When will Apple preview iOS 5?

iOS 5

Apple will most likely preview iOS 5 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch in early April. This isn't based on a "source familiar with the matter" but on simple history. Apple is secretive but cyclical. When it comes to iOS, so far they've held to the same pattern year after year. They did a preview in April of last year for iOS 4, and they've previewed iOS (formerly iPhone OS) in the spring going back to 2.0 in 2008.

If you're curious what we hope (not expect) to see included, check out our Imagining iOS 5 post. Otherwise, we're wait

So yeah, we expect an iOS 5 preview in April, don't you?

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iRSX says:

Better question is, what will they add to iOS 5?

Mike A. says:

We need more robust cloud services (I think this is a given)
Better notifications and social network integration.
More UI changes: I would like them to move spotlight to the top of every springboard page so people actually use it. I would also like apple to change up the multitasking UI to be more lime web os. I don't really like the static icons. If they add stacks (or clusters as apple calls it in mission control in lion) that would be a plus.

fastlane says:

Come see what Summer 2011 is the season of.

Mike A. says:

The other nice surprise would be to see apple is using it's acquisitions like Siri and what ever the two map companies Apple bought to compete against google maps and there really good navigation and system wide voice recognition. Basically I want to see this iOS update like an iPhone 3GS to a iPhone 4

taylorh says:

All I ask is that the overhaul the notification system. Otherwise it's enough to drive me to another platform.

Joel ramirez says:

Thus are some features that would make iOS 5 the best version ever
- uses FaceTime camera to use any service of video chat
- the ability to download straight from safari no app required
- get notifications if your not on wifi or 3G
- ability to landscape your homescreen
Hope you guys like this features

Tweger01 says:

Devs can allow the front facing camera to work in their apps - i.e yahoo chat, Skype, tango, etc.

Joel ramirez says:

Yeah but I'll be cool to use it on anything that required a camera fir chatting

Steve says:

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Matthew says:

LOL, it's the uber-predictable and uber-formulaic articles such as these that make me avoid this blog at times, but the comments posted here are sometimes hilarious!

Rewd says:

when does apple usually preview the next iphone? does that also happen in april?

Joel ramirez says:

That happens in July or June

Carlos says:

Not on July! Coming WWDC 2011 on June!!! Wooo!

Jentino says:

Bring it on, Apple..!
I tought there'll be less room for iPhone 3Gs with the new iOS.

usmc says:

Better question,what's left to add? I would like a better lock screen, maybe a weather widget and a UI freshup.

NATHAN says:

you were wrong on this one.