Apple releases iOS 5 beta 6 to developers

Apple releases iOS 5 beta 6 to developers

Apple has just released iOS 5 beta 6 for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple TV to developers, along with iTunes 10.5 beta 6, and Xcode 4.2 Developer Preview 6.

As with the previous 2 iOS 5 betas, this one is available over the air (OTA) via Software Update in Settings.

No word yet on changes, so let us know if you see anything interesting and jump on over to our iOS 5 Forum for more!

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Reader comments

Apple releases iOS 5 beta 6 to developers


Just downloaded and installed easily. No wipe necessary. Doesn't seem like anything major changed at quick glance although it does seem to be performing a little faster.

Ran the OTA update on my iPad2 GSM and it's brick'd it into DFU mode... Boo!!
Restoring now...
(Worked fine on the iPhone 4 tho...)

And it's people like you who should NOT install betas.
If anything went wrong, and he/she/it needed a number from his/her/its phone (that is not one of his emergency contacts), then he/she/it'd be SOL.
You should never install a beta OTA when you're away from your computer. NEVER.

People will take that seriously, and then do it. So if I slap you, then wink at you, that's cool because I winked, signifying that I was only playing around and not serious?

Not strictly beta6 related, but has anybody running the beta...
...and an address
...and over 5GB of non-iTunes music or other files to throw on iCloud
tried exceeding their iCloud capacity to find out if it actually does stop your email delivery, as early rumors suggested it might?

Can't deny Elvis was a mtesonr talent, but I still prefer Carl Perkins' version of his own song. Carl Perkins was a real deal rockabilly daddy.

When I go to setting and then to software update it just says "Checking for Updates...". Anyone else having this issues. I rather do the OTA than a complete restore.

When i see sites like whtoeilgss4idiots doing 1 million a month in sales from a 17$ ebook The site looks crappy, and it's just a simple guide makes you wonder eh!