Apple releases iOS 4.0.1 for iPhone

iOS 4.0.1 for iPhone released

Apple has released iOS 4.0.1 for iPhone. Looks like the rumors were true. Go grab it and enjoy your new bars. Let us know if it fixes any other problems you might have been having.

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Apple releases iOS 4.0.1 for iPhone


Cool, I'll finally know my "real" signal and everyone on at&t will shift their anger back to at&t for the lack of bars ;)

Does it update the firmware?
I want to make sure I can still jailbreak if I update.

U people that constantly bitch about this issue take it back and get a android if hate apple so bad. We don't need u I'm tired of this wining it's sad 90% of the people who buy iPhones put them in cases anyway. It's an investment so protect it everybody else just always find something to bitch about!

@BlueRidgeSniper - A case should under no circumstances be a functional requirement of the phone. You sound like a bitch.
Shut it.

im not updating this until the dev teams says that its a go. plus i personally dont think that its going to fix the issue of the signal strength, maybe the proximity sensor though.

@BlueRidgeSniper it's not about hating the phone, people love the phone, but apple should sell a product without a defect or fix the defect.

Apple says: "Improved the formula to determine how many bars of signal strength to display"
Sentence converted to plain English: "We altered the formula to make it look like there is no reception issue, and that it is just your carrier's problem"

Can't believe you guys are recommending this update? Seems like it's only a move to combat the forthcoming jailbreak/unlock. Just because apple tweaked the way the signal bars are displayed doesn't mean it will fix a design flaw. Everyone would be better off holding off until the jailbreak is released (unless shsh's are saved using tinyumbrella)


Maybe, Apple did this on purpose with the antenna so that they have their customers buy their (Apple) first ever case for the iPhone. But, despite all the commotion about the antenna issue. The iPhone is the BEST smartphone out there period. I love the iPhone ever since the 1st Generation... To those who's complaning about the iPhone, get rid of it and buy those other phones that don't even come closet to the iPhone's performance.... STOP COMPLANING...

Once again I wonder why Apple have to issue monolithic updates why not just push out changes. Better yet, why not rolling updates that don't change the version of the software.
Just wondering.

I just updated my software. The new formula brought down my MicroCell bars from 5 to 3. That kinda makes no sense since it is supposed to provide 5 bars in my house.

Did the update brick anybody else's 3GS? Update failed and I had to do a full restore. I'm hoping this update includes fixes for push email and calendar issues with exchange.

@Michael how's my dick taste I never said it was a requirement. When u buy a launch product there is always soething that needs fixed or corrected. U sound like someone who always wants something for free. Give it time Apple will fix the problem and if not return it it won't cost u anything to return it. U could go to verizon and get a Droid X because they suck so it would fit u nicely.

Really?!? If you have been with iPhone from the get go, then it clearly means you have little knowledge of "those" other phones and what they can do, which in many categories are inclusive better performance and/or features. iPhone is NOT the best SmartPhone out there, though certainly one of the best available. Just a shame that Apple has tarnished itself a bit with the current hardware issues.

To my complete lack of surprise, the 4.01 update had no effect on my speedtest experiment. Multiple runs:

  • Phone on table, not holding band --> fair download speed (though slower than yesterday on 4.0, but that could just be daily variance in my middling singla area).
  • Phone on table, finger on gap in band --> 0.0 download and 0.0 upload.

So my speed is either unaffected or a bit slower, but the main point is the entire connection can still be killed touching the gap. So my admittedly quick and dirty data point is that the phone may now show a different bar level, but the underlying issue is unaddressed.

I'm still not sold about upgrading to the iPhone 4; to be truthful I dont have any complaints about my 3GS--especially with iOS4. I think I'll keep the 3GS, and just buy the new iPod Touch when it releases.

