Apple releases iOS 4.1 beta 2 for developers

Once again keeping to the every-2-weeks cycle, Apple has released iOS 4.1 beta 2 for developers. If you've got an account, head on over to and update your SDK and firmware.

We're guessing Apple plans on doing what they've done in year's past -- keep releasing betas until they hold a fall Special Music Event and show off the final version along with a new iPod touch G4.

If anyone notices anything new in beta 2, we'll update!

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Reader comments

Apple releases iOS 4.1 beta 2 for developers


I would like to see an option to turn off push notification pop-ups, not the notification itself, can do that already, I want to hear the chirp, ding, or whatever, but not have the pop-up ruin or interrupt my game, typing, or whatever it is I am currently doing. So annoying.

What about the notification panel? They gave the guy that designed the notification award work at apple! So this better be it

Come on dude. The notification system redesign is most likely a MAJOR effort. That type of effort take more than just a couple of months effort. Design, coding, and internal testing is a major to do, especially if it is a feature so intertwined into the functionality of the OS.
That's not going to be a point release.

@Tim, go to settings->notifications. Select the app you want to edit nofitications for; alerts (pop-ups), sounds, badges. Not all apps have all the options by choice of the developer. You can turn off/on each type for each app.

Haven't been following the 4.1 stuff so what exactly is new over 4.0.1 for those of us not in the know?

To hell waiting for the launch of the next iPod. Fix the proximity sensor and release the update already.

There is an article over in Gizmodo that say after updating to the 4.1 Bet firmware, they not having any proximity sensor issues anymore. I really hope they get it pushed out soon. I was having problems with that today.

I didn't realize it had already been 2 weeks since beta 1, I like being able to change songs with my bluetooth headphones

I was on an important call with my boss today.
My cheek hit the mute button (as it has many times before) and missed critical info. Thank you iPhone. :)

@Ivoryplum... im pretty sure mute, mutes you, not them.. best advice, cause the prox sensory does randomly do that to me, is to go to the phone search page right when you connect the call.. cant do too much damage there.

I've looked into all the notification buzz and was dying for a new notification system until I realized, we have a notification panel already! Our home screen! Bubbles show up on each icon when we have an alert. Sure, popups can suck but we can turn those off. Its not THAT bad, at least as I see it... It works :)

If anyone else was curious, I just read the thread about 4.1 over on MMi, and they confirmed that AVRCP works in this beta. You can use your bluetooth headset to skip tracks now.

Really? Flash for the iPhone 4...not happening. Thats just as realistice that 4.1 brings Verizon compatibility, 3D screen, death grip fix, 20 more hours of battery life, and a $500 iTunes gift card that will be personally delivered by Steve Jobs.

so i guess there's nothing new because all the sites that say they would talk aout the update never did

What a craft. Apple is playing games again with our support for their products. And what did we get for our loyalty, free case!!!!at Dont believe 4.1 will fix iphone 4 problems. Cross your finger.

im tired of texts ruining my games thats why i do no play! even youtube videos!

any links to D/L this beta? i know it's only developers, but oft times, someone will post the actual firmware...

i dont understand the obession for anyone not a developer or part of the media to load what is essentially an early, buggy, time bombed firmware on their phone they use every day! Seriously!

This fix seems to have fixed all my bluetooth issues. I tried 3 different BT headsets and all were getting horrible reception and connectivity issues and now it seems to be near perfect for me. This was huge. I haven't confirmed the proximity sensor because if my BT is working I won't hold my phone up to my head, but a friend has confirmed the proximity sensor is fixed for him. I hope this holds up after more time used.

What about auto-closing/ cap of number multi task apps in the tray???? I know theyre not Supposed to consume memory but they do.. Check istat or ur sbsettings..