Apple releases iOS 5 beta 5 for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, Xcode 4.2 DP 5, iTunes 10.5 beta 5

Apple has released iOS 5 beta 5 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to developers. Like the previous update, iOS 5 is being offered over-the-air (OTA) so tap Settings on your device, go to General, and hit Software Update, and watch it do its magic.

As mentioned in the comments, Apple is officially recommending you wipe your device before updating:

To install iOS 5 beta 5 using over the air software update, you must first erase all content and settings on your device by choosing Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. Over the air software update can be initiated on devices running iOS 5 beta 3 and later by choosing Settings > General > Software Update.

Be sure to backup your devices using iTunes 10.5 beta 4 or through iCloud backup prior to installing iOS 5 beta 5. After installing iOS 5 beta 5, you can restore your device using either iTunes 10.5 beta 5 or through your iCloud backup.

We've had a couple of successful updates without wiping, however. Apple may just want to have devices returned to a known state prior to update as a best practice. Ignore it at your own risk.

No word on changes yet. More as this develops.


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There are 42 comments. Add yours.

dloveprod says:

Mine keeps saying software is up to date.

Alienware_51#IM says:

"To install iOS 5 beta 5 using over the air software update, you must first erase all content and settings on your device by choosing Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings." This. From the release notes.

Avenged110 says:

So is that a no (that you know of)...?

Alienware_51#IM says:

I backed mine up to iTunes and then reset mine. Then I went back into the OTA screen and it said that there was an update available. So reseting it AFTER backing up worked for me.

Avenged110 says:

lol not too important but funny nonetheless, I cant backup via iCloud and iTunes just never finishes... No backup for me

Lemon says:

Hmmm. So kinda defeats the point of OTA updating.

Ethan S. says:

This is a beta, so no, it doesn't defeat the purpose of OTA updating. And this is most likely to get rid of non-legit beta users.

wsm23#IM says:

I did not do this and it worked just fine, not sure this is a must do.

Randy says:

iOS 5.0
Your Software is up to date.

mickeykool says:

same here, did a reboot and nothing

Ethan S. says:

All of you mentioning about are obviously not devs (or just TOO DAMN LAZY to check the dev site), as it states in very obvious writing, that you must reset your device before doing an OTA.
This is most likely to kill all of the non-devs from OTA updating their device. This is good to see, and I hope that they kill beta 3 soon, so all of you have to revert to 4.x.

Erp says:

I'll continue to play around with 5.x betas and I'll never need to go back to 4.x, whatever Apple does. Thank you very much. But never give up hope!

Troll says:

No, just don't want to waste the time downloading multiple versions. From your anger it sounds like the app developing is not really working out huh? Otherwise why the anger? People not buying your app?

Skier1960 says:

Please............ Some of the moderators on this site are using iOS5. I don't think they are all developers, if any at all. So give it a rest..........

Person who loves iOS 5 says:

Yeah, just do the erase everything, then it will pop up. First of all you gotta backup your iPhone to iTunes, then get iOS 5 beta 5 when you did the erase, then download iTunes 10.5 beta 5. Then you need to restore from backup so you get your files.

Robactivatesios5 says:

BGR has the full change log, just in case anyone was wondering.
(Seeing this pop up made my day at work!!)

dalejr88nascar says:

its not showing in my updates :'(

Alienware_51#IM says:

Ok, you DO need to reset your iPhone to get the OTA like I posted earlier. BGR confirmed.

deeptali says:

As Peltzt said you have to reset the device and repeat the steps settings-General-Software update

dalejr88nascar says:

i followed these steps and when my phone came back on it was downloading beta 5.. TY

the67beast says:

not showing up for me either

Avenged110 says:

Nothin yet... Freaking annoying if I have to wipe to get it :(

iphonedev says:

Updated over the air! didn't have to reset

Applecpugeek says:

Lucky. Can't even get it to show up my iPad. I can not wipe. Too many pictures I need.

LeGraa says:

Me too, no new update is showing up :(

Alex Maxham says:

you have to restore as new.

Fucks says:

What a useless article that says absolutely nothing. Thanks for that very important update that doesnt say anything.

Luiscervoni says:

Does it works for iPhone 3GS too?

Oscar says:

I'm on Telcel (Mexico) and the update showed up out of the blue as a push notification. It updated just fine w/o erasing data.

Ashton Walton says:

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KCom says:

The OTA update worked fine for me, but none of my apps are downloading from my iCloud backup....its been 3 hours!

tb457 says:

Mine worked fine after a restore

farhan niazi says:

Apple Releases iOS 5 Beta 5. Direct download links are available here.

farhan niazi says:

Apple Releases iOS 5 Beta 5. Direct download links are available here.

Brad says:

Will the reset erase my contacts and text messages??

Person who Loves iOS 5 says:

Just backup to iTunes then reset, ( it will erase but don't worry ) erase all contents and settings, then do the OTA, then get iTunes 10.5 Beta 5. Restore from backup and all your files go back. :)

Stormy86 says:

so any iphone 4 user can do these steps and get ios 5 even tho apple site said its not been relased til fall?