Bunch of dicks. If you know that touching the black bar when making a call disconnects you, then why the hell do you keep doing it?
Surely it's not that difficult to move your fingers somewhere else? Jeez

@OneOfDaKine I completely agree with you. I'm tried of hearing the complaints. Regardless of this flaw it's still considered the best performance smart phone. And the only thing that kept it from being recommended was the antenna problem. Overall though, I will always love this phone regardless of the flaw that everyone seems to hate. Just return the phone if you don't like it and get a different one!

Yup. I'm a block from the tower- always had 5 bars here at my office and now thanks to the new formula I have 3. I would have preferred them make it so it ALWAYS shows 5 bars even if there's no AT&T tower for miles.

Very happy with my iPhone 3GS. There is no chance in hell that I am upgrading the software and no chance I'll touch that iPhone 4.
iPad and iPhone 5 next for me.

Because I'm right handed and so I hold the phone in my left hand, where the bottom corner isn't touching my fingers, but the bulk of my hand. ( o.O)? I don't wanna cut my left hand off and switch it with my right hand.

Apple really needed to screw up to open the door for android (or microsoft or palm), and boy did they ever do that! It's shameful how long they have denied any wrongdoing. I'm just glad I didn't preorder. I can hold off and take a look at some other phones now.

Is it really that difficult to hold your phone in the other hand? Does your other ear not work?
Not being funny guys but if had problems with calls disconnecting I'd just figure a way round it, not keep doing the same thing so it happened again.


Bunch of dicks. If you know that touching the black bar when making a call disconnects you, then why the hell do you keep doing it?

Why do you have to call people names?
Why should there be any place on a phone that a simple touch causes an un-intentional disconnect?
Why do you see no problem with such a flaw?
People who complain about this flaw love the iPhone. They spent good money on it. They Love Apple. They just don't want the call to drop in a marginal signal area when their hands happen to touch that area.
When they criticize the flaw, they are not calling your mother a bad name, shooting your dog, or throwing eggs at your house, or spitting in your beer. So why do you take it so personally?
Apple is a company, not a religion. Stop strapping on the suicide vest every time someone finds a fault.

What is wrong with you people?!?

I shouldn't have to adjust the way I used a phone to use this phone. Like I said, I'm right handed, hold phone left hand and my right hand busy with other things like lugging around luggage, cooking on the grill, etc. We shouldn't have to let Apple get away from having a faulty iPhone design. Just because the iPhone is termed the "Jesus Phone" doesn't give it a pass on anything bad. Apple needs to man up and fix it.

Other than showing less bars under ideal, strong signal, non-death-grip conditions, what the hell did this update do?????????

Who are these clowns on this forum who keep saying that people don't have a right to complain?? These are paying customers! They have a right to expect a product that works as advertised and if it doesn't, they have the right to complain!!!

Nobody said you HAVE to, I'm just surprised that people will carry on using it the same way and keep dropping calls even though they know it's going to do it.
Do you get some perverse pleasure out of going "see, I knew it would do that."
Apple may or may not fix it, you have the choice to hold it differently and not drop calls, or carry on holding it in such a way that drops calls.
I don't see the point in the latter...

@mephisto, I agree with you buddy.. It's like, change how you hold it, or simply take it back...... Stop complaining, because no one is forcing anyone to have an iPhone. I fortunately live in an area where AT&T has always been this best, so this really doesn't affect me, cause I'm oozing in 3G... But geez, if you have a problem. Be proactive, take it back, because until apple starts seeing people return the phone in mass bunches, they have no reason to do anything

Duct tape can fix anything; its used to shut people up, its used to fix the iphone 4, its used to hold the window in some peoples cars. Duct tape is a great thing to ruin an ascetic world, but right now it is a necessity.

Sippykipnip, hope you dont plan on installing much on it, motorola will kill your device if there is anything they dont want on it.
downloading now, ive not had any signal issues my only issue is when i manually switch off 3g to save battery the gprs doesnt always reconnect properly. But that could well be my carrier, needsless to see i have good signal when im doing this.

