Apple seeding iOS 4.3 beta 3 to developers today?

iOS 4.3 for iPhone, iPad walkthrough

Could iOS 4.3 beta 3 arrive for developers today? BGR claims their sources say it is so and build 8F5166b no less. There was only a week between beta 1 and beta 2 which is faster than Apple's usual 2 week pace but there was no new beta last week.

New iOS 4.3 features have included and multitasking gestures for iPad (which won't make it into the final release. Grrrr!)

If Apple's gone back to the every second week today does seem like a good day to seed beta 3. But if we do indeed get beta 3 today when will iOS 4.3 GM come out and when will it be released? With Verizon iPhone getting iOS 4.2.6 yesterday it doesn't seem like February 10 is on the table. April with iPad 2 maybe? Sooner? Give me your best guess in the comments and we'll update as soon as (if) iOS 4.3 goes live!


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Apple seeding iOS 4.3 beta 3 to developers today?


Last year they needed an earlier preview to get the SDK out and have devs start making apps. This year there'll be a much shorter window, like iPhone or iPod touch, which is usually only a week or 3.
So March announce for April release?

As an iPhone 4 owner with little to no use for a wifi personal hotspot, it seems like there is nothing for me to look forward to in iOS 4.3. It's also frustrating that such a big deal has been made about multitouch gestures and we won't even get them in this update! Is there anything else coming out in iOS 4.3 that iPhone owners can get excited about or is this just another snooze update and delaying an untethered 4.2.1 jailbreak?

I hear you there. I didn't upgrade to 4.2 either as I don't have a compatible printer, let alone have a need to print, and don't have an AppleTV, so no need for AirPlay either. And obviously Personal Hotspot is going to cost more.
However, if there are some optimizations and bug fixes, maybe I'll do the update. If subscription services are part of it and there are some good apps using it, maybe I'll do the update.
The one last variable is that Safari was updated in 4.2, maybe it'll be updated in 4.3. Two generations of improvements in Safari would be enough for me to upgrade. But the next big advance in web browsers is hardware acceleration, and most everything else is incremental. So, I can wait.

I'm so looking forward to airplay in third party apps.
there's entire categories of apps from netflix to the daily show to arthouse to pbs that have videoa could stream to the apple tv
imagine have netflix, going to a friends house with the apple tv and being able to watch a show from your phone.

Considering The Daily app upcoming need the subscription model and can't be release without it I'd say it's coming soon. No way they delay The Daily longer. Too much hype into it. Thus OS 4.3 will be soon.

Anyone know if 4.3 brings airplay to the youtube app? There are times that i want to be able to stream the video to my apple tv not just the audio

I love my iphone but I am getting to a point when I get tired of all the new updates,rumors,etc...etc...One more way to postpone the jailbreak/unlock.
Iphones are great but there is so much drama around them.