Updated: Apple resets Game Center in advance of iOS 4.1 launch

Looks like Apple has just reset Game Center, their new social gaming network, and any developers testing the service on the Gold Master (GM) seed are now greeted with a "create new account" screen. Moreover, all existing Friends are gone, meaning if you intend to keep connected when iOS 4.1 goes live this week, you'll have to send and approve your friend requests all over again.

That is, if Apple doesn't reset it again before launch. But that's what development builds are for, right?

UPDATE: Apple has also confirmed compatibility for Game Center:

  • iPhone 4, iPod touch 4
  • iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 3
  • iPod touch 2

Yup, no iPhone 3G listed.

Rene Ritchie

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There are 22 comments. Add yours.

Tommy says:

I don't know if Apple is doing this little by little but I'm running the 4.1 GM seed right now & my Game Center still loads just fine.

dloveprod says:

Mine was reset, I guess luckily I didn't have any friends

Trent says:

Mine was reset as well. New tag is 'Trent', feel free to add me.

BrianTufo says:

Mine was reset as well. Tommy mine didn't look reset but then I tried to do something and it made me redo my account.
Feel free to add me anyone: Mustang5Oh

hmorris94 says:

mine still works.... on 4.0 GM

Dylan says:

Mine has not been reset yet. On 4.1 GM.

Tommy says:

Update I went to click on my friend's list & my account got resetted & I had to create a new username, it's now Tommy...feel free to add me!

BrianTufo says:

I gurantee everyones who still works just opened the app and saw it was fine. As soon as you click on a tab or go to do something it will reset. I doubt Apple picked who to reset lol.

thedunn805 says:

has anyone found any games that actually work with gamecenter yet?

BrianTufo says:

Nope. Still useless! I wish it would hurry up and work!

Roy says:

My account (registered months ago) is still active. And so are my 4 friends. I'm running iOS 4.1 beta 3 on an iPhone 4 :S

Geo Coldz says:

Mine wasn't reset.
I'm running 4.0 with the "old" gamecenter.

jt says:

I wish we could chat with our friends through gamecenter? AKA a possible bbm? :)

thedunn805 says:

@jt you can download kik, it's free, it's pretty much the same as bbm

Dragon says:

Anyone using the old betas is connecting to a sandbox server, that has not been reset, and is seperate from the live one. don't believe me? go view account info, it says sandbox at top of screen.

Jt says:

I have many such similar apps but it's not the same. You need to tell others to get the app. OTH, one can assume everyone has a GC account and will just need their apple ID or whatever it is and it'll work globally.

thedunn805 says:

@jt well it pretty much works the same, and everyone on iPhone, Android and Blackberry can download the app

Jason masters says:

Mines still works I've been all through the app not reset yet username is jasonm !!

venkata says:

guys...by publishing that you have access to game center, you are declaring that you are developers of iOS which i heard is a violation of SDK agreement...you better check those agreements

Boots says:

@venkata who are you the apple police lmfao

Boots says:

oh, also, I am a developer, arrest me now!