@Tis, and duct tape can help you sail on water as well (Mythbuster FTW!)Duct tape is amazing.

Um, isn't that just an exchange? (That basically happens all the time).
For 4.0.1, I guess I can update now! Not sure what it is buying me though. I don't listen to Internet Radio, don't have a need for VOIP, don't use GPS that much, only have 6 pages of apps, don't have time to read books, etc. Will see how it goes.

on my 3G, i used to have 5 bars at my house all the time, now i have between 3 and 4 bars consistently, but other than that, the software seems snappier than 4.0, which was practically unusable on the 3G, so overall its a good update.

Just saying it looks like maybe a fixed model and this is how they will fix it. People complains, they go to store, exchange it and they get a newer model but looks the same but works. This is probably how Apple gets away from looking bad, they said, hey if your having a problem, just go to an apple store and we'll replace it. I've been doing this with other and keep getting same problems. Might have to try later and see I can get a working model.

Well said, IceBike.
I bought the iPhone 4 for my child, because she loved her iPod Touch, and she'd worked hard in school to earn a nice token of accomplishment. Now, I have to second guess whether, in a pinch, the phone will really work for her. I shouldn't have to make that choice. Apple should step up with a fix.

With iOS, its not like webOS where if a patch is needed, they can just push out a small update. With iOS, if they need to fix a small item, they have to push out the whole iOS, they can't push out small updates since they have to reflash the whole OS. I hope my memory serves me correct and I'm not spewing out lies. :O

Wow, people still b!tching about a problem they are having with their product choice. They offer 100% cashback for a return... No loss there... Oah right, it's a füçk!n sweet phone and it has to work how you want it to, not how it was designed to work.... So you cry and cry hoping mommy will stick her t!t in your mouth to shut you up.
Mephisto is spot on.

If it is truly an issue where Apple knows how to fix, they'll tell you to bring it in to fix or to exchange.
The language used is simply sensationalism. After all, any manufacturing line will have a defect rate. Exchanges have been happening for every device, basically all of the time. Calling this a "silent recall" is plan sensationalism.

@sippykipnip and all the other fandroids. WHO CARES ABOUT THE ANDROID PHONES. JC this is the iPhone blog not fandroid central. Lol why do you tardboy's come here and talk about how great your choppy and slow android os phones are. No one cares. Get a life seriously.

This is the last post I'm reading on the death grip signal issue. I'm not having trouble with my phone and it's harshing my mellow. 

Why does Apple have to make choices? The consumer has plenty of choices:

  1. Return your iPhone and buy something else.
  2. Hold your iPhone differently or buy a case.
  3. Hope (not expect) Apple does something to fix the issue (which no one truely has scientifically proven).

That’s it! I don’t get all the fuss. I guess there are just a lot of closet apple lovers that don’t want to admit it… Just saying…

If you don't like it the performance of the product and the response from the company you bought it from simply return it and get your money back. Me personally would just get a case, I always keep a case on my phone but you shouldn't have to. I'm tired of the bit*hing tho, you have a choice, choose not to be a victim of....the death grip.

I have a new issue. People can't hear what I say when I have my finger over the microphone.
Screw Apple!!

Um, I still get a decent drop in bars on iOS 4.0 (not 4.01) using a bumper case.
Anyone else think Steve will come out tomorrow and wave his hand at the cameras and say "There is no antenna problem. More iPhones are what you are seeking. Move along." ala Obiwan. Then we will all rush the apple stores and buy 5 more.

This is a rush job. The 4.0.1 Beta was just out a few days ago. Not much time to test it. News comference is tomorrow. Now they just pushed 4.0.1 on to us, just so there's something. Think about it. This is not fixing the antenna problem.

