Apple updates MobileMe iDisk: Universal for iPad/iPhone, multitasking for iOS 4

MobileMe iDisk 1.2 for iPhone, iOS 4, and iPad

Apple has just updated their Mobile iDisk app not only to add iOS 4 multitasking but also making it a universal app to support both iPhone and iPad. Here are the details on version 2.1:

  • Designed for both iPhone and iPad
  • Multitasking support for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS (iOS 4 required).
  • Quickly switch to another app and back to iDisk
  • Play audio from your iDisk while using another app
  • When app is opened, the last file or directory viewed is displayed
  • Option to open iDisk documents in compatible apps such as iBooks
  • When sharing a file, an email can be sent from any configured email account
  • The URL for a shared file can be copied and pasted
  • Various stability improvements

Nice to see Apple start rolling these out. Now where's our Apple Remote for iPad? :D

[iTunes link]

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Reader comments

Apple updates MobileMe iDisk: Universal for iPad/iPhone, multitasking for iOS 4


My biggest frustration is will alert me (sometimes) when I have a notification. But, when you open the app, it doesn't refresh. So, I have no idea if it was a mssg, or was a reply to a wall post, or a friend request and you have to go an update each area individually.
Hope something can be done...if not, I'm sure I will adapt.

iWorks documents must be converted to the latest version before the MobileMe app will let you open them in Pahes, Numbers, Keynote on the iPad. Older versions can be viewed in the MobileMe app but not opened in iWorks.
Nice that Apple is fixing its own apps, but it should have been done when the iPad was launched. A first impression of the MobileMe app is that is a little bit buggy. It chrased twice for me on viewing jpg-images.
Now if only Facebook and Twitter could make iPad-versions of their apps…

@Linde: I have exactly the same problems with Facebook on iOS4 in its newest version - quite annoying. :/

I use Apple apps 90% of the time I use my iPhone... and only have 13 third-party apps. Most third-party apps are a big nuisance.

aha, Great update, I think. iMovie and iWork were also updated with the MobileMe iDisk? hmm, so cool and nice, apps all service for users.
Besides, with the updating, add iOS 4 multitasking, then I can do sth more, I can enjoy my audio and videos freewheelingly. Of course, I can get the videos from online sites such as YouTue, and then convert them to the iPad or iPhone, I have already get iFunia video converter pro for this. Anyway, enjoy online, 'Play audio from your iDisk while using another app' also just what I wanna do sometimes.

'I use Apple apps 90% of the time I use my iPhone… and only have 13 third-party apps. Most third-party apps are a big nuisance." - fastlane
Whoa there, fastlane! I think you need to change your name because if you really feel that way, you're not only in the slowlane to the far right, you're in a time warp. You're missing out on so many cool apps that it's quite ridiculous to turn your nose up because they don't have the Apple stamp on them. And many of them are as stable if not more so than Apple's native apps. If I don't, I at least hope someone else changes your mind - Open it up wide... the air's better out here! :D

Has nothing to do with apple branding. Apple doesn't have an all-in-one IM, or an eBay store, or an FTP app. They don't make Convertbot or Pastebot, or QuickOffice, either. Nor, do they make any of the rest of the 13 quality non-Apple apps I need often. But, everything else (thats usefu, anywayl) just so happens to already come with the phone. R-e-a-d... s-l-o-w-e-r...
Yeah, Fastlane lives fast. Has no time for staring at phones all day playing with hundreds of redundant apps. :)

Incidentally, I wasn't actually criticizing all third-party apps' quality. I was merely responding to the comments criticizing Apple's multitasking not being real multitasking (in other threads)... and that their native apps (that come with the phone) do have true multitasking, while the OS makes many third-party apps (mentioned above) seem like a nuisance in that regard . So, since I primarily use native apps throughout my day, I usually have true multitasking.
I wasn't suggesting anyone not buy third-party apps, or even suggesting that anyone use their iPhone the way I do. I was just contributing my thoughts on the "fake multitasking" subject, that's all.
... and I've been in the App Store... The air is not getting any better.

I don't know what I am doing wrong. I saved something on my iDisk on my Mac Pro, then tried to access the .doc on my iphone and it doesn't show up. Also, my iDisk says it's not Synch'd. Please Help!!!