Apple is dropping prices on USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 accessories to aid with the transition to MacBook Pro 2016.

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Apple is cutting the price of their USB-C adapters by up to half, third party USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 peripherals they sell by 25%, and SanDisk's USB-C SD card reader by 40%. All in an effort to ease the pain of pro customers with legacy peripherals upset by Apple's rapid move to USB-C / Thunderbolt 3 exclusivity on the 2016 MacBook Pro.

Here's what Apple told me in a statement:

"We are extremely excited about the new MacBook Pro, which is the best pro notebook we've ever made," an Apple spokesperson told iMore. "It has the fastest CPU, graphics, memory, storage and I/O, best display, the innovative Touch Bar and more. MacBook Pro uses the most advanced industry-standard connector, USB-C with Thunderbolt 3, to provide maximum performance, expandability and compatibility.

"We recognize that many users, especially pros, rely on legacy connectors to get work done today and they face a transition. We want to help them move to the latest technology and peripherals, as well as accelerate the growth of this new ecosystem. Through the end of the year, we are reducing prices on all USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 peripherals we sell, as well as the prices on Apple's USB-C adapters and cables."

Recently, Apple senior vice president of worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller, told The Independent:

We took a bold risk, and of course with every step forward there is also some change to deal with. Our customers are so passionate, which is amazing.  We care about what they love and what they are worried about. And it's our job to help people through these changes.

This price drop on dongles and gear seems to be the money-where-the-mouth-is to that sentiment. Here's the new pricing for Apple's adapters:

Not included are Apple's USB-C power adaptors or the USB-C Charge Cable (2m), but a variety of third-party accessories are also discounted at Apple Online and at Apple Stores.

Even better, if you recently purchased an adapter, Apple is refunding the difference between those costs:

Based on the interview and, now, the discount, it feels like Apple was genuinely shocked by the reaction to the new MacBook Pro. When they don't make major changes, they're called boring and lacking in innovation. When they make major changes, they're causing unnecessary pain to their customers and screwing professionals.

I don't know what the reaction on Twitter would be had the service existed when Apple deleted the floppy drive or made any number of I/O changes over the years, nor what the MacBook Pro would look like if the definition of Pro had grown in breadth and diversity over the last decade, and the Mac in mainstream appeal.

According to Phil Schiller, this is the best pro notebook launch Apple Online has ever seen, so either there's a segment that's genuinely just as excited by these new machines, or pent up demand is such that lack of legacy ports simply aren't a deal-breaker.

Either way, it's obvious Apple firmly believes this is the future of the Mac laptop, and the price drops are a olive branch and bridge to those still bound to present-day accessories.

Discounts last until the end of the year so, if you're an aspiring MacBook Pro owner — or existing and opportunistic MacBook owner for the USB-C drops! — jump on them asap.

(If you've already bought or ordered, anything post MacBook Pro event would be within the typical window for return or exchange, so I'd recommend calling Apple Online or visiting your local Apple Store.)

Update: Here are more of the discounted items. We'll keep updating as Apple Online changes roll out.