Updated my ip4 to v 4.0.1
I honestly don't give a dam about how many bars I have. I just care about if I have at least one bar in order to make a call or send a text. This update DEFINITELY helped in this matter. I'm right Now in a place where I would previously hold my ip4 lightly with my left hand and the bars dropped from 4 to no service, making my phone unusable. Did the same test now with the update, in the same place, literally abnormally hugging my phone very tightly with my LEFT hand, and the bars certainly dropped from 2 to one, just like any other hidden antenna phone; but it DID NOT go to no service.
Didn't stop there. Not trusting the new bar algorithm, made a call while on the same spot, still hugging it with my left, and, guess what?? The call went through just fine....!!!
Good enough for me:)
Thank you, Apple:)

I agree with some of the post above. If you don't like it get a case, or get a refund and get a new phone. I decided to keep my 3GS. The 4 isn't worth changing, I like Apple but they will not fix the issues. 3GS is the best for me and I'll wait till a good replacement comes unfortunately this isn't th iPhone 4.

" Lequang242 says:
July 15, 2010 at 4:16 pm
This is a rush job. The 4.0.1 Beta was just out a few days ago. Not much time to test it. News comference is tomorrow. Now they just pushed 4.0.1 on to us, just so there’s something. Think about it. This is not fixing the antenna problem."

Installed iOS 4.01 just now, no noticeable improvement in signal issue...deathgrip still bricks my signal o "no service"...just does it much faster now!!!!

From Steve Jobs now infamous "Just hold it differently" comment to this latest update that basically stops lying to you about your cellular signal, it's like the media has given him a new middle name - "Gives Hand"! ;)

" Extremely Sarcastic says:
July 15, 2010 at 4:28 pm
From Steve Jobs now infamous “Just hold it differently” comment to this latest update that basically stops lying to you about your cellular signal, it’s like the media has given him a new middle name – “Gives Hand”! ;)"
Hey! I take offense to that! :D

My iPad wifi reception indicator is showing fewer bars after the update. I was really hoping the reception would improve.

bastard upgarde has bricked my iphone 4. stuck in recovery mode and wont get out of it. Tried restoring and all manner of things on 3 pc's. i was already planning a visit to the apple store at the weekend. looks like im going a bit earlier. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

im getting 3 different errors messages on 3 pc's. error 21, 1604 or cannot connect to software server. i want to strangle someone right now. soooooooooooooooooo fed up. sadly i live and die by my iphone and im gutted.

yeah i know, still gutted though, even being without the phone overnight. very sad i know. looks like i'll have to entertain the missus tonight instead of playing angry birds.

they changed the bars design. not as steep from one bar to the next and the first bar isn't a dot anymore its a tiny bar. when i take case off and hold that sweet spot it still dies. my advice to Apple: R-E-C-A-L-L tomorrow or the PR nightmare wont end and deserved or not iPhone 4 will be a miserable failure. except for fanboys like us. I far, I just have less bars. Before I had 5 bars now it fluctuates between 3, 4 and 5. I'm still NOT dropping any calls and everything else looks the same with the exception of the lesser bars.

I'm trying to update my iPod Touch on iTunes right now, but it says 4.0 is the current version. Is this iPhone only?

Well, in my house with iOS 4, I used to get no service from 5 bars after holding the iphone4 with my left hand. I was unable to make calls. Now, with iOS 4.0.1, I get as low as 1 bar and I can make calls and use the Internet.
So 4.0.1 fixed something for my iPhone 4.

i downloaded 4.0.1 and now it's updating. now i have the loading bar on my iphone 4 and it's hasn't moved in a hour. wtf is up, i'm getting really pissed off

After updating to iPhone 4.0.1 my iPhone 4 still displays full bars. Death grip only knocks me down to 4.

It looks like they just made the first bar into the size of the second and the second into the size of the third and so on until the fifth is the size of.....

