as you way over-stepped with that title. Then that is always a good way to get a lot of readers and comments, even if the statement is completely irrational.
  • You said the Android rumors were false, but the homes, back, and menu buttons are all identical to what Android uses. Wouldn't that be telling?
  • I don't like it, I can't take a picture of myself on my iPad anymore without my thumb getting in the way.
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  • fiz a atualizacao do meu iphone 4 para a versao 5.1 e agora meu msn fica caindo toda hora e ate o facebook ta meio loco se alguem sober algo q possa fazer pra arrumar meu iphone !! obrigado
  • OK- here's a wierd husband does not text and has asked verizon to block texts since he doesn't want to pay for them. He has an iphone 4. When he upgraded to 5.01 os he was able to text others with the same upgrade on their iphones for free. Most of our family had that capability and he was beginning to enjoy texting just family (for free). With the upgrade to 5.1 he can no longer text for free-but others in family can-just not to him. Any fix or suggestions? Thanks
  • This is the best website for anybody who desires to find out about this topic. You notice so much its almost onerous to argue with you (not that I truly would want...HaHa). You undoubtedly put a brand new spin on a topic thats been written about for years. Nice stuff, simply nice!
  • Really like the way you work around the dreaded list.
  • I'm using iOS 4.3.5 on my iPhone 3GS. Please tell me should I update to iOS 5.1? If there are any issues with slowness or battery drainage problem with this update please share those specifically. One more thing I want to know. If I updated to iOS 5.1 and found some some problem will I be able to revert to iOS 4.3.5 officially? I don't want to jail break my iPhone. Thank you.
  • Thanks for your advice re Logitech camera, removed the device. iTouch now synching and NO BSOD!!!!
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