Apple releases iOS 4.3.1 for iPhone, iPad

Apple releases iOS 4.3.1 for iPhone, iPad

Apple has released iOS 4.3.1 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and as expected, it's a bug fix release. So connect to iTunes, hit Check for Updates, and go get it!

Sorry, updating while in line for iPad 2! Yes, compatibility is the same adios 4.3 so no iPhone 3G, no Verizon iPhone. And if you're jailbroken and want to stay that way, hold off on updating until there's an iOS 4.3.1 jailbreak!

If you notice anything else, let us know!

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Apple releases iOS 4.3.1 for iPhone, iPad


Historically speaking, P21 does not charge for updates. There was a situation were G1 iPod touches had to pay $10 for an upgrade to iOS 2, but Apple allowed later iPod touches to upgrade to later iOS versions.
Generally an iOS device can expect to be supported for two software updates. For example, for the iPad 2, expect to be able to install iOS 5 and iOS 6. These upgrades will probably be free, but when iOS 7 comes out, don't expect the iPad to be supported. It's not that you will have to pay, it simply won't be allowed, because Apple isn't going to go out of their way to test new software on old hardware.
These things are subject to change and are only based on history since 2007, and Apple could find some new way, good or bad, to handle updates.

Before anyone ask
iOS 4.3.1 is available for the GSM iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 2, iPad, and the third- and fourth-generation iPod touch. No update is available for the CDMA iPhone running on Verizon.

Does this mean a jailbreak will be released sometime soon? I heard the dev was waiting for 4.3.1 to be released to release the JB

you read right. let's hope apple did not find the exploit that devs were using. because if that is the case, then the jb should be released relatively soon. keyword being "relatively". but what the devs do for the iOS community are truly amazing.....if any devs is reading this, thank you.

I seriously hope a jb and an unlock will be available soon!! Nothing been's released since 4.1!!!

Still don't understand why AAPL can't release changes only, especially for a minor point release. My download for 4.3.1 is 666.0 MB (is there some significance there).

it's a patch with full 6xx.x mb for 4.3.1
after installing you will loose all jailbreaks/unlocks..
so it's a catch ... full reset
patches can be released but they will fix the targeted problem..
but appl want's to take liberty of jailbreaks/unlocks.. by reinstalling every single file and folder.

Because patches are dangerous and can result in unordered updating - what if you had 4.2 still and then only added on the changes for 4.3.1 without also getting the 4.3 stuff? Much safer just to replace the lot.
Windows is the perfect example - most broken Windows machines are related to doing updates in the wrong order from my experience.

There are some smart people at Apple. I'm sure they can figure out a way to release a minor update that checks the current version of firmware so that the patch isn't applied to old systems. It's not that they can't, they just don't want to.

It's not as easy as you'd think. Just ask Microsoft. And they didn't even get as far as updating the phone...

"most broken Windows machines are related to doing updates in the wrong order from my experience."
Not saying that can't happen, but I have never seen that. But its not just windows, its Linux. Never had a problem updating with apt-get or even yum on Fedora (unless the updates themselves were bad).

I love my iPhone I'm tryin to upgrade it to the next best deal does anyone have any input on that I have a 8 gb I phone < _ > pisst off face. Vincent

666MB!! iOS is going bloat-ware! With a 512MB iPad/I4, 256MB 3GS (soon to be extinct), and a 1GB i5 coming, no reason to develop for efficiency. Just get it out and worry about performance/memory utilization in later bug-fixes.

Reminds me of IBM/Cobol days. Application efficiency was never though about. Customers were expected to buy bigger and faster computers.

Is there any reason I shouldn't update to 4.3.1 on my iPad? I assume this will not effect any future JB as none has been offered for 4.3? Should I wait? I will be JB as soon as it is released.

It probably won't affect your future ability to jailbreak - but you can never know for sure. To quote @MuscleNerd: "Unlockers please stay away from today's iOS 4.3.1! Just to be extra safe, so should future iPad2 jailbreakers (for now)"

Anyone know if those of us who've been able to get the multitasking gestures on the iPad to work, if this update breaks that ability?

After I updated, the gestures quit working for me. However, I connected to XCODE and they turned right back on so I guess you just need to go through the procedure to "use in development" again.

In the 4.3 update, I noticed they changed the vibrate for text messages versus mail updates/notifications. The new system vibrates twice rapidly for text messages and once for all other notifications.

Nice catch! I haven't really noticed any changes between 4.3 and 4.3.1. I'll know in a few days whether or not my crappy AT&T reception improves...

Noticed that as well. I personally like it better. Also was the option to "Play Alert Tone" there before 4.3? If not, I noticed that too.

Noticing that Twitter multi-accounts now load way waster in both iPhone 4 and iPad 1. Batter seems better on both and...BIG PLUS...memory leak issues seem to be fixed. Now I don't have to restart my iPad every time I play infinity blade. Yeeh

Glad this update fixes the graphic issues I was having on iPod 4th generation. I was about ready to switch back to 4.2. Thanks Apple!

if you are using windows and itune DO not install this update on an ipod touch. the thing is an unholy nightmare. if you have only win xp dont even bother. with windows 7 you will have to uninstall service pack one then restart and disable firewall. this after starring at the connect to itunes to restore which will fail time after time after time until you use win 7 maching no service pack etc etc. plus its main goal is to stop unlocking / jailbreak? what a nightmare this thing is/was

Also new to iOS 4.3 is video scrubbing. You can drag your finger down the screen to go to half, quarter, and fine speed scrubbing.

Not sure bout the wifi issues haven't experienced any yet but upgraded to 4.3.1 the savo and haven't really had much time to test got mine from a local JB Hifi local just yesterday 15th in line and got what I wanted 32gb wifi white.. Loving it and could help but get the orange smart cover no
Regrets and got a good price on 32gb 3G+ Wifi 1st gen.

Biggest change I've noticed is when playing pictures on apple tv though AirPlay.. Pretty cool options, playing music, transistions etc.

Update failed on my 3GS 64 (not hacked). Spending 3 hours restoring back to 4.3 with all my goodies since it stripped them during the failed update. Anyone else having this issue?

It is a little faster than 4.3. But the animation going in and out of apps is still really jerky on my 3GS. When moving around tiles in Words With Friends, the animation is still a bit jerky. They really took a fun experience and ruined it.