Apple updates Find my iPhone for iOS 7

Apple updates Find my iPhone for iOS 7

Find my iPhone, which also serves as Find my iPod touch and Find my iPad, has been update with an all new, all clean design optimized for iOS 7.

No other new features to bullet point, but it looks great, works better than ever - the new designed seems to improve the user experience considerably - and is free as always and available in the App Store now.

Since Find my iPhone/iPod touch/iPad will help you track down a lost or stolen iOS device, there's really no reason not to get it. So update away, and if you haven't downloaded it at all yet, get it now.

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Reader comments

Apple updates Find my iPhone for iOS 7


No, this shows the location and allows remote lock etc of your iDevices that have it turned on via iCloud.

If you have only one iDevice then it will just show your current location.

Same as above, fairly new to IOS, would this app be needed in addition to the find my iPhone feature that comes with the iPhone 5S?
Thanks, Vinny