Listen - this is the deal. Whether or not you're experiencing the issue, the fact remains that there IS a signal attenuation error when the outer band is held – this was proved with numerical signal readings and not just through the graphical display of bars. If you’re not experiencing this problem stop commenting because you’re completely trivializing the issue everyone else is having. That being said, Apple DOES NOT have to do anything. However, customer loyalty, which is very important to Apple, is dependant how the customer is treated. In this case it's how Apple will handle this colossal screw up. They can either; recall all iPhone 4s or issue free bumpers. A recall would cost Apple approximately $1.7 billion according to Bloomberg rendering that option impractical. The bumper/case solution is the only practical solution aside from returning the phone and going back to the 3GS. Should Apple subsidize the cost of the case and give users carte blanche as far case choice, absolutely.

My iPhone 4 hasn't had any problems that's why I think it's weird and must be a batch of them.

It is a simple matter, the poster a little ways up from me summarized it well with three sentences. As for a recall - the antenna is an integral part of the form AND function of the phone, how exactly are they going to fix that lickety-split?
I'm still mystified as to how this antenna quirk somehow negates every other fantastic capability and great interface of the phone, prompting self-righteous outrage and consummate dissatisfaction. It's hilarious, really.

@blueridgesniper....Let's try this, and I'll use small words for you. Let's say you go buy yourself a brand new pickup truck. It has everything (big mud tires, gun rack, those big 'ol CB whips) and the FIRST time it rains, the inside of your brand new truck gets wet. So, you roll on down to the dealer that sold it to you, and let him know. He talks to his boss, and comes back and tells you to just not drive in the rain. See?? Problem solved. And, I'm SURE you would be Ok with that, right?? Cuz it really is a cool truck, except for the rain part, and one of the tires leaks, and your "sniper" rifle falls off the gun rack from time to time. But, I guess you should just SHUT UP and live with it, huh??

I barely use the iPhone as an actual phone so I don't really care about the antenna or this update. Having said that, I've never had an issue when I have used it to make calls. And Motorola phones stink. I don't know how anyone can like the software on those things. My wife has a Droid and it's horrible.

Okay... I just updated and my phone is now at 4 bars when not held (when it was at 5 before the update)... and now when I hold it (I'm a lefty) it goes down to 1 bar (when it went down to 1 bar before the update). Hooray... it only goes down 3 bars now when held!!! note the sarcasm

I'm having a similar iPhone has been updating to 4.0.1 for about an hour now..and the bar has seemingly stopped moving.

I just tried to update my iPhone and after downloading & updating I received an error message that said my phone could not be updated. It deleted all of my information and now I'm stuck trying to do a restore.

If it doesn't fix the proximity sensor issue, then this update is a non-issue, pointless, because as i've said in other posts' altering the signal bars will not negate the hardware issue the phone has, but for me, the proximity sensor is the greater issue...

Maps use to spot me dead on, now it's puts me about four blocks away. This under the same conditions as before the update.

The bumper helps to MITIGATE the problem. It doesn't solve it. Therefore, in certain conditions, you're STILL prone to declining reception.
Apple needs to:
a) recall
b) in-store fix (if they are able to find and deploy a quick fix)
c) partial reimbursement
$1.7b is a lot of money, I agree. The iPhone, however, is Apple's new flagship product. It's no longer the iMac or the iPod. The iPhone is IT. Apple needs to do the right thing to maintain it's customer base, customer satisfaction, and reputation.

Not that I completely disagree with you, but that's a bad analogy. Adusting your grip is significantly easier to do than not driving in the rain.

...This is why Geohot left the Iphone scene!! Because of a bunch of self absorbed entitled, whiners!!!!! If you actually researched Rf and listened to experts talk about the situation, in a digital world the bars do not really mean a whole lot of anything you have "on" and you have "off" so the bars fix is just to appease the masses who are stuck in an analog world!!! Why don’t you all just start charting dropped calls and to be fare compare them to how many you had before ....make some nice "BAR" graphs and maybe some spreadsheets or anything to keep you busy so you will some dishing this self entitled attenuation!

