Will Apple unveil iPad 2 on February 9? iOS 4.3 Calendar icon hints yes!

Will Apple unveil iPad 2 on February 9? An icon hints yes!

Florian wrote in to tell us about something he found in iOS 4.3 beta 2 that makes him think Apple might just announce the hotly rumored iPad 2 on February 9:

When looking at the preview for a chosen background in the settings app in iOS 4.3 beta 2 you can see that the calendar-icon shows a 9. Looking at the screenshots of the iPad homescreen in the Apple Store, the icon shows a 27. Since Apple presented the first generation of the iPad on Jan. 27th 2010, I think this is a clear evidence for the iPad 2 to be unveiled on Feb. 09th 2011.

Direction or misdirection? What do you think does February 9 sound like a good day for Apple and iPad 2 to take the stage?

UPDATE: Looks like Feb. 9 has been used for the overlay previous to iOS 4.3 beta 2. Rumor smashed. [BGR]



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zeagus says:

It would be a hell of a day --- HPalm would NOT be happy...

napamplona94 says:

YESS!! The sooner the better, I cannot wait!

Al says:

That is a Wednesday and if I'm not mistaken, Jan 27, 2010 was also a Wednesday!

zeagus says:

No, it was a Wednesday :)

Shrike says:

Maybe it is just schedule for the release of iOS 4.3.
I'm sticking to my believe that the iPad 2 announcement is 3 to 4 weeks before shipping. Maybe 2 weeks. So it's going to be early March.

Richard says:

Sorry to burst your bubble but I have to ask whatever happened to journalists researching and checking their sources.
Yes the overlay on 4.3 shows the 9th... but so does the overlay on all other versions for the iPad!

brn2prgrm says:

BGR shot this down like an hour ago. lol

Ryan Moser says:

OH SWEET!!!!! Lets hope!!!

rizo g says:

lol how do they knw that its nt the 9 march , or april

Matt says:

it might just as well be March or April 9, one should not read too much into these details...

pcdsim says:

That could also be March 9 which is also a Wednesday.

Ronald says:

What a pointless article.
I'd love it if all Apple bloggers provided 2 RSS feeds - one with rumours and one without, although I'm worried the one without may be very brief indeed.

JAFF says:

You're the one who's pointless.......
If you hate Apple you should visit some other place.....

tom says:

are you a child? he never said that he hates apple

Glenn#IM says:

I wonder how many original iPad units are still unsold? Would Apple like to sell a certain number before they announce iPad 2? Of course it may not make a difference at all.

Redshirt says:

They're selling them as fast as they make them...

SockRolid says:

Number nine...
Number nine...
Number nine...

DRHughes says:

I sure hope so. I'm so eager to see what improvements [software/hardware] they made!