AT&T U-Verse apps updated, let users watch live TV at home or on the go

AT&T U-Verse apps updated, let users watch live TV at home or on the go

AT&T has updated both the iPhone and iPad versions of its U-Verse application, allowing customers to watch live TV from iOS devices. Users can stream live TV both in and away from the home, with fewer channels available while on the go. The iPad version also features a new Home tab for featured content, as well as bug fixes and UI improvements.

The iPhone application has received many more enhancements. The live channel guide lets users view which channels are available both on their home network as well as away from it. New parental controls include PIN override and channel locking for a greater degree of control. The app also features improved Retina graphics, as well as performance and bug fixes.

Both the iPhone and iPad applications can be downloaded as separate apps for free from the App Store.

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Reader comments

AT&T U-Verse apps updated, let users watch live TV at home or on the go


Oh well. AT&T lost the race to provide my house with broadband. Comcast beat them, I now have Xfinity, but I'll consider AT&T Uverse if/when they get around to dragging fiber up the hill. Should happen by 2023 or so.

TV rant: the two things I despise most about my current DirecTV DVR are 1. searching for content on channels whose numbers I haven't programmed into quick-tune or whatever it's called (there are only 9 slots) and 2. the torture of "typing" show titles into the on-screen "keyboard" with the remote. These are very closely related.

Oh, and I also despise 3. paying for "bundles" of content, some of which I will absolutely never, ever watch even by accident.

The major downside with this app is that to watch majority of the channels you have to connected to your home network. I know that might not be a problem for some, but the main time I'd use this service is when I'm away from home. Major bummer.

I agree with you, Kevin. If I can only watch the majority at home, I'll probably watch on my 65" television, not on my phone. The only good thing is that when my wife hogs the remote, I can watch what I want without starting a war.

I am getting exactly one. AXS. What the hell am I supposed to do with that? I mean, don't get me wrong, it's actually an awesome update but one out of home channel? Bummer.

This update greatly enhanced the app, but when I tried the live TV on my iPad last week, there were no local channels. It only had channels from the 100s and up. But every channel was not available.

I'm the opposite of the posts above. I would most likely use the live TV feature at home. Now I can turn my iPad into a TV in the kitchen without paying for another STB and buying a 15" LED. If they ever allow us to watch our DVR content on the iPad, I would use it away from home.

Unfortunately new app does not work on either my iPhone 5 or my iPad mini. Works fine on the wife's new iPad Air and son's LG G2. Don't tell me the mini or iPhone 5 are too old.