"@blueridgesniper….Let’s try this, and I’ll use small words for you. Let’s say you go buy yourself a brand new pickup truck. It has everything (big mud tires, gun rack, those big ‘ol CB whips) and the FIRST time it rains, the inside of your brand new truck gets wet. So, you roll on down to the dealer that sold it to you, and let him know. He talks to his boss, and comes back and tells you to just not drive in the rain. See?? Problem solved. And, I’m SURE you would be Ok with that, right?? Cuz it really is a cool truck, except for the rain part, and one of the tires leaks, and your “sniper” rifle falls off the gun rack from time to time. But, I guess you should just SHUT UP and live with it, huh??"

What, no update for the ipods? My Ipod Touch 2g is buggy as hell after the 4.0 update and location services no longer works at all on it.

Version 4.0.1 SUCKS!!!! I used to have 5 bars at home, now 2-3 THANK YOU ATT FOR THIS MAGICAL

@Incredulous: I’m still mystified as to how this antenna quirk somehow negates every other fantastic capability and great interface of the phone, prompting self-righteous outrage and consummate dissatisfaction.
Here, let me explain it to you. It's a phone, that... can't make phone calls. All the other fantastic bells and whistles don't change the fact that for a lot of people, it can't reliably perform its primary mission. Frankly, I'm mystified that you're mystified. And for the people who've shelled out a hundreds of dollars for the phone, and are locked into an AT&T contract for $80 or so per month, and still can't manage to reliably make calls? I'm betting they don't think it's too hilarious.

Installed the update, and could finally get the death grip magic touch to actually effect my signal! At home I now saw a drop from five bars to four, and in my local, (a previous blackspot for signal) was able to get the signal to drop from 5 bars to 2 by applying the death grip. However, my iPhone 3G used to be lucky to get 2 bars in my local in the first place, let alone 5, AND usually when not trying to deliberately drop signal I keep my iPhone4 in a case anyway.
My conclusion, yes, the iPhone4 gets better reception than my old iPhone, and yes, if you hold a phone in anyway to cover the antenna, its going to interfere with signal. Try having a conversation via a V3 RAZR with your hand clasped over the plastic bottom and see how well you get on ;-)
Some people are having a death grip problem. But, if a cellphone has only 1 bar signal, you KNOW you're in a bad signal area, and hold the phone accordingly. Once on my old phone, in the middle of nowhere I had to call my bank, no signal, the phone was fine on speaker phone in my hand with 1 bar, the whole 90 seconds it took me to enter all my details and press the right options. As soon as I was through to an operator, turned off the speaker phone, and placed the phone to my head, Call dropped.
If that Happened when I had five bars I would be fuming! but knowing it was with one bar... I expected it.
Bad signal happens, Apple has now provided the information to deal with it. Man up and do so! :-)

This update sucks it never loads YouTube Mobile Faster in HQ. When I had 4.1 always had 5Bars at Home And YouTube HQ in 3G was Fast 2 load now it's slow and Boooooo!!!

im not updating im waiting for the jailbreak ..i dont want more bars i want less dropped calls!!!!they should admit the design is beautifully flawed !why the hell would they put the attenna outside the phone anyway!!? recall this crap and redesign the phone RIGHT!!!

Update fixed it for me.
No more "no service"
Using phone NAKED an gripping tightly with my left.
Works great!!
Thanks apple!

Anybody else notice a change in FaceTime performance under 4.0.1? My FaveTime calls froze and "failed" shortly after freezing 3 times in a 20-minute call since "upgrading" to 4.0.1. Nice work, Apple.

This update sucks!!!! I am in Afghanistan, and now am experiencing a dropped call every few minutes! How do I go back???

This update is a fail, so when I touch the side before bars would go to 0 then drop call, now they only show I lose 2 bars but still drop call, I think this is another way to hide there bad design flaw.

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